How to Compliment a Guy? Something That Most Women are Yet to Know

How to Compliment a Guy? The Secrets are Revealed! Everyone loves getting compliments! And as a matter of fact, everyone needs to get compliments. They encourage you and boost you to become better at what you do. But oftentimes, women forget this, and they forget to compliment their guy. It’s not just women who need compliments to become even better; the same can be said for the man as well. But how can you compliment a guy? Well, this is what this post is all about.

Complimenting a guy can be tricky, just like complimenting a woman. So, why not you change the way you approach the guy? This is what this post is all about, and here we will be telling you how you can easily compliment a guy without sounding fake. 

So, let’s get started.

Why Compliment a Guy is Important?

Compliments are perhaps the easiest way to get to a man’s heart. If you are in a relationship with someone, then the guy needs some kind of recognition from your end. Recognition is very important; it kind of motivates them to become even more special to you. 

How to compliment a guy most women yet to know
How to compliment a guy most women yet to know
  • But you need to be careful as well. You need to sound genuine because if they sense something different, then chances are high that he would consider you condescending. 
  • Also, it is better if you come up with something original and not something one can very easily find in some movie dialogue. This would make him feel very happy as you are putting in some genuine efforts.

But what are the things that you can use for compliments? As I have said before, the idea is to become original. So, in this post, I will be sharing some ideas that you can elaborate as per your own and come up with our own style to compliment the guy.

They are as follows:

How About Starting With His Physique?

Well, most men pay quite a lot of attention to their physique, and they would love some compliments about it. I mean, why would they flaunt their body anyway? So, it can be a very good place to start. 

  • But make sure you don’t sound too flattering about it. Come up with something unique? Don’t stick to the ones that most people would use, like, “wow, your arms look very strong!” I mean, this is very general.
  • You can come up with something like, “Your fitness regime looks very interesting. Want to tell me more about it later?”
  • It is better if you don’t start asking random questions about his diet chart or the kinds of weights he usually lifts. That is not something very wise.

The Way He Thinks About You

This can go both ways; you can compliment him about the way he thinks about you and, at the same thing, the way he thinks about life in general. The way a person thinks reveals a lot about that person and the way he approaches life. This is not something that one can achieve very easily. It takes years for someone to finally understand what his life philosophy is.

  • Complimenting someone about their life philosophy can make you appear as someone very understanding and reliable. Now, what can be better than this?
  • Then, of course, if you can point out a few things about his philosophy and thinking process in general, then also it can leave a great impact. After all, any man would love to see his woman noticing every single detail minutely.

His Culinary Skills

How many times have you had some lovely dinner at his place? If your man can cook, then definitely he has used this particular skill to impress you, isn’t it? Then why don’t you use this particular thing in your favour? How about you ask him to cook something for you and then shower him with a bunch of compliments?

  • You can talk about the innovativeness he has and the kind of care he exhibits while preparing food for you. This is something that he would surely love. No matter what. 
  • Then you can talk about how he remembers all your favourite dishes and prepares them whenever he gets some time free.
  • Just asking him to cook for you something itself can work as a compliment. But make sure you tell it with the utmost tact. Otherwise, it will only sound like an order which is, of course, something you would never want, isn’t it?

His Dressing Sense

Looks and dressing sense are two very important aspects if you wish to boost your man’s confidence and feelings for you. Believe it or not but sometimes, he does actually dress up for you, and his dressing sense clearly indicates that he is aware of what you might think seeing him. 

Hence, complimenting him on his dressing sense can be really helpful for both of you. But it will be better if you can come up with something very unique. 

  • Like, “oh my God, your shirt makes you look very good,” is kind of cliché. How about you say something like, “I would have bought that shirt for you if I were you; nice choice, darling!” 
  • The way he carries himself with his choice of attire is also something you can talk about. There are many people who buy good clothes, but the way they carry themselves is not suitable for the fashion they are following. If your man is different in this case, then you should always tell him that. 
  • You can also emphasize the fact that he always listens to you and values your opinion when it comes to buying a dress. This way, he would feel recognized for all the efforts he has put in for you.

