Do You Still Miss Your Ex Even After Getting Married? How to Prevent?

Now that you are married, it has been a long time since you broke up with your ex. There are times when your mind is circulating emotions related to your ex. Even if you do not want to think about your past relationship with your ex, you failed to stop it. You do not get too nervous when you have some delightful memories with your ex. It is possible that your mind somehow recreates those thoughts and naturally misses those days.

Do You Still Miss Your Ex Even After Getting Married?

This is a very common question & we will discuss all about it. You all remember the first love that we have come across those stages. You never completely erase them from our memory journal. It is neither a crime nor a compromise of your marriage if you still miss your ex after many years of marriage.

do you miss your ex even after getting married how prevent
Do you miss your ex even after getting married how prevent

Every individual has the right to cherish or miss those beautiful times they spend with each other. When for any reason, you got separated from your loved ones, it is natural to miss your ex.

 There can be many possible reasons for this kind of situation like,

  • You could not end your past relationship positively.
  • Maybe you have not got much time after you break up with your ex.
  • You had lots of good memories with your ex.
  • Or you have the chance to again get back into the relationship, but you deny it.

Every relationship is a blessing in its way. It does not matter whether you moved on or not, leaves an imprint on your mind and soul. Just having casual feelings is not a problem. After reading these feelings, you may feel depressed, so this article will help you get over it. 

Things You Can Do to Prevent from Missing Your Ex

Remembering your ex is neither a crime nor cheating on your partner. If you think that it is affecting your personal life, then you may apply these tricks:-

Remember the negative aspects about your ex

You can remember the pleasant memories of your relationship that still make you miss your ex, but you can also think of negative aspects of the relationship. Your relationship may affect your careers even though you both love each other. Or perhaps you want to go to random parties, but unfortunately, your ex is an introvert. 

Whatever the case may be, you try to recall your worst experience with your ex. That may sort your problem of too much thinking about your ex. 

Try to share with your close friends

The best way to get rid of missing someone is to share your situation with the one you trust. They may be friends, families, etc. Make sure not to disclose this in front of your husband or wife. 

Share with someone you can rely on, discuss everything briefly. Until and unless you let your feelings out, you will continue facing the same problems.

If, in case, you cannot trust anyone to share these feelings, then start writing in your journal about your ex. It can also do the work if you want to add negative aspects regarding your ex. That can rescue me from this situation.

Keep yourself involved in activities

Always keep your mind active in your job or other things. An ideal mind can be the reason why you keep missing your ex. Spend some productive time at work, give some time to your family, have a night out with your friends & much more.

Give some thoughts on other current important topics around you when you are sitting ideal. Give some time to your loved ones and your children. Gradually you will not miss your ex anymore. Always try and think about how you can keep your married life fruitful and healthy.

Try planning a vacation trip with your family or friends that may help you get rid of thinking about your ex frequently, and believe me, it works.

Focus on your improvement

Remembering and missing your past relationship is natural but up to certain limits. Start working on it instead of just sitting and doing nothing when you feel you are not improving in your life. 

Start working out, boost your confidence level, try something new and learn something new. Try changing your physical appearance to your maturity level. 

If you want to stop missing your ex, you should find a new activity to calm your inner spirit. You can try yoga or physical exercise.

Many experts recommend taking a yoga class or joining an exercise class, both of which will help you get fit while keeping you from thinking about your ex.

Boost your morale

You know well how your relationship with your ex went. What is the reason you both got separated? You already know the answer. If the answer is you, then try to improve yourself. 

Try not to get depressed when you miss your ex, instead try to learn from the past and improve those things & you will automatically feel more optimistic. Boosting your morale is important, & you make sure not to repeat the same mistakes you made while in a relationship with your ex.  

Stop blaming yourself

After you break up with your ex, you likely blame yourself somehow for this. It might be the valid reason why you still now missing your ex. You may have the feeling that if you could insist, he or she may not leave you and become your ex.

Well, if you think so, then stop thinking those non-senses. Try to respect your decisions and stop blaming for all the negative aspects that happened in the past. Try to move on with your life & keep in mind past actions should not affect your present. Try to make your marriage successful.

