How to Know if Someone is Thinking About You? Some Amazing Signs and Facts

How to Know If Someone Is Thinking About You? These Signs Will Help You Understand the Enigma. You might have heard a lot about the sixth sense of human beings and how it mingles with our day-to-day affairs. But have you ever experienced that uncanny feeling that someone is thinking about you? Well, maybe that person is not around and also, he/she is not even in love with you. Yet, somehow you feel that the other person is thinking about you. 

But how does it work? Well, this is exactly what this post is all about. Here, we will be talking about some such instances which can mean that someone is thinking about you. Some may sound a bit ridiculous to you, and some may sound really bizarre. But one thing I am sure of that is no matter what they are; you must have experienced at least one of them in your life so far. 

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

How to Know if Someone is Thinking About You? Plain Faith or Something Scientific?

Well, some people do have the tendency to deduct the science behind everything. However, that may not be applicable to everything we see around us. There are still some things that science is yet to prove, and that’s why in this case as well, one has to keep their faith intact.

how to know if someone is thinking about you signs facts
How to know if someone is thinking about you signs facts

Now, there can be some logical explanation for this as well. Like, when you think about someone for a long time, they might just get registered in your subconscious. This way, your subconscious might play some role in this whole thing. But as I said, looking for some logical explanation in this whole might not be the best of ideas.

Rather let’s just look at the signs and try to understand better.

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Seeing Them in Your Dreams

This is one of the most common signs you might come across in your life. Seeing someone in your dreams can mean a lot of things, and it can have multiple reasons behind it as well. But it can also mean that the person you are seeing in your dreams is also probably thinking about you. 

  • One reason can be our subconscious. When we are sleeping, we are neither conscious nor unconscious. And we know very little of our subconscious. It often baffles us with all the dreams that we don’t understand always.
  • When something like this happens, you can consider the dream as nothing but the bridge between you and the person you have been dreaming of.
  • Also, dreams are usually created by the consolidated memory we have within. Having a dream about a particular person repeatedly can mean that the persona has surely left a mark on your subconscious.

They Just Randomly Pop in Your Mind

No matter what you are doing and how busy you are, suddenly you just happen to think about this person. As if, like magic, they just randomly pop in your head without any apparent reason. 

  • This can be a clear sign that the other person is also thinking about you at the same time, and somehow both your energies are getting connected.
  • It can be very straightforward when you are anyway obsessing about a particular person. In such a scenario, someone coming to your mind too often may not mean anything much. But if you are not obsessing and yet a person comes to mind, then definitely something special is happening.

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Sudden Hiccups Out of Nowhere

Hiccups can be triggered by a number of health-related reasons. Some of them can be quite common ones as most of us have them. Like when you eat or drink something too much or when you eat too quickly. There can be other situations as well, like when you undergo some kind of surgery on the abdomen or some specific medication causing distress. But what if you get hiccups when none of these reasons is in the picture?

  • This is when we can conclude that probably someone is thinking about you, and you are just again catching the signals. 
  • But some people also consider that having hiccups is a negative sign. Like, when we say somebody is thinking about you, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is thinking about something positive about you. 
  • When it comes to hiccups, it usually means that the person is actually thinking something negative about you or, worse cursing you in their mind.
  • You can be all the more sanguine about this whole thing if you see that your hiccups suddenly appear when you are close to a certain person. This way, you would realize the real reason behind your hiccups.

A Change of Energy in Your Body

The human body is like a sponge. It can literally soak energy from its surrounding. As you might already know, energy cannot be created; it cannot be destroyed either. It can only be transformed. 

  • If a person is thinking about you, the energy can surely be felt in your body the moment you are near to that person.
  • It works just like you have experienced before. Being near a negative person, you would feel drained out. But when you are near a happy and cheerful person, you immediately feel a change in your body. 
  • That’s exactly how things will be when you are near someone who is thinking about you. If the person is thinking something wrong about you, it can be felt by your body. All you need to do is be receptive enough. 

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Suddenly Your Eyes Twitch

Much like hiccups, twitching eyes can be caused due to some physical conditions as well. Like, if something is wrong with your eyes, then you might face this situation. But if there is nothing wrong in your eyes, then this can be a psychic sign for you, signifying that someone is thinking about you. But there are a few things that you need to know about it as well.

