Learning How to Cope with Relationship Anxiety: Causes, Signs & How to Avoid?

In this article, we will learn all about relationship anxiety along with its signs, causes, how to avoid, etc. When the topic is about “love, ” many related things would pop up. Human beings have a complicated mind, which is more different when we fall in love. We have observed that some insecurity exists even if the relationship is stronger between couples.

Now, if everything is going well and you still feel something is wrong, your relationship is anxious. In such a case, various questions will arise in your mind. You might feel so insecure sometimes that it would lead to arguments with your partner. In this article, we will be discussing relationship anxiety and the way to have control over it.

Relationship Anxiety

We can consider this a fear that is a situation in a human being regarding their current relationship. We all go through different situations in our life in which. Some of them become normal memory, and some horror memory. In an abused relationship, the person gets so afraid that they start assuming the same even after coming out of that situation.

how cope with relationship anxiety causes signs avoid
How cope with relationship anxiety causes signs avoid

Our mind gets molded as per it and therefore leading to relationship anxiety. It is easy for a person to get out of this, but also it is not impossible. In this article, we will first learn why this anxiety takes place and how it canbe overcome.

Is it ok to have this type of relationship anxiety?

Any type of problem taking place in human life is normal. There is nothing in this world that is fully perfect. When we talk about relationship anxiety, it is ok to go through this. We must understand that this is bearable to some extent, and one can get this. It becomes problematic when someone brings all the negative thinking into their life because of this anxiety.

This is a problem for both the partners when the level extends. A person with relationship anxiety will always remain under stress, impacting their health. On the other hand, the opposite also remains in tension. So both the partners face issues in this situation.

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Causes of Relationship anxiety

Relationships are not that easy. Many things come in the way that sometimes makes a person mentally disturbed. If you have a set relationship and are still disturbed, you have to get that anxiety over here. We will have a look at the causes that lead to relationship anxiety.

Emotional attachment with the beloved person

One main reason for causing anxiety is getting emotionally attached to the partner.

  • When you get in a relationship, you start feeling that the particular person is your whole world. Your love gets deeper with them when you get that guardian guidance. This makes you feel like doing such things that can help you to seek attention from them.
  • In this anxiety, you also start feeling everything about your partner’s love towards you. He might love you a lot, but still, you will feel that he is less interested in you.
  • The insecurities start taking place when a person is affected by relationship anxiety. They will feel every time that they will get abandoned.

Holding fears from past relationships

When a person holds the fear of their past in their present life, it contributes to relationship anxiety.

  • Not everybody experiences good times in a relationship. For example, if a person has been hurt badly in their past relationship, they will fear the same in their current relationship.
  • If the wound of the last relationship doesn’t heal, then a person is forced to get relationship anxiety.
  • The mind gets so badly affected by the past that they consider the same thing in the current relationship, increasing their anxiety.

Poor communication between the partners

Communication is the priority in a relationship. When you are not communicating well with your partner, then this can lead to relationship anxiety.

  • The confused mind can be uncomfortable about how to share and express feelings in front of the other person. A person’s frustration level keeps increasing when they find communicating hard.
  • Anxiety about it starts taking place in a person, and they get the negative feeling about their current relationship.
  • They can find a good way to communicate with their partner if they learn to cope with their anxiety.

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Less self-confidence

When your confidence level is low, you feel uncomfortable in front of your partner and get relationship anxiety.

  • Confidence matters everywhere, and it helps a person keep their head up. If a person lacks confidence, many matters start bothering a person.
  • Your mind will get by with only negative thinking when your confidence is low, creating anxiety in a person.
  • When anxiety occurs, a person gets many doubts about their partner, which can harm their relationship.

Tendency to ask various questions

It is obvious to be questionable in front of your partner. If your questions are out of anxiety and inferable, they can harm your healthy relationship.

  • Each partner has their personal life, and somewhere they space themselves. When you get into a relationship, you have a full right to ask various questions to your partner. But have imagined that your questions sometimes interfere. Your partner can sense your interference, leading to an unhealthy relationship.
  • Your tendency to ask unusual questions sometimes would make your partner lose interest in you.
  • Ultimately, when you are ignored or less asked by your partner, it will give you a fear of losing your relationship forever.

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Signs of the Relationship anxiety

Anxiety is ok to have for some time but is it relationship anxiety?

To understand this, a few signs would be considered to know if the person has relationship anxiety.