Time Spending with your Friends/Family

The best way to stop missing your ex or past relationship is to spend some time with your friends or loved ones. This trick is very much effective. 

Plan a dinner party involving your partner and some close friends. That will not only make you stop missing your ex but also charge you completely. That is by far the best way to get rid of your little situation. 

Make a plan for any movie or games watch with all your friends have fun & relax your mind. If you feel safe, then you can discuss your situation with your friend circle. As a result, they may give some useful advice to you. Your friend may also have a similar experience and can help you get rid of missing your ex.

Strive to make your marriage better

Rather than spending time doing nothing and missing ex, you must be striving hard to keep your marriage successful and make your future shine. The more you think about those memories and blame yourselves, the worse your life will be.  

You may start behaving rudely to your life partner & it is also possible that you may lose everything that you care for. You do not overthink any matter, or you may gradually get into depression. It is your future & you will hold responsible for your actions. You can glorify your future.

Start investing for your family’s future, plan to buy a house, or set a fixed goal and try hard to achieve for you and your marriage. You can do some future planning like going out for a trip with your current life partner. 

Give priority to your passion

To get rid of these thoughts of your ex & how nice your relationship with your ex was, indulge yourself in doing what you are passionate about. You may be passionate about golf, crickets to indulge yourself in that.

Every relationship gets intense as time flies. But after a breakup, you may miss those intense memories. The best way to get back that intensity is to take your passion seriously.

You might have some passion for singing or other co-curricular activities to get involved in those things. You voluntarily may take part in your office projects; mainly try to divert your thoughts into something you are passionate about. That can help you get over your ex gradually.

Take care of yourself

You might have started blaming and accusing yourself after thinking about your ex and the happy memory of your relationship years later. You started blaming yourself for letting your ex go. You may feel that you ruin the happy relationship with your ex. 

You will always stay depressed and feel sorry for what you have done. This overthinking will make you the villain in your relationship. Try to take care and avoid overthinking what is not going to change.

It is important to remember that your spouse is relying on you. When you have depressed, reflect on your health and your marriage. You may take my advice, stop blaming and take proper care of your health unless you want your marriage to get ruined.

Start being a little selfish

You will notice that most professionals will advise you to be a little self-obsessed and selfish when you go on a relationship. Give a thought on this & you will get an answer. Sometimes when in a relationship, your point of view and decision is also matters.

Healthy relationships always demand equality and compromises. It is always advised not to give extra priority to your partner’s demand. Always judge using your guts and then try to take action.

Even when your relationship ended, stop thinking about your past. Begin by considering yourself; place a premium on “how you feel.” You think yourself lucky that you have the chance to do everything you desire after so long.

Avoid Stalking

You are going through some hard times, always wondering how happy you are with your ex. My advice is to stop overthinking from blaming yourself for ruining the relationship, 

Usually, you feel this kind of thing when you tend to stalk your ex on social media. It is the worst thing to do; stalking your ex or seeing her/him after so long will trigger more delightful memories with your ex and make the situation out of your hand.

Partially delete your ex

Everyone will agree that we cannot just completely erase the memories of our ex, but we still can try to delete them. 

  • Do you still have things your ex gifted? 
  • Do you have your ex’s number, address, or any other attachments?
  • Do you still follow your ex on social media? 

If yes, you need to get rid of those if you want to stop missing your ex.

That might sound rude to you, but this has a reason. When you have a long time relationship with your ex, it is natural to miss her often, but when these thoughts hamper your life, it is time to stop.

Throw away everything that your ex gifted you and make her remember. Hanging on those gifts and sobbing will make a horrible impact on your marriage life. You may end up losing everything you love. Past is past & making your present delightful is something you should be focusing on.

Stick to the reality

In this tough situation, when you cannot stop yourself from missing your ex, you have considered breaking your marriage for once right. The answer better is negative. You may start fantasizing about how you can get back with your ex, even knowing you are married.

When you start having the feeling remember that you are just visualizing the delightful factors about your ex, be realistic, and you will get the idea of why it should not execute. Think it over if the relationship with your ex is perfect, then what made you split & there has to be a valid reason for it, right.

Focus not only on the delightful memories but give a thought. Is it fair to your marriage to involving in a relationship with your ex? You do not get to fantasize about your imagination. It is a real-world, not any scripted show.

