How to Be More Romantic In Your Relationship? 35 Ways & Tips

A romantic relationship can foster an intimate connection between you and your partner if you are just starting out. The relationship can feel awkward or unnatural at times. Being romantic requires you to show your love for the person and to be confident in yourself. When you create that connection physically or emotionally, both of you will feel more fulfilled and happier.

35 Ways to be Romantic in Relationship

Men find it difficult to understand women. Women find it difficult to comprehend or understand men. In many cases, doing romantic things becomes an attempt to rekindle the lost romance within your relationship, whether that curiosity or surprise.

how to be more romantic your relationships ways tips
How to be more romantic your relationships ways tips

Husbands or boyfriends, more specifically, are easy to understand since they love small things and consider them romantic. With that kind of leverage, you can rekindle the flame of love inside their hearts. Let’s delve into the ways on how to be more romantic in a relationship!

1# Compliment

Tell your husband how handsome you think he looks as he gets ready for work while you hug him from behind.  A compliment is more meaningful if it is spontaneous and sincere. Taking things one step further, you can even surprise your loved one with a sweet or naughty compliment tucked inside their briefcase.

Compliment your wife whenever possible. Be sure to compliment her while you smile. As soon as you notice a new hairstyle or shoes, you might say, Honey, you look gorgeous, or Honey, your dinner smells delicious. You can tell her you appreciate her by saying I appreciate all the work you do. You can compliment her for the small things she does. A great way to boost your girlfriend’s self-esteem, as well as express your love, is to give her a gift she’ll never forget.

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2# Pampering for Romantic Relationship

Spend some time relaxing with your girl by giving her a hand or foot massage. Take your time she needs your touch to relax. Don’t go for deep tissue massages right now. Romantic touches include adding a little bit of her favorite lotion or warm oil.

Let your partner lie down on the bed while you apply body lotion or oil. You can also express your love with a thirty-minute to one-hour full body massage, back rub, or even simple feet rub. Back massage or head massage will also do wonders if you see that your spouse had a long day at work.

3# Help her in the Kitchen

There are times when women love having their men in the kitchen with them. Imagine what it would be like to cook together. Your hands may brush against each other as you walk behind her, or your hand may run along her lower back as you walk behind her. Getting into a rhythm with one another may take time.

You take a moment to sip wine, share a kiss, and give it a rest while you wait for the water to boil. That shouldn’t be just a once-off thing; make it a regular occurrence. Add some candles and a bottle of wine, and you’ve created the perfect romantic evening that she’s sure to remember and cherish. Don’t forget to do the dishes together afterward by taking turns washing and drying.

4# Flirting for Romantic Relationship

In a relationship, you must prioritize romance by constantly flirting with one another. When you’re together for a few months or years, or when you’re married, don’t let the flirtatious interest die. The more you flirt with your partner, the more important to stay engaged after those milestones.

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5# Romantic Restaurant

It’s best to reserve a table at her favorite restaurant in the perfect ambiance: candles, a quiet corner, and the perfect music. You can make your reservation the day before or sooner. Schedule your reservation and order your two-course meal in advance. Place your drink order, appetizer order, entrée order, and dessert order. Don’t forget to add a nice tip once you’ve sent her a bouquet of her favorite flowers.

6# Do Nice Things

You are doing him a favor if you don’t have any other reason than wanting to make him feel good. Let him eat whatever you have prepared for him. Especially when he has been stressed, make sure he takes care of his favorite chore. Get him a ride to work so he has an easier commute & you can spend a little more time with him in the morning. Other nice things include giving him a massage while you watch TV together and waking up early to prepare him breakfast.

7# Taking Initiative for Romantic Relationship

It’s hard to show your husband what romance looks like when you always feel you’re doing everything, but if you take a step back from that and show him, then you’ll be in a much better position. There was a time when your partner wasn’t super romantic, but that was then. When you and your significant other understand each other’s love languages, everything becomes a whole lot easier. You teach your partner how to do romance.

  • Put candles in the bath and tell him to relax.
  • Have a romantic dinner date at home by cooking their favorite meal and dessert.
  • Flowers are a lovely way to express your gratitude. 

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8# Warm Her for Romantic Relationship

Warm her towel in the dryer while she was showering and greet her as she steps out of the shower. You should offer her your warm legs when you are going into bed at night so she can warm her cold feet.

9# Walk Together

You could select a random time when the sun is setting to take your partner for a walk. Hold hands as you watch the sunset together. You are living where the season’s change makes this even more romantic. Take her out for a romantic walk while the snow is gently falling. Kiss her in front of the falling snow while you hold her in your arms.