Do you matter to your partner?

This is the first question that would come to your mind in the situation of anxiety.

  • You start feeling your partner as a need in your daily life. Every day you meet your partner, and after returning home, your mind starts asking different questions.

Does he like me?

Is he busy somewhere after dropping me home?

Does he think about me or not?

Is he planning to break after a few days?

Am I not enough for him?

These are some questions, and many other questions start forming in my mind, which only happens in relationship anxiety.

  • The part of relationship insecurity starts taking place, and your mind starts getting surrounded with negative questions.

Worrying about the breakup

Breakup is not easy work in a healthy relationship. You are a good partner, and this should keep you more confident. When relationship anxiety happens, you would only worry about the broken part.

  • To save your relationship, you will start loving yourself. You will think that your changed behavior will attract him more. But this is not the fact. A good partner will always love all your good and bad.
  • In case you act differently, your partner will not love such behavior. A true lover will always love you for the good things.
  • When you continuously think about the relationship breakup, it starts affecting your mind simultaneously. This is a harmful act that has split many couples.

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Always observing their actions

If you are observing your partner’s actions, it is good. There is a time when you act judgmental on their every action, leading to anxiety.

  • It might happen that your partner will tell you that the other girl is his good friend. In this case, he is just being a good lover and telling only about his good friend. You will start feeling that he loves that girl when you have relationship anxiety. You will not understand his perception and create your thoughts.
  • It is an exact review that they are not having any second thought on this, but as you are anxious, you will be disturbed by their actions.

Not being with your partner in good times

Your mind is disturbed, and you always miss the good times with your partner.

  • If you have relationship anxiety, you will always keep thinking about useless things. Maybe your partner can ask you for dinner or lunch, but if you are disturbed, you might miss these moments.
  • When you start feeling that all these good times will not keep your relationship strong, then it means that you have relationship anxiety.

Not expressing fully in front of your partner

When a person is in love, they feel comfortable sharing everything with their partner. But if you feel that sharing everything might make you lose your partner. This situation will be considered relationship anxiety.

  • It is relationship anxiety if you have a sense of fear in your relationship.
  • Feeling everything your partner will leave you is a clear sign that shows you are facing an anxiety situation.

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Abusive behavior

When you are disturbed from the inside, you will get angry at everything. It can be considered relationship anxiety when you act angrily on anything related to your relationship.

  • It is obvious that if you are disturbed, you will get bothered with everything.
  • Your abusive behavior growing in a relationship is a sign that shows you are getting relationship anxiety.
  • There is also a possibility that your partner is hurting you with his abusive behavior, which will create relationship anxiety in you.

In the above context, we have explained the signs that can be observed in a person with relationship anxiety. The behavior grows so that a person starts feeling insecure all the way. The insecurities when growing too much can easily be that a person finds difficult to overcome. Now, moving further, we will highlight ways to overcome these insecurities. We must understand that if we remain stuck to these insecurities, the relationship will have no future. So, it is better to understand and apply those features in our life.

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You can refer this nice video for relationship anxiety from Olivia,

Ways to overcome the relationship anxiety

Nothing happens overnight. If you have anxiety, something is bothering you a lot. You cannot tell your problems to anyone, which is why anxiety occurs. Self-understanding is a vital part of our life that we all should understand. We fail to understand ourselves sometimes, which is why we hardly understand the other thing that happens. Self-understanding allows us to deal with various problems in our life. Apart from self-understanding, there are a lot of other ways that should be considered to overcome anxiety. In the context below, we will discuss some important points that would help overcome the anxiety.

Keep your identity alive

We understand that we human beings are very emotional regarding love. We must understand that emotions are ok, but if we act emotionally dramatically, it might impact well-going things. The emotion does not always remain the same, so we should try to control it at some point.

  • Remember that you and your partner are not a puppet for each. If your partner respects you in every aspect, you must be the same. You cannot rule over your partner as he or she is a different individual.
  • In any case, be it a relationship or any other thing, do not lose your identity. Do not lose hope for anything. Understand that whatever has been made for you will remain yours forever. Your forceful act can be helpful for you anytime.
  • Do not fully rely on your partner for everything. You are more likely to get anxious when you are not self-dependent. This creates a fear in you that if he leaves you, then you won’t be able to survive. To overcome this, stop relying on and be self-confident.

Act mindfully

You are treated with more respect when you act mindfully. When you are judgmental and dominating to your partner, it might make a loss of a lot of things in your life.