His Outlook towards Society and Things In-general

Every person has their own value and personal outlook toward society. Hence, it might just happen that your man has a different outlook than yours. Even in that case, if you feel that his outlook is really unique compared to most people of his age, then you should always praise him for that. Nowadays, you would hardly meet someone who has his/her own perspective and does not follow what the media is telling us.

  • If you just happen to meet someone like that, then praising them for their original thought is perhaps the best possible compliment they can ever hope for. 
  • So, tell him you absolutely adore his thoughts about society and how he thinks about women in general.
  • How you admire his courage to be different and think differently. How do you think that his thought is what makes him so different from others?
  • Also, tell him that you love his thoughts and outlook towards your relationship as well. Any man would love to hear compliments like this for their partner. But make sure you sound absolutely genuine when you are saying these things to him.

Compliment for His Extra-curricular Activities or Talents

Every guy has some kind of talent that they wish to showcase in front of everyone. If your man just happens to be a dancer, singer, musician or sports fanatic, then you should really compliment him on that as well. It will not just make the bond that you have stronger between you, but it will also boost him to do better in his life.

  • After all, when he is in love with you, he would consider you as his biggest support. So, when he is performing, he would wish to see you cheering the loudest. 
  • Also, a man would showcase all his talents in front of you when he is really into you. So, make sure you acknowledge that and also boost his confidence to even better in future. 
  • Maybe he has chosen to turn one of his hobbies into his profession. Even then, he would require all the more support from you. Complimenting him genuinely about his talent would make him confident and think that maybe he has chosen the right path in his career.
  • Always try to make him feel that you genuinely believe in his talents, and that’s the only he would look at you.
  • You can also help him in any way you can to showcase his talents. This way, he would understand how much trust you have in him, and nothing can be better than that.

How Comfortable You Feel Around Him

A relationship is all about being confident with the person you are with. So, if your guy makes you comfortable no matter what goes on with your life, then you are genuinely lucky. So, why not tell him this very fact that you do find yourself really lucky because you have found a person who can always take care of you.

  • I believe you already understand that he puts in a lot of effort for you to feel comfortable all the time and be yourself.Complimenting him on these efforts can surely make a huge difference for you. 
  • The idea here is to make him realize that you do acknowledge his efforts, and nothing escapes his eyes.
  • When in a relationship, this mutual understanding is what makes everything work smoothly. If you can ensure this in the relationship, then half the work is done.
  • Also, sometimes try to do the same for him too. There is nothing better action! So, when you are returning his efforts with the same kind of action, then it automatically leaves a wonderful impression in his mind. He would feel loved and valued for all that he does for you.

The Gifts He Buys For You 

Gifts are a huge part of the relationship, and of course, everyone loves to get gifts. That is exactly what he offers you some very thoughtful gifts. Here, you need to acknowledge these thoughts behind the gifts. Choosing something random to gift his girlfriend is something that almost everyone does. But if your man is doing something different, then you must consider his efforts.

The best way to compliment him, in this case, is to return something similar. Next time you go to buy something for him, make sure you choose something equally thoughtful. 

Also another good thing can be saving these gifts with utmost care. Maybe you would even save the wrapper in which he had wrapped the gift and wrote something nice on top of it. When you show so much care for his gifts, he would definitely be happy because you understand his sentiments.

He is the Best Father for Your Child

The role of a father in a child’s life is very important. The child needs a father figure to look up to and grow to become a man like him. Raising a child is not an easy job, and there are multiple aspects to this. 

  • Maybe you are married to the man you love, and now you have a beautiful child with him. You need to understand that his efforts are equal to yours, and this is where the acknowledgement comes into the picture. Make sure to acknowledge his efforts as a father to your child.
  • How many times has he assured you that you don’t need to get up in the middle of the night because he is ready to handle the crying baby?
  • How many times has he asked you to carry on with your office work because he can make the baby fall asleep? 
  • How many times did he voluntarily wash the dishes because you were busy with the baby?
  • Even when he is not with the baby, he still ensures that the baby receives nothing but the very best possible. He would never compromise on the baby’s health and would not think twice before going to any extent to ensure his/he better life. 

