How to Tell Love from a Crush? Figuring Out if it’s Love or Crush

How to Tell Love from a Crush? Any idea! It’s no secret that you have a crush on someone. If you’re attracted to someone, you may have a few options: you can suppress your feelings and move on; you may also ask the person out on a first date without confessing your feelings immediately, or you may tell the person about your feelings to feel better. You can feel confident about confessing your romantic feelings.

In our teenage years, these crushes usually start to develop, since we have no idea how to flirt or date without feeling embarrassed, leaving you pining for someone you are unlikely to ever get to be with.

The intensity of having a crush typically fades with age, but we are all prone to suddenly becoming enamored with someone we work with or who we encounter at the gym or at a coffee shop on a daily basis. There’s even the possibility that you have a best friend with whom you’re developing feelings.

Define Love

I love you deeply because I am deeply infatuated. A person must take time to get to know him or her before falling in love with them. Because of this, love is a slow process.

how to tell love from a crush tips
How to tell love from a crush tips

You can only love someone if you are passionate and deeply attached to him or her. If someone needs your help, you will support them. More importantly, you will stick by this person wherever he or she goes, and you will do whatever it takes to make this person happy. The person you love will make you feel safe and comfortable.

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Define Crush

A crush can be described as a short-lived affection, lust, or infatuation for someone. It is common to be drawn to the physical appearance of someone when you have a crush on them. You will focus primarily on superficial things, such as how the person looks, how they speak, and how they smile.

Crushes usually happen instantly due to the nature of physical attraction. When you lose interest in someone after a while, a crush is merely a temporary feeling. There is a possibility that a crush isn’t even a feeling, it comes and goes quickly. We tend to confuse the short-term feelings of crush with love because they are intense and last only a short time.

Distinguish between Love & Crush

An intense feeling of deep affection is what separates love from a crush, which is a brief and intense infatuation. It can be hard to distinguish between crushes and love because both feelings are intense. The difference between a crush and love is that crush is usually based on physical attraction while love is based on trust, understanding, and affection. Crush occurs immediately while love takes time to grow.

How to Make Your Crush Feels Love?

Spending Quality Time

Spending Quality Time with someone can strengthen a bond that already exists and develop new feelings for them. Perhaps you are feeling more than a crush on them if you have made time to be with them.

You spend your best times with them when you are with them. You enjoy spending time with them even when you have to do boring and exhausting tasks. The fun of spending time together increases your enjoyment of those moments together.

Comfort Zone

The only way to distinguish between love and crush is if you no longer have the ability to impress them. If you are in a relationship with a crush, think of what you like to do together. Having a good time with each other and being able to do basically anything together is definitely a good sign.

That’s a sign that you’re in love if you feel comfortable around your crush. You’re likely to have a great relationship with them if you’re not afraid to share some of your more embarrassing stories and interests.

  • If they call you up while you’re asleep, you wouldn’t mind getting on a video call with them without giving too much thought to what they might think if they saw an unprepared version of you.
  • You may have had nightmares about this during your early years. The truth is that they’ve probably seen more of you than you imagined, and maintaining facades no longer matters as much to you.
  • When you’re with your crush, you want to feel comfortable regardless of whether you’re watching a movie at home or going for a vacation.

Goals & Aspiration

You may have discussed your deepest feelings, goals, and aspirations in heart-to-heart conversations. There is a good chance that your goals and objectives tend to align and complement one another.

As a result, you can further advance your relationship with them by aligning your goals. You would likely become more attracted to them if you are interested in similar things.

You’re also likely to develop stronger feelings as you spend more time with them.

Be Crush’s Best Friend

It’s important to be in a relationship with someone you enjoy being around in general, even if you’re in it for romance. It is obvious that you like someone more than just as a friend, if you have a crush on them.

For this crush to develop into true love, it’s essential to also be friendly with them. You might just have a crush if all you see is the two of you in romantic situations, not as friends.

Helping Your Crush

Clearly, you connect with someone beyond just chemistry if you are willing to help with everyday life situations like offering feedback on their resume or teaming up on a community service project together. It’s important to have that initial spark, but you also should want to be involved more.

Little bit of difference is great

The desire to be with someone exactly like you is strong in some people. Having that kind of relationship would be boring. It’s important to date someone who’s different. While it is great to find someone with some common interests, it is awesome to find someone with different tastes and ideas as well.

It might be love if you’re not bothered that your crush loves Batman while you prefer Spider-Man or those they don’t agree that the inception was the greatest movie ever made.

How do you know it is Love not Crush?