10# Do not take over

Sometimes it happens that your husband goes to do something, but it is not happening quite the way you want, so you take over or do it yourself anyway.

It’s common for two people to disagree on how to handle something. It’s true & there are more ways to accomplish things than we think. 

Taking over or criticizing our husband is saying with our actions that he’s not doing a good job. Because we are too quick to jump in and take over, we miss the romance cues, no matter how good his intentions may be. 

Thus, if your husband does something and it’s not the way you do it, think about whether it’s worth taking over or if this is one of those ‘romance’ moments that you’re missing.

11# Care Her Favorite Car

It is romantic for guys to take care of their partners’ cars. Men take pride in doing little things for their loved ones. The vehicle should be started five minutes before she leaves so that it can cool during the summer or warm during the winter. Remove snow from her vehicle after it has been snowed on. When it rains, she can start her car and drive around. You give her a surprise gas fill-up, check the tires, and even wash it while you are at it. The little things I do to show my love and ensure your safety say I care.

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12# Appreciation for Romantic Relationship

Describe your happiness at having him in your life. Let him know how happy he makes you by doing so freely and often. He’ll feel awesome around you and gain more confidence.

A relationship ends when the fairy dust has settled, and we are faced with ordinariness, and we often try everything we can to avoid it. The trick is to be able to appreciate how ordinariness can be transformed into the essence of intimacy. A partner’s involvement in your day-to-day life can and does, become extraordinary.

13# Stick a Note

Our nature is to need to remind that someone loves us constantly. A sticky note is the best way to do this. Make sure your husband knows how much you love him by sticking a note on his fridge or phone. If you are flirty and tease him, you should leave early for work.

14# Support Him for Romantic Relationship

It’s super romantic to show support for your husband’s hobbies and interests. You take part in his plans with friends when he has them. Play the drums or write short stories to keep him engaged with his hobbies. By supporting your individual goals, interests, and endeavors in life, you demonstrate how confident and secure you are in your relationship.

It’s perfectly normal to feel a little jealous when your man decides to do something without you. It is extremely beneficial for your relationship if you maintain a close relationship with your friends, hobbies, and interests.

15# Wear Beautiful Clothes

You’ve probably seen romantic movies where a partner dresses up in a red gown or wears an item that her partner cannot resist admiring. Maybe you can take some inspiration from fashion websites. The fact that you enjoy getting ready and wearing beautiful clothes or gowns already means that you can use that enjoyment to attract your man. You will be fascinated by this change in your boyfriend or husband when you keep in mind the context.

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16# Eye Contact for Romantic Relationship

Focus your attention on the other person and make eye contact with them. You might not think that giving someone your undivided attention is that important, but it is. Listen to the other person without using your phone or watching TV. Show them that what they’re saying is important to you by turning your body towards them and ensuring you makes eye contact with them.

17# Spa Night

You can spend a spa day with your partner in an intimate setting. Relaxation and being loose can lead to sparks flying later in your own home if you know what to do.

18# Be Spontaneous

It has been too long since you and your partner did something fun and spontaneous together. Since you haven’t gone for a walk in ages, don a running outfit and work out together. Get out for a walk and explore the local greenery. Pack sandwiches and drinks in your backpack as a surprise for your partner after a hike.

Find out what activities are happening in your area so you can go to farmer’s markets, amusement parks, or art exhibits together. Save money by taking advantage of free admission or discounted admission during the time you can visit. Let yourself be spontaneous, and enjoy each other’s company as much as you can.

19# Put Yourself in their Shoes

Understand how your partner sees things and try to put yourself in their shoes. Consider whether your partner’s way of communicating their feelings is getting the message across or not if you and your partner have different ways of expressing your feelings.

In addition to your needs, your partner’s needs are also valid. When communicating your feelings, make sure you do so in a way they can understand.

20# Adjustment

It takes time for habits to develop. They are the result of repeated showing up for something to happen and of conscious effort. Normally, it won’t be perfect right away.  

You probably found it a little difficult at first to get into a new exercise routine or healthy eating program, but once you’ve got a groove going, it becomes easier and easier. 

Maintain a sense of realism when it comes to your expectations. Each small step towards where you want your relationship to be will lead to massive changes over time.

21# Put up a Romantic Picture

While you can opt for modern digital frames if you are tech-savvy, traditional photographs remind me of memories the best. Your boyfriend will definitely warm up to a framed picture of the two of you celebrating your anniversary or going to a movie together.

22# Know your Partner’s Personality

Romantic tragedy occurs when you see the person you love as a symbol of the idea they have become, and you reject them as a result. You start to discover who they are as well as how they change and evolve when you realize that you don’t know them very well.