All of this makes him the best possible father, and you should compliment him according on all these aspects. This way, your bond and togetherness would flourish even more. And that’s the goal, isn’t it?

He Just Gets You in a Way That is So Wonderful

Your partner possesses these unique abilities to just understand you like no one else. He always seems to know what to say, or rather, he always seems to know what you want to hear.

This is something that not everyone can do and only a true soul mate would have the power to do so. But this is why you should never fail to compliment him because, for this unique power, you always feel so happy. 

  • After all, when he says exactly what you wish to hear, you would light up immediately. Even when you had a very rough day, and you can’t just figure out what to do, he comes along and says something that brightens up the day. It’s these little things that can change everything.
  • So, why not compliment him about these little gestures that never fail to make you happy? It will surely make him genuinely happy. Happiness in exchange for happiness is what this world needs right now.
  • You can also return the thing for him. Try to figure out that one thing that would never fail to make him cheerful and then do that when he has had a rough day at the office.
  • No compliment is better than doing the same thing for him and making him understand that you do value his gestures. What else do you need to make a wonderful memory of togetherness? This is what we thrive for, isn’t it?

Listen to Him

Communication is perhaps the strongest pillar in any relationship, and if you wish to make things better with him, then you would have to improve your communication with him. 

  • But how can you do that? Well, the best possible thing to tell him that you really care about his opinion is when you listen to him. Just listen to him when he is sharing his feelings.
  • Listen to him when he is offering you some advice about some problematic situation in your life. When you listen to him, it makes him valued. This is surely the biggest compliment you could get from yourself. 
  • So, even during the most heated of arguments, just try and see if you can listen to him, listen to what he has to say. This way, you can not only be able to avoid the argument but also establish a better bond with him.
  • Just imagine, without doing anything, you are complimenting him and what can be better than that! 

Ask For His Help in Things

By no means we are saying that you need to be dependent on him and lose your independence. Rather it is something a bit different. When you are asking for his help, it allows him to understand how much you trust him.

  • When you ask for his help, it allows him to get a confident booster that, yes; you do need him for something. Men really like this feeling, and your partner would equally feel loved by this sweet gesture.
  • Maybe you can manage the thing on your own very easily. But still, try to involve him by asking for his help.
  • Maybe it is something that can wait for some other time, but you can still ask for some help and do something together.
  • This will not just compliment him but also induce the togetherness that you both might have. After all, that is the whole idea, right? To be together and have a lovely time. So when you involve him more and more, you will have more such moments.

Physical Touch

Even words can be as sensual as your touch if you can choose them carefully. So, how about you make him feel better about himself by paying some compliment about his physicality or how he feels physically.

  • You can talk about your feelings from last night when you two were making love. For a man, getting the approval of his partner about physical intimacy is a huge confidence booster. So, if you wish to see him light up immediately, then this is the thing to do!
  • Does his beard make you feel weak on his knees? Or, maybe he has been working out lately, and you can see a wonderful physique visible even under the shirt. So, why not compliment that? This will make him very happy. After all, he has been working out for you only.
  • Physical comments can turn both of you on, and they can lead to a wonderful love-making session as well. All this will only improve the kind of relationship you have with each other.
  • So, it can really work for you on multiple levels. 

How Caring He is

Maybe your husband or boyfriend is really, really caring, but you have never told him that. So, why not tell him that? This can be a lovely thing to compliment him, and it will surely leave an impression.

  • If you want your man to be always caring, then it is time for you to acknowledge that as well. Enough time had passed when you had taken this thing very lightly. But when you tell him how much you love him for his caring attitude, you see a kind of glow in his eyes.
  • This glow in his eyes is worth a million words, but you need to hear them because if you look deep enough into his eyes, you will be able to see the meaning of these words to him.
  • After all, what can be more joyful to see than seeing your man happy? Just like he makes you happy, you can do the same as well. 

What Remains?

So, these are the ways by which we can easily understood how to compliment a guy! I hope these points will help you treat your man with care and have a wonderful relationship in the future. If you have any similar experiences, then please share that with us in the comments section. Your experience can help our readers a lot.


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