  • The twitch or itching signifies differently depending on the eye on which you are facing it. Like, if you are feeling an itch in your left eye, then chances are high that someone is thinking some negative about you.
  • If, however, you face the itch in your right eye, then perhaps someone is thinking something positive about you. 
  • However, what I said above is applicable to men only. When it comes to women, it’s just the exact opposite. That means the right eye itch signifies negativity, and the left eye twitch signifies positive thoughts.
  • If you have any kind of allergy-related problems and face itching or twitching quite often, then do not neglect it and consult a physician immediately.

Coming Across a White Feather

Even if you consult experts in this field, they will also tell you that seeing a white feather is a great psychic sign. As I have said earlier, you can choose to believe the signs or question their existence from the perspective of science. But there are still many things unknown to science. Seeing a white feather is one such sign.

  • It signifies a lot of things, this sign. On the surface, it can mean that someone is thinking about you but that someone has gone far away from you. However, the connection is still very strong, and that’s how he/she is still communicating with you through energy.
  • The white feather is also the symbol of that person you have lost but who meant a great deal to you.
  • Some experts believe that seeing a white feather is an amazing thing because it signifies hope, the hope you should have in your heart that the person you have lost is still there with you.
  • You would always wish that even after losing your loved one, they must find the perfect resting place and the solace they deserve. Also, it can mean that they are trying to tell you about their well-being, that they are fine, and you can relax too. It is like a mode of communication from beyond that they are still watching over you. 
  • If you have been sad, grieving and mourning about a loss, then the white feather can be a powerful symbol suggesting that everything is fine and you need to keep it together. 

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Sudden Discomfort While Taking Meal

When we have our food, we must be very calm and quiet; otherwise, it will not be a very healthy meal. But have you ever felt any sudden discomfort while having your meal? Well, there can be some other reasons behind feeling a bit unease while eating, but if you cannot spot any such reason, then you need to consider it as a sign.

  • Do you often feel choked or have a sudden cough while swallowing the food? If it happens repeatedly, then you should definitely consult a doctor. But if you face it not so frequently, then probably it is a sign that someone is thinking about you.
  • It is again directly related to your subconscious mind. 
  • When I say that someone is thinking about you, it can be anything. Like maybe someone very close to you is somehow worried about you at that hour. 
  • It can also happen that someone is thinking some negative things about you, and that same energy is being transferred to you. When the energy is mingling with yours, you feel sudden discomfort while eating.

Suddenly You Start to Sneeze

Yeah, I know what you are thinking. Yes, it may seem a bit unrealistic to count sudden bouts of sneezing with someone thinking about you. But it is a real sign. Much like the eye twitching, there can be a health-related reason behind this as well. Like some people tend to be dust allergic, and when in contact with dust. But if you don’t have any such allergy and still have consecutive sneezes, then it can be a sign.

  • Much like the sudden discomfort while eating, your bout of sneezing will also happen out of the blue. You will not find any apparent reason as to why suddenly you are facing this. 
  • The sign indicates that you are a part of someone’s thoughts, and they are probably missing you a lot. They are probably thinking about you so intently that the energy is trying to communicate with you. 
  • If, however, you see that this thing is recurring, then it can be a new medical condition for you. In that case, you should discount the sign and just consult an expert or a doctor as early as possible. Sometimes some kind of internal infection or disease can cause a symptom like this.

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Suddenly a Butterfly Lands on You

Again, I know you must be laughing. But this is also a very valid sign that someone is thinking about you. If you look at the history of various other cultures around the globe, you will find that butterflies are considered spiritual in more than one of them. They also get featured in many mythical stories and folklore. All this mystical aura actually adds to their reputation. 

  • Across various cultures, there is some great symbolism attached to them. In some mythical stories, they are often associated with angels and are considered the symbol of transformation and joy. 
  • Sometimes they are also considered messengers or mediums, and that’s why if they suddenly land on you, they might be carrying energy from one person to another. 
  • These function as bridges or messengers is also believed in the Native American tribes, and they consider butterflies to deliver their prayers to their Gods. 
  • Keeping all these in mind, it is natural that if a butterfly suddenly lands on you, it might be carrying energy from a different person where he/she is trying to communicate with you. 
  • Also, if you suddenly see the face of a person popping up in your head just when the butterfly lands on you, then it can also mean that the person in your mind is thinking about you.

