How to Make Your Wife Happy? 26 Best Tips

In this article, we will learn 26 Ways to Make Your Wife Super Happy!

How do make anyone happy? 

This is a question that can puzzle even the best of minds. Human psychology is such that deciding the right actions to make someone happy varies greatly from one person to another. But when it comes to your wife? What should be your approach?

How to Make Your Wife Happy?

Since your wife is someone, you know quite well compared to an absolute stranger, you should have at least some kind of idea as to how to make her happy. But if you are confused and often facing several problems dealing with this, then this post is dedicated to you.

how to make your wife happy top best tips
How to make your wife happy top best tips

Here, I will be telling you how to make your wife happy in all the ups and downs of your marriage.

Let’s get started.

1# Work on Your Communication

Communication is the key to every kind of relationship. There is no better way to make your partner feel loved than properly communicating what you feel for her. This is why you need to work on that and also make it a point to communicate regularly as a couple. This is something advised by many leading clinical psychologists. There is a great joy to be experienced just to be listened to by your partner. If you can discover that joy, your relationship can go from strength to strength.

No one is asking you to say yes to your wife all the time and agree to everything she says. But if you listen to her and communicate, then she will feel much more connected. Just try to focus on what she is saying, and when you are doing that, try not to indulge in anything else like fidgeting with your phone or surfing TV channels.

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2# Create a Very Happy Environment

Make sure to keep your wife in an environment where she is happy instead of feeling sad or gloomy. So, always be happy and play happy songs to brighten up her day.

If your house is messy and dirty, take the initiative to clean it. If you see other people around her feeling sad and stressed, then take her somewhere far, like a beach or any other place where you both can relax and chill out.

3# All Keep in Mind the Little Things She Loves

Any woman would feel happy if they find their husband keeping in mind the little details about them. So, make sure to keep in mind the little things she loves, and she will automatically feel deeply loved. Like, if you are doing the bed-tea for him, then make sure to use her favorite cup and arrange everything exactly the way she likes it. Also, if you notice her favorite confectionery or bakery, then make sure to bring her home a slice of her favorite cake. This pleasant surprise will make her feel overjoyed. If she is very particular about hygiene, then kindly do that and also make it a point to call her when she is in the office working. This way, she will feel much more connected to you throughout the day.

4# Never Forget to Hug Her Everyday

Nothing can make a woman happy than a long and deep hug to make her feel that you are there for her no matter what. So, anytime you come back from work, make it a point to hug her or vice versa. You can also add a sweet kiss on the cheek or neck, and it will get you a winning bonus easily. Making frequent body contact can strengthen a long-lasting and fulfilling romantic relationship. Without adequate physical touch, you may face some gaps in the relationship.

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5# Express Your Love to Her Whenever Possible

Never shy away from telling her how much you love her, and you should do that whenever you get the chance to do so. So, tell her how you feel about her, and you can also send her greeting cards, roses, and chocolates on the occasion of anniversaries and birthdays. 

Though little, these things can mean a lot to women. Also, your words are sometimes not enough, so you need to show the love as well. Try and spend time together alone whenever possible during the night and rekindle the fire. Make sure not to neglect her intimacy needs and always satisfy her with physical love.

6# Compliment Her in Public

Every woman loves getting compliments, but they love it even more, when it is given in public. So, when you are introducing her to someone else in public, like to your friends, co-workers, or to anyone else in your social circle, just add a word of compliment to her.

It may seem nothing too fancy, but it can have a long impact in the long run. This one single compliment can mean a lot to your wife. When you compliment her in public, it indicates that you acknowledge her as truly your better half and also how much you cherish the bond between you two. You should do this if you are really serious about making your wife happy every day.

7# Cook Her Breakfast

Everyone loves breakfast in bed, and if you can make the sacrifice of your sleep by waking up and preparing breakfast for him, then you can surely impress her. Just cook a healthy and delicious breakfast for your wife; you might immediately get a kiss from her. Don’t know how to cook? Then start learning how. Use the Internet; it is full of recipes and video tutorials.

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8# Help Her with Some Chores

There is no hard and fast rule that says your wife needs to do all the hard work of your household. You should always divide the work between you two. But sometimes, to make your wife feel a bit special, you can also do some of her chores as well.

