How to Get an Emotionally Unavailable Man to Chase You? Tips

In this article, we will learn how to get an emotionally unavailable man to chase You? The majority of women are plagued by this question, although it is one of the most important ones they can think of. It’s difficult to understand this concept with so many men out there without an idea of what they want from their lives. It is well worth your attention to make a guy who is emotionally unavailable fall in love with you. You wanna prove to him that you’re the right girl, but you don’t know what to do. I mean, your heart doesn’t decide who they should love, so you want to prove that you’re the right girl.

Despite how hard you try, you feel hopeless and drained trying to get this emotionally unavailable guy to appreciate you. It seems as if you can’t come up with answers to the questions spinning in your mind. As much as you want to know how to make this man fall in love with you, you can never come up with an answer, and your mind goes blank every time. The good news is that if you are sincere about wanting a relationship with this guy and want him to love you, you can try some things. Even though he is emotionally unavailable, you can try these methods to make him fall in love with you.

What are the necessary measures to make an emotionally unavailable guy to fall in love with you?

How to Get an Emotionally Unavailable Man to Chase You?

The process of falling in love with an emotionally unavailable man is very difficult. He may be wary of relationships in general or have difficulty building commitments. You can reassure him that the idea is a good one, and even set up a date with him if he calms down. To make an emotionally unavailable guy fall in love with you, these are a few effective measures you can pursue:-

how to get an emotionally unavailable man to chase you
How to get an emotionally unavailable man to chase you

Self-resistance can be an essential element

The situation can be extremely difficult to comprehend, getting into a relationship can already be nerve-wracking enough without having to deal with someone who doesn’t want to commit. You did not plan for it to be so tough when you first met him, but you were captivated by his charm and could not resist falling in love with him.  

The feeling of anger on your chest is entirely normal when you think about how long it takes. Definitely make some relaxing coffee, meditate, and relax at this point. But remember that you cannot get him to commit immediately. It is impossible to build an emotional connection with such a man, especially one who avoids you. 

The more you think about it, the more frustrated you will become. Take a deep breath to calm yourself. Your patience is more valuable right now than anything else. Focus on yourself and accept the fact that you will eventually succeed.

Many of his secretive behaviors can be traced back to his childhood, which is most likely the reason he hides his feelings. Perhaps it’s a reaction to traumatic experiences in the past, an outgrowth of their personality type, or maybe it’s the result of growing up.

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Knowing the guy can be helpful

You need to get your facts straight before you can get an emotionally unavailable man to pursue you. Hence, you need to meet the boy you want to fall in love with at this point before you apply these effective measures.

A guy might have a story to tell about an ex who hurt them during their youth or a traumatic childhood experience. Anyhow, he never would have considered a committed relationship after something happened.

It is important to know the whole story before determining your next step. Don’t pressure him to open up because he is afraid of vulnerability. You should however keep in mind those little stories he tells you from time to time.

Truth be told, you are a woman and you have a natural affinity for digging up valuable past experiences. Listen closely to hear if you can piece together what happened. Bear in mind at this point that you are opposed to what they are saying, which may lead you to open him up.

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Present yourself an independent life

It is important for a man who is emotionally unavailable to know that he is the center of his entire world. To get the attention of an emotionally unavailable man, however, doesn’t mean to sit back and expect him to shower you with affection.

It’s crucial that you show him how your life helps you succeed. It’s the only way he will pay attention to you. In order for him to adapt to your expectations, he needs to maintain some level of independence. The sooner he realizes that he doesn’t have to live alone, the better he will feel.

Both partners in any healthy relationship need to feel like they have some degree of freedom. He will feel like he can lead a fulfilling life outside of your relationship when he realizes that there is a life beyond the relationship. Because of this, you should put your attention on your personal growth, your friends, your family, and all the other things you wish to achieve.

Concentrating on him entirely is the most efficient way to end up with increasingly more misery. So many things are going on in your life that you must focus on so that you do not think about him, and can also showcase to him what an exceptional lady you are. You will certainly attract his interest.

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You must sound faithful to him

It becomes impossible to trust someone if you look back at some past relationships or if there are some unavoidable circumstances. You should know that a man who is emotionally unavailable can trust you, even if he can’t seem to describe it. The serious relationship he is looking for must not take away from his freedom and must not alienate the feelings he has for you.

It is crucial to building trust in any relationship, but it is particularly crucial when this man is having emotional difficulties. His ability to grow and change will never be possible as long as he does not feel safe.