23# Be too much Sweet

You can also express your love to your significant other by being extra sweet to them. In addition to complimenting your partner, make sure you’re extra touchy-feely. If you are uncomfortable with public displays of affection, give him a quick kiss on the lips whenever you see him at home.

24# Learn from each Other

Keeping your partner curious is a great way to be more romantic in your relationship. Be open to learning something new. You should also be aware of their capacity to change. Commit to finding out as much as you can about your spouse.

Here, your actions are less important than your attitude. Your relationship will be a continuing process of getting to know your partner. While you’re on date night or having adventures with them, or even when you’re arguing, you’ll learn this through your experiences with them.

25# Try New Things in the bedroom

If he has ever tried something new, find out what his fantasies are. Feel free to try what he says if it is comfortable for you. In doing so, you will show him that you care about his satisfaction, and you will both feel more comfortable. 

Don’t feel rushed to do anything you don’t want to do, and always keep your own satisfaction in mind when emphasizing his. Only do things you’re both comfortable and excited about.

26# Communication

Having positive conversations in a relationship is the key to good communication. Whenever we talk about negative topics, we subconsciously avoid them, which results in avoiding conversations with our partners and that is when problems really start to pile up.  Engage in simple, silly conversations together. Make them lighthearted and fun, not too serious.

27# Pay Attention to Argument

It’s not uncommon for couples to fight, make up, and then separate again. It allows you to escape the real intimacy by creating drama and maintaining the romantic trance. You’ll have a better understanding of why you’re fighting when you’re aware of what you fear about intimacy & you’ll likely fight far less if you become aware of what you fear.

28# Make Your Home a Dancing Place

However, the atmosphere and the vibes in your home, not turning it into a dance hall, are what I am trying to suggest. Put on some of his favorite romantic songs, grove on jazz or salsa beats, and ask him to join you.

29# Surprise them with Gifts

Taking the time to do this shows you care. Make sure you take his favorite coffee drink with you when you meet for a morning walk. If you think he would like certain songs, make a playlist for him. Arrange to have flowers delivered to his apartment if he lives out of town. A little money goes a long way in showing someone you care. It takes a lot of time and effort to make handmade gifts, and their sentimental value far outweighs their cost.

30# Texting Him all the Time

When you’re not together, you’re thinking about him. Texts that tell him you miss him and encourage him can go a long way in letting him know you care.

  • You could text something like, Miss you, can’t wait to see you.
  • Fight shyness by being flirty. Text him saying that you like his cute face.
  • You might be able to increase the romance if you use this text, but take some precautions if you do.
  • Make sure you trust him and let him know if you’re going to send him pictures or texts while he’s out or at work.

31# Affection

There’s no need to be over-the-top here, just subtle and sweet. When you’re walking together, hold his hand. If you’re at a restaurant, kiss him. As you wait for the movie to start at the theater, rest your head on his shoulder. By doing so, you show pride in being with him. 

Neither of you nor your partner needs to be super into gestures. You decide what is comfortable for you & your partner, whether it is hand-holding or a kiss on the cheek.

32# Love Yourself

Love is generally a yearning for something that is out of reach, something we think we lack in ourselves and that is present in another person. The frustrating thing about finding love is that we are unable to get what we were hoping for.

It is only through loving you first that true love can exist. What you get from another person is dependent on how much you’re willing to give.

33# Watch Movie Together

Generally, men prefer action films and series, thrillers, sci-fi films, comedies, and romantic movies. If your boyfriend is constantly talking about a movie or TV show that he’s watching, you should pay attention to that. While watching his favorite show or movie, you can arrange a movie-watching date with him here. When you decide to celebrate his birthday or your anniversary at home in private with just him, an event like that will overwhelm him.

34# Give Him game night

That will surprise and touch him to organize a game night at your place if you know your boyfriend hasn’t spent time with his closest buddies in a long time. Getting in touch with the boys and telling them you are organizing a game night can be a great way to spend a quiet night with your boyfriend.

The guys can get together in a room in the house to prepare booze, cigarettes, and snacks. It is simply a matter of making sure there is a room that they can use as a gaming area, which you can provide with decks of cards for poker night.

35# Treat Romance as a Regular Habit

The idea of spontaneity may be appealing, but it is not always practical. When a relationship is strong and loving, habits make it possible. Practicing these habits will make your relationship stronger and more loving. Make sure that you spend some time every day together doing relationship rituals like sharing a good morning kiss, catching up over coffee, or just lying in bed together.

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