Maybe she has had a rough day back at the office. Be it making the bed or doing the laundry, or cooking some food for a change, planning to do a few of her household chores for her will surely make her feel how much you care about her and you’re your home where you wish to stay with her. 

9# Cook or Order Her Favorite Dishes

Now, cooking her favorite meal with your own hands would bring about the best possible impression on her, but if it is not possible, then you can also surprise her by ordering the food from her favorite restaurant. 

Not every man can cook, and if you are one of them, then you should not try to do that either. All you need to do is order her favorite food, and it will lead you straight to her heart. Just tactfully make a mental note about what she loves eating. And if you can manage to cook her favorite dish on your own, then undoubtedly, she will be madly in love with you.

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10# Give All the Kindness and Grace

If you really wish to make her happy, you should never use any kind of harsh tone or become judgmental with her. No matter how angry you get, you should never forget to hear your wife out before you make your decision. 

She deserves all your kindness and not your wrath. So, always act with grace, and speak in a soft tone. It will make her feel the respect you have for her, and this sense will always make her love you. Also, it will assure her that you are not a threatening person but rather someone she can completely trust and open herself up to.

11# Pay Compliments for Her Looks

Never forget to pay her compliments for her looks every once in a while. Maybe it may come across as a very small gesture, but it can go a long way and also make the passion alive for you in her heart. 

Sometimes, she might just ask your opinion about what she will wear. That is when you need to pay attention to the colors and designs, she likes. If you don’t notice these things, how can you compliment her choice? Also, you don’t have to be dishonest with her. If you don’t like it, then you can clearly tell her that you don’t like it and ask her to try another design. However, refrain from saying that her choice looks terrible.

12# Spoil Her from Time to Time

No matter what, she is your wife, so she will always deserve the best. If you wish to make her happy from time to time, then make sure you take her out once in a while and spoil her in every way possible. 

You don’t have to do anything too grand. Just plan a surprise vacation or exotic tour once or twice a year. Since you will not say no to her during these trips, always make sure to save up for these occasions. So that when you finally celebrate, you can do it in style. You can also involve her by giving her a couple of options to choose from and asking where she would like to go.

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13# Always Help Her out with Her Goals

For a wife, her husband is undoubtedly her greatest support, and that’s why you need to stand on her expectations as well. So, if you see her getting excited about something new, then make sure you support her completely. 

Instead of criticizing her, you should be the pillar of support. So, your job is to listen to her about her plans and figure out how you can help her. Never forget to respect her choices, and without being judgmental, you should tell her what to do. Even if you don’t completely agree with what she is doing, don’t just rush in and treat her with your contempt; rather, try to explain your point of view. You need to always be calm, observe and come up with ways to fill in the gaps. 

This is what an ideal life partner does.

14# Accept the Way She Is

Being the ideal partner, you don’t need to be judgmental about the way she is. Rather you need to accept the way she is. So, when commits any kind of mistake, you need to treat it as a human error. 

Instead of creating a fuss about why she has left the bathroom tap open or the microwave switched on, try to explain how she can be much more careful next time. Some people tend to be a bit forgetful, but you shouldn’t just unleash your wrath on her because of that. Rather a different approach can be to take care of these things and accept them as they are, like the part of her. Unnecessarily getting stressed or angry over such trivial things is never worth it.

15# Never Take Her for Granted

In all honesty, marriage is a kind of a system in which you get trapped sometimes, and you lose control of who you are. So, maybe you also have some problems to deal with. But that doesn’t mean that you can take your wife for granted and think of her as nothing but a robot always ready to do household chores and take care of the kids, etc. 

Rather, you should always treat her like a girlfriend, like you used to do a long time ago. Instead of treating it like a marriage thing, just bend the rules and go out on dates together. Forget about other things and just spend time as you have just met as lovers.

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16# Become A Happy Person

If you are not happy, then how can you make your wife happy? You need to feel absolutely happy so that you can make your wife a much more positive and proactive person. 

Learn to be jolly and overcome the things of the past that troubles you. Don’t think about the things that happened back at the office. Always try to infect her with happiness and positivity, and never with sadness and negativity.