  • You both are in a relationship as well as a partnership. If any of you starts thinking negatively about something other, there is a full chance that a relationship will end.
  • Support in the situation whenever your partner requires you. A person is more loved and said to be mindful when they support their partner in difficult situations.

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Maintain good communication

Many problems are half sorted out when the communication improves. Practice your communication and never hesitate about anything you feel about.

  • It is always suggested that better communication removes a lot of misunderstandings between couples. When you are depressed about any behavior of your partner, then communicate with them.
  • Be a better listener and talk to yourself openly. You have to understand that if you have any complications in a relationship, then you and your partner are only the ones who can sort it out.
  • Make a good explanation of your problems and tell your partner in detail. Make sure that your explanation should be focused on your problems, and your partner should not get hurt for this.

Consult a therapist

Never feel to ignore a therapist when you require them most. There are times when we find it hard to figure out the problems which we are going through. Your consultation with a therapist unfolds many ways that are required for you.

  • The therapist who deals with couples understands the problem very deeply. Their experiences help you to know where you are lacking behind.
  • They will clarify many things that have been confusing in your mind. They do not judge any of the couples without listening to their problems.
  • Make sure that you visit all their sessions to control your anxiety problem. The best part of the consultation with a therapist, they hardly disappoint anybody.

Human beings cannot get everything perfect in their life and their relationship. If anybody guarantees no problem can come in their relationship phase, they are wrong. Humans are made to go through all the ups and downs, which is normal. But it is not compulsory that you will only have to keep thinking about the problems. It is always suggested that going through problems and getting anxious about anything is normal, but you should know when to overcome it. To make this concept clear to everyone, we have discussed the possible ways that can be helpful to overcome this anxiety problem.

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Pamper yourself to get back to a normal situation

Sometimes, when you feel that something is making you stressed, find your options. Do not rely on others every time to get out of any uncertain situation.

  • Go for meditation, yoga, and others to keep your mind calm.
  • Stop overthinking.
  • There are a lot of ways listed everywhere through which you can relax your mind and release your stress.

Understanding the reason for anxiety

When you decide to overcome the anxiety by yourself, then understand first, what is the reason that has made you fall into this situation?

  • Is it a shame or a lack of confidence or others?

Understand the reason and work on it. Nothing is impossible in this world, and human beings can achieve whatever they want.

  • Get to the root of it and find the alternatives. Instead of remaining stressed, you should follow the alternatives that can help you get out of this stressful condition.

Work on building trust with your partner and loved ones

If you feel that something is bothering you and keeping you disturbed, then try to talk with the close ones. Also, try to build trust with them so that you may get their support whenever required.

  • Try to build trust with your partner too. Your partner should know how supportive you are.
  • Do not show yourself down or weak in any situation.
  • Always try to show good behavior to others so you can always gain love from them.

Respect your partner’s feelings

This is not compulsory in any way that your and your partner’s feeling would match. You must understand that the feelings can vary, but love will remain the same.

  • Create positive thinking about your partner instead of thinking negatively about them.
  • Chant all the positive words and fill your heart with positive vibes only.

Appreciate the person who loves you

Once you start loving the people from all your heart, the negative thinking will go away.

  • Trust and love your partner from the heart; you will see the magic happening.
  • Try to remove all the negative thoughts from your mind about your partner and take all their positive things.
  • Do not judge or dominate your partner at any place. Make them feel they are everything to you and you love them a lot.
  • Appreciate their activities and the small gestures that they do for you.

Never make your partner feel lonely

Act like you are a best friend to your partner. Do not leave them alone when they need you the most.

  • A good way to overcome relationship anxiety is to spend your maximum time with your partner.
  • Understand their words and act accordingly. Even if you want to ask them anything, do not rush to ask it suddenly.
  • Take some time and let them tell you what they feel about you.


This article is about the anxiety a person feels in a relationship. We understand from the article that relationship anxiety is normal in person, but it should not get worse. If a person is getting that anxiety, they must learn to stop in extreme cases. From the article, we have understood that a relationship is just a fear grabbed in a person’s mind. At the right time, this fear should be controlled properly so it should not harm the good-going relationship. We have tried our hardest to explain the main reasons for anxiety and the effects and ways to stop it before it gets worse. The readers would find this article helpful as we have listed the proper topics that can be considered in the concerned article.

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