When You Were Looking for a Sign and You, Get It

Do you believe in signs? Well, believe it or not, nature always gives us signs and tries to tell us what is going to happen next. Those who believe in signs would know that they are usually sent by some higher power, and they make us aware of the situation. But do you know they can also be related to someone thinking about you?

  • Well, when you are thinking about a sign and suddenly get one that itself suggests that the universe is also sending you signals. But the most difficult part of all is interpreting the meaning of these signs. Sometimes they can also be just coincidence.
  • If you wish to avoid this, then the first thing you need to do is to be specific. Don’t just take everything that you see as a sign and think someone is thinking about you. Rather, you can just wish for a sign and see if the universe is also granting that to you or not. 
  • It can also help you deal with a few tricky situations as well. Like, when you are not sure about something, you can just seek help from the universe and see if it presents you with this specific sign or not. 
  • If you managed to see the sign you have been looking for, then obviously, you can conclude that the universe is speaking to you. One may come across the sign anywhere. It can be in a book, some painting or even on the streets where you walk every day.
  • The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that the sign you choose should be unique and not something mundane that you can find anywhere. This way, if you do come across the sign, you will be able to conclude that it really works. 
  • Also, you should not go looking for the sign. The idea is to stumble upon it or let the sign present itself to you. So, instead of searching for it, one should just wait and see if it comes to you or not. If it really happens, then you can be sure that the person you are guessing is indeed thinking about you now. 

You See Them Liking Your Old Posts on social media

Social media has become an inseparable entity in our lives. A lot can be learned about a person just from his social media account. So, if you see the sudden activity of a certain person on your social media account, then their intention can be understood very easily. This is perhaps one of those signs which are more practical rather than mystical. 

  • We all know about social media stalkers, right? Well, nowadays, people don’t always follow you in person; they just follow you on social media. So when you a certain someone is liking or commenting on an old photo of yours on social media, then definitely that person is thinking about you.
  • Every day most people post a lot of photos, so many that today’s post can easily become old tomorrow. But if a person is taking the trouble of finding that old post and reacting, then surely, he/she is trying to communicate with you.
  • But not everyone who watches your story feed or wall is thinking about you. Some just do it out of habit. But those who really like you will never have an update and may even be the first person to see them.
  • Now, many people do consider this habit as that of a voyeur, but someone reacting to your old posts and spending their time going through them surely means that they have some emotions attached to them. These emotions are making them think about you. 
  • Real-life stalking may not be possible all the time; hence we usually resort to cyber-stalking. When someone comes to our mind, we usually visit their profile and scroll their timeline for ours. 
  • No matter what they are doing, be it work, homework, or household chores, if they suddenly check your feed, then surely, they are going around your head. 

A Kind of Physical Touch You Cannot Explain

This is surely a psychic thing, and you need to be very sensitive to understand if you are actually being touched not physically but spiritually through energy. On the surface, it can seem very uncanny at first. But if someone is genuinely thinking about you with full intent, then this uncanny feeling can happen. 

  • Only a person who is far from you, however, deeply and emotionally connected with you, can offer a touch like this. I believe you can understand the kind of mental and psychological bond you must have with that person to experience this.
  • Instead of feeling scared or uncanny, the moment you will experience this, you might feel a sense of calm and might also feel extremely reassuring. 
  • This can also happen to someone who might have lost a near and dear one quite unpredictably. Since that person shared a very strong bond with you, one might experience a thing like this.

Bumping Into Someone, You’ve Thinking of

How often have you experienced something like this? Chances are very few times. But if someone is truly thinking about you and the same is happening from your end as well, then it might happen. 

  • Has it ever happened that you suddenly received a call from them? Well, no matter how random they might seem, they are, in fact, based on intuition. 
  • Hence, never think that a call like this happened by chance. It happened because you have been on their mind for a lot of time. 

What Remains?

So, these are the ways to understand if someone is thinking about you. I hope next time you will pay attention to these signs. If you have any similar personal experiences, please do feel free to share that with us in the comments section. Your experience indeed can help our readers a lot.

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