How to Know If a Guy Is Truly Interested in You or Just Being Friendly; Know Here!

How to Confirm If a Guy Is Really Interested in You or Just Being Friendly: The Secretes Revealed. We all need a friend. But sometimes, the friendliness of a certain person can be quite frustrating as you are actually attracted to that person. The frustration can be even more when you are trying to figure out if that guy is interested in you or just being friendly. 

How to Know If a Guy Is Truly Interested in You or Just Being Friendly?

No matter how many detective novels you read or how well you think you are good at deducting human behavior but the truth is, when it comes to this scenario, it becomes very difficult to differentiate kindliness and sociability from flirting. This is why it is easy to get confused by those relationship advice columns that tell you about those undeniable signs that he likes you, but in reality, maybe they are just signs that he’s a genuinely friendly guy.

Most of the uncertainty sometimes arises from the stakes you have, and they are not something that you wish to be wrong about. Because when you are wrong about his intentions, it is very much possible that the situation might get very awkward between you two, and it can even damage friendships.

But now, the question is, how can you tell if a guy is interested in you or just being friendly? This is what this post is all about.

Here, we will be telling you how to understand if a guy is interested in you or if he is just that friend you can count on. 

He Would Always Make Eye Contact with You

At first, you might feel that this is not a very grand gesture, but the truth is that eye contact is an important and meaningful type of body language, and it can also prove to be one of the most significant indicators that he is very much interested in you, and it is all the more relevant if you see that he doesn’t know you that well yet.

If you get the chance to be in a conversation with him, then you need to check if he is making eye contact with you. In that case, you can just pass it on as him being just polite. But when you are not talking, and he is still occasionally locking his eyes with you from across the room, then you can be sure that it is a pretty big giveaway.

Another bonus thing is that if you notice him quickly tearing his gaze away from you when you look back at him. That is some solid ground right there. 

He Appears to Be Very Much Awkward Around You

This is a tendency in human beings; sometimes, we just end up slipping. If you ask around anyone and they would have to agree that all of them had done something quite dumb or have made some other kind of social faux pas at some point, and it is something that always feels much worse than it actually is. The odds can turn out to be pretty good that many people may not have even picked up on whatever that silly thing you just ended up saying, and they just naturally moved past it.

If you see that he ends up saying something out of turn or a very stupid joke which was bound to fall flat while you are around, then you can be sure that he is into you. Because right after making this folly, he would become very quiet or get really quiet. That is when you might get a glimpse of what he’s feeling. Odds can be even better than he thinks. He just blew the whole thing out of the park with this one, and he is now left with no chance with you. This is, for him, becomes a very conversational blunder.

On the other side, you might just see him dealing with some kind of run-of-the-mill social anxiety. In such an even if you find him doing something like this in a group setting, then you need to watch out when he looks over at you because it can reveal a lot of things. If you see him looking particularly interested in your reaction, then you can be sure that it shows his intention to give some weight to what you think, or he is just probably feeling something a little bit stronger for you.

The Way He is Making Jokes with You

Making jokes is quite a natural thing, and there is nothing much you can say about it. But if he is flirting with you, nothing; most guys who are flirting with you would make jokes, and you would understand that all of it is made purposely.

Their goal is to actually activate something within you, and when you are observant enough, you will be able to see that he is bent on getting a reaction from you. Most of the time, the jokes he would make will become something too excessive since he wants you to be obsessed with him.

But when he is friendly, the guy will just joke with you the same kind of way he does with others. This is how you will enjoy his company since you will not be under any kind of pressure to laugh at his jokes. You will see that most of the time, these jokes from him are often absolutely carefree and innocent standpoint.

You, Will, Find Him Gauging Your Reaction

The best way to tell if a guy is interested in you or just being friendly is when he makes a joke or starts talking about some odd topic in a group setting, and you pay very close attention to whose reaction he is focused on. You may realize that he is kind of checking to see if you find it funny or interesting.