If you wish to attract an emotionally unavailable man, you need to make him see that you can trust him and believe so. Researchers have also shown that low levels of trust in intimate relationships are associated with bad outcomes such as constant arguments and even breakups.

Explain to him that you understand where he is coming from regarding low self-esteem and that you will not abuse the information he is giving you. It’s a perfect opportunity to show him that you’re patient and understanding since he has a hard time opening up to people.

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Let him justify the pace of the relationship

You might want to suggest stepping away from your relationship and letting him set the pace since you signed up for the concert. When you make an emotionally unavailable man feel as though you’re forcing him to take every step, every step, the easiest way for him to escape is to make him feel as if you’re pressuring him. 

Show him that you are on the same page is what will make him love you overnight, but you cannot make him love you overnight, love is a slow process and slight pressure could make any individual lose interest. You’ve probably heard him say on more than one occasion that he wants to take things slowly if it’s the guy I’m thinking of.

The pace of your progress at this point may seem slow, but we’re not judging. By engaging in relationships he has had his heart broken too many times, he says he wants to get to know you better. Getting to know him better is your best solution right now. You might want to let him know that you’d like to take it easy too, which means you want to eliminate all physical pleasure from the game.

Another thing you could say to him is that he doesn’t open up to you unless he does the same. You have to provide something in exchange for something in return. It’s a fair exchange of information. When he realizes you’ve beaten him at his own game, he’ll be annoyed and may take a step ahead to accept you as his lover. 

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Try not to talk about the future

He seemed to be afraid of the future as you could see. In the event that you’ve already established the connection with the emotionally unavailable guy, he won’t chase you. It gives him the impression you are going to stay around for a while when you communicate your plans. Furthermore, you are at liberty to assume that he has plans to settle down with you. 

His future plans should be a positive thing, so it’s up to you to persuade him otherwise. But you won’t get there by telling him everything you dream about. Even though it is already easy to imagine a happy life for you, remember it is nothing but a fantasy. You can’t expect him to be a part of it unless you think the same way that he does.

Before you go to sleep, pretend you did not choose the names of your imaginary children, but never share your imaginary scenes with him. Try as hard as you can to avoid mentioning his future to him, even if you have great ideas about it.

Unless you are seriously in a long-term relationship, you will need to tell him about these things early on; otherwise, he will pack his bags and be gone forever.

Taking each day as it comes is the most important thing you can do at this point, enjoying every moment with this guy. You’ll find he will be more open to the prospect of dedicating his future to you if you spend a lot of time together. Things will happen when they have to as long as you don’t get too caught up in them.

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Be a little flirtatious with him

You can entice him to follow you by showing him your playful side. In order to flirt effectively, you need to signal your interest without overpowering. This is especially true when a guy is not looking for long-term relationships. You should be casual when flirting and give your date a chance to move so that he does not feel like you are chasing him. Here are some great flirting tactics for your emotionally unavailable man:-

  • Consider how he behaves, and try to follow his actions for example, when he leans forward to speak with you, close the distance between you.
  • Keep your hand lightly on his arm while you’re talking, that can ease up his actions.
  • Take several seconds to make eye contact before looking away, as a primitive tactic of healthy flirting.

There is nothing direct about these things, but they can be considered flirting nonetheless. Do not overuse nicknames, instead refer to them by their full names while maintaining eye contact. It won’t be long before his knees start shaking.

Make sure you compliment him and tell him you’re attracted to him, but not in a way that comes across as overbearing. Let him know you would date him if he really wanted to see you, or that you would wear that dress he really likes just to impress him.

The reason this is important is that you’ll never know how to get an emotionally unavailable man to pursue you unless you understand how to play his game more effectively than he does. Even if he’s trying to get you out of his mind, you need to make him think about you if you want to be his one true love. This is something you need to do if you have fallen in love with an emotionally unavailable man. 

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Try not to pressurize him into something

When trying to get the attention of an emotionally unavailable man, pushing is probably the worst thing you can do. If you push it, you won’t get the results you want! I know you are going crazy to finally formalize the relationship, put a label on it, or add some clarity, but it won’t have the effect you want!

You have lost him when you start applying pressure, he does not want to feel apprehensive about the future or about his relationship with you.

Though he knows he is falling in love with you, all he wants is a sense of freedom. If you make the effort, you can easily make him love you if you are available. Unavailable people make commitment seem as if it will ruin their relationship, but it won’t.

