How Do Dumpers Feel When You Ignore them?

Every relationship has some positive impact as well as negative impacts, one time you may be happy with the person you love but you never know when this bonding can be poisoned. You might find your life filled with joy or drenched with misery when you are in a relationship, and thus it is a very tricky concept.

One or both couples frequently make an effort to move past previous relationships. When a relationship ends, the two people are left with nothing except anger and sorrow for one another. It goes without saying that being dumped by your partner is never a pleasant experience. You experience sadness, hopelessness, brokenness, and a host of other slowly engulfing emotions. 

Reactions of Dumper when you ignore them

After dumping their relationship, a dumper can go through a variety of stages. Since they were the ones who ended the relationship, we typically presume that dumpers are free and happy.

how do dumpers feel when you ignore them
how do dumpers feel when you ignore them

But when it comes to feelings, the truth is a little different. Even a dumper has feelings and emotions, and after dumping, they may experience ups and downs. Additionally, the dumpers experience a range of feelings and thoughts when they are neglected, those feelings are as mentioned below:-

The sense of guilt

It is quite common for dumpers to abandon their partners hastily and without considering the consequences of what they are doing. There seems to be more of an impulse behind it for them rather than a conscious decision.

In spite of this, when they end up parting ways, they tend to think that their ex-partners will undoubtedly make some effort to contact them as soon as they have broken up with them.

When you ignore him, he will feel horribly guilty about himself, and he will prefer to be in jail since he will remember how he treated you in the past.

In contempt, he will remember how he took you for granted and toss and turn in disgust as he faces the things he will have to face. Additionally, the fact that they broke up with you, and you’re hurt hence you chose to ignore your loved ones, makes them feel super guilty.

Maybe you have moved on

This would undoubtedly be your first thought if your ex ignored you. This is especially important if you split amicably or if they have already asked to reconcile at least once.

He will wonder if you have completely moved on because of how unaffected or delighted you seem to be by his presence.

He will undoubtedly get a knot in his throat as well because this is still a significant loss for him. Even if he broke up with you, he is so accustomed to your devotion that ignoring him would be like cutting the power.

He will be in sorrow

Dumpers take great delight in calling it quits on a relationship and moving on. They believe they are in charge of you and have dominance over you because they made the final decision. They start feeling superior to other people as a result of their sense of pride and ego, which actually starts a false sense of satisfaction in them.

The first thing they thought would happen was that you would approach them begging for another chance to resume the relationship. Apparently, the dumper was unaware you were capable of ignoring him. Consequently, he becomes depressed after realizing they will not be able to contact you again.  

It’s when you show him you can’t do the same things you used to and that you actually don’t care about him anymore that your ex will finally realize what you are talking about.

Insulted and realize his mistake

When dumpers decide to end their relationship, they take pride in the fact that they have done the right thing and they frequently go out and talk about their experiences with dumping with their friends. As a result of their relationships, they portray themselves as noble people who have been through many hardships due to their noble character.

There are a few things that can cause a bubble to burst after you have broken up with someone, such as failing to call, text, or make an effort to stay in touch. At that point, they experience insult and will realize what they have lost.

They overestimated their own abilities and believed that their ex would inevitably make an effort to get in touch with them again. Beyond their wildest dreams, ignorance existed. As a result, they are deeply offended and feel less than themselves when it occurs.

Starts missing you

The psychology of humans is prone to this type of behavior. When we are with someone, we tend not to value them as much as we should.

When we have been in a relationship for a time, we tend to take the other person for granted after a while and that is when they realize the mistake they have done leaving you. And if it has been a long time, we tend to take the other person for granted as well.

The importance of you to them isn’t apparent to them. Consequently, when they are dumping you and you ignore him/her completely following the breakup, they actually start to miss you even more.

However, they miss you more when things don’t turn out the way they expected. They understand that they disregarded you when the two of you were dating, and now that you’re no longer in their lives. They begin to notice the difference, and as a result, you are greatly missed by him or her. 

He starts falling for you again

Yes do not get confused you are reading it right, it is normal human psychology. When someone is ignoring you suddenly, there is no way you can ignore the fact and strive to talk to the other person that is what you have done. 

Men often reappear as soon as you cease being in love with them for this reason. This is the reason that as soon as you start dating someone new, your ex will butt in and start making himself known in your life.

He most likely has no idea why he is feeling that way. Your ex is only interested in being assured that he still has you and is acting out of misplaced territorialism.

The proper way to ignore the Dumper

Here are a few effective methods to ignore the person you used to love:

  • Make sure you don’t view or comment on their social media posts. Eventually, that person will come close to you if you let them know you don’t care about their life at all.
  • You can also block their contacts and delete them if it helps. It is hard for you for instance but when you finally block them you are one step ahead of them.
  • Make sure you do not text them right away and try not to text at all or leave their text unseen. Being a social media platform this is how you can take the advantage of it.
  • Do not think about your past relationship and cherish the moment, it will hurt for a while you may start thinking about them, but try eventually to delete the past relationship and move on.


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