As we all know, the initial days of romantic interest are all about collecting valuable Intel about the person you’re into. So, if he is feeling interested, then he would wish to know what you find funny, interesting, uninteresting, and offensive. This way, he will be able to tailor his approaches from next time onwards.

His Energy Levels Would Always Match with You

This is a very interesting one, and you would notice this immediately. When the guy around you is nothing but flirting with you, you would see that he would try very hard to keep his energy levels high. This effort will be there even when the atmosphere is dull, and you will see him trying his level best to make it lively and cheer you up. He would try to make everything looks exciting every time he was with you.

But on the other hand, when he is friendly, he would barely care or notice if the atmosphere is dull, and if he does, he will not do anything consciously for you. You would see that even when he is discussing something with you, he can have his mind somewhere else. Sometimes, you may find him busy on his phone when he is with you.

You Find Him Talking About You All the Time

As you see, time is passing by, and you start to wonder whether what he is telling you or the advances he is making are nothing but mere coincidences or not. Around this time, if you see him reaching out to your friends about you more before he tries approaching you directly, then you can be sure that he is joking around and he is quite serious, actually. 

In such a scenario, you would find him asking information about you and even ask vital questions like your relationship status or what you’re interested in and so and so forth. This proves that he is already quite into you.

He is Interested in Knowing You

This is also very useful to tell if a guy is interested in your or he is just being friendly. If he is flirting, then all you need to do is watch how he wants to know you more. Being a flirt, he will be very quick to point out the similarities you share, and he would also indirectly tell you how great it is that you have met and how wonderful it can be if you both can become partners. He will always be less concerned about your other peculiarities since, right now, he is finding a connecting point with you.

But on the other hand, when the guy is friendly, he would be someone very patient, and he would listen to you. Also, he would contribute when he needs to, and it will be easier for you to know that it’s a harmless conversation for normal friendship bonding.

He Would Make Extra Effort to Strike Up a Conversation with You

To tell if a guy is interested in you or just being friendly, you just have to pay attention to the way he talks to you over the course of several get-togethers. If you see that he regularly talks very much directly to you and even references previous conversations that you two had, then something good is going on between you two. You also need to check if he regularly talks to you about you and some of your interests, and this proves that he probably thinks about you and your conversations a lot.

If you see him talking about some specific interests of yours like your hobbies or the career option you have been pondering, then it’s possible that he is very much interested in the topic, but if you see that all other factors are in your favor, then you can think that as a good sign and he is paying attention to you because likes you.

The Way, You Would Find Him Greeting You

This is another way to tell if a guy is interested in you or just being friendly. Because if he is flirting, then the guy will eventually act more composed and cool when he wants to greet you. Another thing is that he would allow you to feel comfortable with him, and if you are a person who is very much sensitive, then you can understand everything right from his gestures.

But on the other hand, if he is just being friendly, then the guy would greet you the way he would greet everyone. So, if you wish to be sure if he is just a friend or is he interested, then you just have to watch the way he greets everyone around you and compare it to yours.

He is the One Who Makes the First Move Quiet Often

We know how difficult it can be to tell if a guy is interested in you or just be friendly when you two are just texting. This is because when you are texting, it becomes very difficult to convey the tone of your voice and what you are trying to say. But if you see him routinely reaching out to you first over text or even engaging with all of your social media posts, then you can be sure that he thinks about you all the time and especially when you are not around. This proves that he has a desire to speak with you.

Does he text you often, and is he the one who initiates the conversation? Well, in that case, you can be sure that it is a pretty good indication that he’s romantically interested.

He Always Something or the Other to Be Near You

Once he manages to be really close to you, the next thing he would try to do becomes somewhat close to you. You will see him trying his level best to talk and hang out with you one on one. Most of this will often start out with side conversations in group settings.

You will see that most people are out to eat or having a party, whereas, amidst all that, he would inexplicably be nearby, and he would try to strike up a conversation. It is a very critical point if you wish to tell if a guy is interested in your or just being friendly since, by this one gesture, you will be getting some very strong signals.