Ask him fewer questions so he doesn’t feel pressured to be around you. It shouldn’t be revealed to other people that you’re having an affair, as they will discover it eventually. Let him lead instead of pretending nothing is going on.

Give him the impression that you are as open-minded as he is. You can’t pressure him, like telling him he’s getting old and needs to calm down, because he will ignore you even more. I’m guessing you don’t want that to happen, so it’s better not to pressurize him or make him unbearable being around you.

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Show him that it’s better to be easy

For someone who is emotionally unavailable, being pleasant can be a frightening experience. You may also discover that he is scared of his own emotions as you’re trying to figure out how to get an emotionally unavailable guy to chase you.

The easier it is to distance yourself from these emotions, the more difficult it is to deal with them. Holding on to what you feel hurts less than expressing it out loud. However, it’s your job now to prove him wrong, and every time he opens up to you, reassure him that you understand him.

Make sure he knows his feelings are okay and create a safe space for him if he gets too excited. It is possible that he may run uphill quickly at the beginning because he is afraid of the comfort he feels when he is with you.

You will, however, start searching again after a while for that feeling. You are the only person he knows who understands him, so he will come to you for this reason. He even may be able to open up to you at this point. Show him that feelings aren’t a bad thing, but don’t freak him out to the point where he thinks you’re unstable.

When you feel comfortable enough and want validation of your insecurities, you can even cry in front of him. In my opinion, this can be an effective measure in breaking his emotional barrier and starting to open up with you.

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Don’t act like he is your boyfriend

The above shows that for women if a man is not regularly your boyfriend, he should no longer get the same kind of benefits that a boyfriend would get. It no longer matters in case you study that a function inside of the hay is the best thing you could provide someone, if you supply up that function in that fashion, he may no longer chase you.

It’s a fact of life that you try so hard as a woman to impress men that you forget you’re actually not in a relationship with them. This means that you start acting like a girlfriend or even a wife without actually being in a relationship with him.

It’s not clear how much she cares about the relationship, even though you start cooking for him, you are always there for him and even you tend to meet his friends and family. The two of you even go on sweet little dates where you talk about your feelings. Since he’s not your lover, you shouldn’t give him any benefits unless he makes things official between the two of you.

It’s obvious that you’re trying to impress this poor guy, and maybe give him a sneak peek of what a possible relationship may be like. The only problem is that granting him those perks will make him more distant and harder to reach.

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A few major signs which explain that a man is recovering from his emotional unavailability

A man’s emotional opening up to you signals a major shift in his view of you. While he may be emotionally unavailable by default, an opening up signifies a big change in his approach to you. In some cases, you will notice these changes as follows:-

When he feels at ease to open up with you

A man who lacks emotional stability can find it challenging and uncomfortable to open up to someone. His natural tendency to keep people in check leads him to let you into his life against his natural instinct.

The first sign that he is opening up to you is if he points out or talks about your personal life, he may start to speak about his feelings for either you or others. Despite being a small task, letting their new partner into their deeply personal feelings is an important step for someone who struggles to share their feelings with others. 

There are moments in his relationship when he even shows emotion to you, something you have never seen before. These moments of vulnerability can be disarming, but you wonder if they are a ruse.

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He is ready to strive for betterment

Positive indicators are the most obvious. In most cases, emotional unavailability occurs as a consequence of ignorance; the individual does not know the obstacles he faces. However, when he starts to love you, he will start changing because he will feel so confident in you. You will see how he strives to adopt a more positive outlook. This quality separates selfless love from selfish love, as the emotionally unavailable man will neither deny nor defend himself.

He started sharing a glimpse of his past experiences

The emotional inaccessibility of a man is linked to past experiences that have made him incapable of committing or opening up to people. You don’t want to ask your new companion all those awkward questions if you give them all that information.

Speaking about his past could be an indication that he is ready to let go of the past and move forward together. This could also be his way of helping you to understand why he does things the way he does. No matter what reason he gives for opening up to you, the fact that he has shown that he trusts you proves that he is open-hearted, and started to recover.

Start protecting and caring for yourself

There are ways to deal with closed characteristics, even though there are traits that indicate a closed personality. A person’s protectiveness indicates that they feel something for them. The feeling of responsibility that you feel towards them is also a powerful and frightening emotion. Your commitment to your partner’s health, safety, and happiness are achieved by protecting and caring for them in a healthy amount.

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