Consult professional guidance

Some of the most effective tips are given, but every relationship is different from one another. Those tips may somehow not be in use to you then you may consult professional guidance or therapy. That may be the last resort and effective one for your troubles.

You do not get ashamed this kind of problem is common to them. Professional counseling could help you get rid of those memories and increase your productivity.

Professional counseling will guide you to think more maturely and realistically. Naturally, you will develop the solutions you are looking for. It not only gives you mature thought but also boosts your confidence.

Spend time with your loved one

When you miss your ex, it may also mean that you are feeling lonely. When you get married, it might happen that your wife or husband is not having any alone time. Due to this, your mind makes you miss your ex.

You prevent this by spending more time with your families, friends if any. Make some time to go on a date and celebrate your love with your current partner. That can make you get over the remaining feelings for your ex.  

Additional Advice

Some people in our lives leave an imprint when you fall in love. When you have a long-term relationship with someone, you cannot forget that face very easily. It is a hard task but thinks for a while about your marriage

You need to accept your past and cut those attachments that can haunt your present. Let your emotions burst out & you will feel relaxed as well as satisfied. Consider some medication, try to relax your mind and brain. 

Missing your ex even after your marriage is not wrong but control your emotions before it is too late. Try to apply the tips mentioned above that may be helpful. You try to make the situation better & shed your past relationship as well as get rid of the emotional baggage. Make yourself proud and come out of it more stable and healthy. 

Do you miss the relationship with your ex? Or do you miss your ex as a person? This question must be tricky to you but consider only thinking. What do you miss in a past relationship because of your ex’s extra gentle or caring? Or do you miss those delightful and happy memories you both spent together? A famous Clinical psychologist said that you usually miss leaving a fixed routine, talking to your ex 24/7, and also the status of being in a relationship. 

Most individuals are not aware of the fact that they are missing about their past relationships. An ideal suggestion is to seek professional guidance. But you are not in a stage to visit counseling, do not try to involve in any kind of unnecessary thoughts. And in this technologically advanced era, stop stalking your ex if possible or block your ex. If what you are missing is your ex as a person, then it might give you some relief and time to recover yourself.

You may realize whether you miss your ex or the relationship by cutting the attachments and blocking him or her on social media. When you stop getting the posts from your ex on social media, you can realize whether you miss your ex or the relationship. 

Make some alone time with your wife or husband, go on a trip together. Cherish the memories that you and your wife or husband made. Focus on your marriage & try those things on your spouse that you did with your ex. That may be helpful to stop missing your ex. That can be helpful when you miss the relationship, not your ex.

Average Time Requires to Get Over Your Ex

Everyone heals after their break up at their speed. If you are wondering about it, after so many years you suddenly start missing your ex? Hopefully, you have not got over your past relationship after you got married. It generally takes time when you both decided to split up after a long relationship. 

There may be some feelings or emotions left deep down your heart that somehow got burst out. A serious relationship is uneasy to wipe out. It always stays deep down your mind. It is common but getting depressed thinking about it is something you get to focus on improving. You do not entertain any negative thoughts about casually missing your ex after getting married.

Many professionals suggest that feeling some emotions about your ex after getting married is valid but beating and blaming yourself is not. Try to learn or gather experience from your past and try to apply it to your marriage life carefully. Consult any professionals for that he can suggest a better way to successful your marriage. You do not get shy to share your feelings if you have someone to share. 

You may consider searching for closure to get those feelings for your ex out of your mind. Some people suggest avoiding closure by assuming closure means proposing a relationship to your ex. Well, that is the opposite of what closure here actually means. Finding closure here means to close all the doors and detach yourself from any kind of connection with your ex. 

We may give some tips and try to sort your problems. Ultimately, it is your life & you are supposed to know better. If you feel it is ok to approach your former ex, make sure it is the last time you are confronting him/her. If your ex is now your friend, you may confront him or her and make a few ground rules before discussing the matter. 

While confronting your ex for closure, you may not involve in any kind of romantic actions. Your relationship ended for a reason, and you now have families and responsibilities as well. Just try hard to get out of these feelings because these wounds expand.


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