According to noted expert Ronnie Ryan, 

“If a man is interested, he will ask you out and take you out. He’ll look forward to spending time with you to get to know you. Maybe once a week at first but more often within a short time.”

The Way He Gets Very Familiar with You

One of the ways to tell if he is interested in you or just being friendly is by the way he is getting familiar with you. If he is someone who is flirting with you, then there is no need to be confused here. One very handy way to check this is by paying attention to the information he wishes to know about you. If a guy is flirting with you, then he would want to know what makes you special, what makes you happy, and other sensitive information.

But on the other hand, if he is the guy who is just being friendly, then he would wish to become more familiar with you by asking some questions about your childhood, college, favorite music, etc.

The Way His Touch Feels

The way his touch feel is another way to tell if a guy is interested in you or just being friendly. Because when he is just flirting, you can tell just by the way his touch feels. But to differentiate between flirty touch and friend touch, you will need your guts to encrypt this. If you see that his touch feels different every time his skin touches yours, then you can be of the opinion that he could be flirting with you.

But when he is friendly, you would automatically receive a friendly touch, and you would feel nothing other than that. And when this happens, most of the time, your guts will not tell you they are trying to send a message.

The Way He Would Have These Little Discussions with You

He would never let go of the chance to have these little discussions with you, and when he is flirting, he would want the conversation to go deeper. You would see him being at it quite regularly, and this is because he is trying to know you more. He would also eventually ask questions to keep the conversation going deeper.

But when he is just being friendly, he would prefer to have short conversations, and most of them would be related to work or some of them school-related, etc. Even if you talk almost daily with him, he would never try to bond with you. If, however, you share some kind of niche with him, most conversations would be centered on that.

The Way He Speaks About Himself

The way he speaks to you reveals a lot about himself, and you can understand the difference between flirting and being friendly. Because when he is flirting, you will be able to understand whether he is trying to feel you up or just being nice. Everything will be there in the way he talks about himself because a flirtatious guy will just talk about his love life, best date, romantic nights, and related topics.

This is because he probably wishes you to have a glimpse into the romantic side he has in his life. But when he is friendly, being a friendly guy, he would just talk about his interests, hobbies, work, etc. You would see them rarely mentioning anything related to their love life.

The Way He Would Behave Around You

This is another way to understand if a guy is interested in you or just being friendly with you. When he is flirting, the guy would just change his behavior towards you completely when you are around. You would find him trying to act more composed and attentive. He would also try to match your energy at that period so that you can easily notice him. Also, if you find him being nervous around you, then you can conclude that he is flirty.

But when a guy is trying to be nothing but friendly, he would normally interact with no strings attached. He would interact with everyone, including you, in a sweet manner. He does not try to fake any behavior or try anything special for you.

The Way He Would Discuss Something with Other Girls

The way he discusses something with someone else is a great way to tell if a guy is interested in you or just being friendly. When he is flirting, you would see a kind of change in the way he discusses with other girls and also makes them ask questions. You would often feel confused if he is just a friend or is he interested? 

This kind of guy would prefer speaking about girls he had a crush on and also about those who broke his hearts and his past escapades. This is his way of telling you indirectly that he is single. Also, when he is friendly, he will just consider you as someone whom he can count on for advice. If he has a crush on someone or has relationship issues, you will be the one he would share that with.

He Would Try Impress You

When the person is flirting, he will try to impress you at any cost. He would brag that he is very good at cooking, and he would try to make you appreciate that side of him. 

On the other hand, when a guy is friendly, he would rather try to impress you to remind you that he’s a smart friend and not in the hope of getting compliments.

What Remains?

So, these are some of the things to tell if a guy is interested in you or just being friendly. I hope these points will help you in your life and have a better relationship ahead. If you have any such personal experience, then do feel free to share that with us in the comments section.


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