17# Always Stand up for Her

Real men will always stand up for the woman they love. So, never let anyone insult her in front of you. Rather stand up for her and give all your strength to defend. It will prove to her that you would never give up on her, even if it means putting yourself at risk. 

Just saying that you would dedicate your whole life to her is not enough; you need to take a stand and prove that you can give your life to her and protect her. Some women often feel vulnerable, and this is when you need to tell her that you are there. 

18# Always Love and Take Care of her

Usually, your wife will not just take care of your household, but she will take care of you as well. So, she will always wish to see you healthy and well. If you are the kind of person who would drink and not practice any healthy habits, she will be disappointed in you.

But you can make her happy by showing how you can love and take care of yourself. Control your vices and make yourself strong. Never become too hot-tempered and never get involved in any kind of fighting. Don’t make your wife worried; rather, give her peace of mind.

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19# Nothing Wrong in Being Grateful to Her

You should always be very grateful to your wife and don’t shy away from expressing your gratitude. You can also tell her how much you love her and how your whole world has changed since the day she walked into your life. 

Also, take more steps and impress her by giving her surprise gifts. She should feel the freedom to pursue her dreams and always when you are there.

20# Always Make it up to Her

Maybe you got caught in work, and you haven’t been able to give her time, space, or the love she needs. That’s fine as long as you are ready to make it up to her. 

If the period has gone for too long, then it’s high time you make it up to her. Start with an apology and then take responsibility to make the following few days very much memorable for you. You can try out anything from candlelit dinners, shopping, movies, or going for a short trip. You can also learn a new skill or hobby together to make it work. 

21# Make Her Feel Beautiful

When she is your wife, you can say a thousand times that she is very beautiful. You are bewitched by her charm and beauty, and that’s why you love her so much. Never fail to remind her of this simple thing. 

You can also tell her which body part of her attracts you the most and how you cannot think of any other woman when she is in front of you. Also, make sure you are not looking at anyone else. 

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22# Never Lie to Her

Always live up to your promises and fulfill your words. If you have promised to give her something, then give her that, no matter how small it is. The time both of you agreed upon should always be respected, and also how you have promised to change yourself for the better. 

If you can keep her trust, then she will keep you. 

23# Always be Loyal to Her

Nothing makes a woman happier when she sees that her partner is absolutely loyal to her. Make her believe that she is the one for you and no one else is there. 

If you truly wish to make her happy, then never cheat or even attempt to do it. This will only fan the fire, and you will end up destroying your marriage. If you give her obvious loyalty, then she will never be insecure or jealous of any other woman.

24# Trust Her

No woman would enjoy being called or accused of cheating. So, you cannot just call her a bad woman or an irresponsible person. Don’t give her any false allegations, especially if there is no evidence. Otherwise, it can frustrate her and torture her mind.

To make her really happy, you just need to show her your trust and make her feel trusted. If you don’t have any proof that she is lying or she cannot be trusted, never stop trusting and loving her. Nothing can be gained from worrying and having false doubts.

25# Tell Her about Your Money

If you tell her about your money, then she will trust you even more because, in that case, she will realize how much you actually trust her. Also, it will assure you that you are the person who is spending your money and probably on her mostly. This will cement the trust forever.

26# Forgive Her

Never be too harsh on your wife. You should always forgive her even if she made a mistake and when she sincerely asks for your forgiveness. If the matter is too trivial, then just forgive her even before she tells you she is sorry. If there is no hatred and resentment in your heart, the love between you two can never vanish. You will always have good vibes between you. 

27# Be Humble Enough to Admit Your Own Mistakes

You should never blame your wife for your own mistakes; also, refrain from doing foolish things to make her feel guilty. Instead of putting the blame on her, you should be man enough to accept your own mistakes. Always be humble and apologize sincerely. When you show humility, your wife will always be lucky to have you.

What Remains?

So, here are a few useful ideas to make your wife happy. Remember, it is not a compulsion to follow these ideas blindly, but the goal here is to give you somewhere to start taking care of your husband if you are facing some problem regarding that. 

So, do you have any such personal experience? Then do feel free to share that with us in the comments section. It will as well help a lot of other people.

Best of luck!

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