  • It may be that a part of your brain has accepted the fact that you more than like them if you ever caught yourself thinking about them in terms of more than just a pesky little crush that fades in a matter of weeks.
  • The fact that you are feeling stronger than mere crushes for someone is obvious even before you admit it to yourself.
  • By telling you outright that they have no interest in pursuing a romantic relationship with you, your crush will actually be doing you a great service.
  • When you find yourself disappointed easily, make the interaction as pleasant and casual as possible. If your crush is out of your sight, you are free to do whatever it takes to process your disappointment.

Share Everything while talking with your Crush

When you have a crush on someone, it’s easy to ignore the deeper issues. However, deep conversations about love can bring up difficult topics. Besides knowing their background, family, and upbringing, you want to know what makes them tick.


What do you imagine when you picture yourself with your crush. Dates and getaways might seem like the most romantic parts of a relationship with someone. They’re certainly not the only things that make up being in love with someone and having a balanced relationship with them.

A crush is likely no deeper than going on dates and taking selfies with your crush, even if it’s only something you imagine yourself doing with your crush. You might be right if you think it’s love.

Tell your Friend about your Crush

It is a common occurrence for people to tell their friends about your crush. The things you tell your friends about your crush can definitely indicate your feelings for him or her. If you just had a great time hanging out with your crush before you started your big girl’s night, there is a good chance you will talk about it.

You will tell them they are cute, but you will also tell them something more serious about what you discussed. You might even tell them you love your crush.

Happiness because of him

It’s not surprising that you smile around your crush. If someone makes you smile and makes you happy, then he or she should be your crush. If you want to determine whether it’s love, consider what made you smile.

The dimples on their cheeks were obvious when they laughed and smiled at those or when they started playing a song you love while you were grocery shopping. It’s possible that you are in love with your crush if you are smiling more than usual when they are around.

Physical Intimacy

The attraction between you and your special one is obvious. Relationships that last long are characterized by strong s*xual connections, as they provide a powerful sense of intimacy. If you’re in love, you’re obviously always going to have off periods that have an impact on your s*xual proclivity, but you’ll generally always be attracted to one another if you’re together.

When you wait until you’re physically close, it’s a sign of love. Some people prefer to wait for s*x before getting to know a partner without the added complexities that s*x often brings. Intimacy can be harmed by introducing s*x too soon, as it can confuse emotions. So maybe it signifies an interest in the deeper stuff if you haven’t had s*x yet.


It takes a long time to build true romantic chemistry. Having a partner who consistently shows up lovingly is a key to creating true, lasting chemistry in a relationship. A consistent and loving partner can make a relationship feel safe and predictable.

The long run, however, doesn’t always produce fireworks. For example, slow-paced feelings can eventually lead to marriage proposals and creating lifelong dreams as a couple.

Stay With your partner after arguing

A disagreement won’t affect your relationship if it isn’t really harmful. Even though you don’t suddenly lose the attraction you felt for them. You may want to reconsider your feelings if you have feelings for them. You may have developed a sense of commitment over time that prompted you to take this step.

If you get into a fight with them, you should also take some time to think about your relationship with them.

Introduce your partner to your family

You might have thought of meeting your partner to meet your spouse’s parents despite not planning at one point. The reason you wanted to run into your parents on the way from the mall may have been that you wanted to take them home for dinner. But you may have dreamed of this meeting in the past.

Do & Don’t of getting your Crush fall in Love

Don’t Jealous

A relationship is not healthy if one person is jealous of the other. Making sure that you feel good about your relationship before you date is a good way to start it off on the right foot. You want any potential relationship you two might have off to a good start if your crush is really loved and not just a little crush.

When you don’t feel jealous of your crush, this is a sign that you are actually loved by him or her. Your relationship is secure and you don’t get alarmed if they like your photos on social media but don’t reply to your texts.

Do a Old School Method

Getting your feelings out in person can be difficult as there are a lot of obstacles you might encounter. Written communication benefits the other person by allowing them to take their time to process and respond. You may want to consider writing a letter or an email if confessing your crush is more complicated than simply asking the person out.

Likewise, if you’ve been friends with your crush for a long time and you’re afraid that admitting your feelings might disrupt your friendship, you might consider writing your pal a note and asking them to give it some thought and get back to you.

Do Remember Little Things

When you see something your friend or crush likes, or even a family member, it is normal to think of them. You’re likely to think of them or want to tell them about a book on a shelf at a store or a song you hear on the radio while you’re driving.

Then again, if your crush makes you think of other, little things, which may indicate that he or she really cares for you. The smell of cupcakes or the sight of a certain restaurant can instantly bring a loved one to mind after you’ve seen a scary movie, so if you drive by that restaurant, you might remember them one night.

Don’t Think about losing Your Crush

There’s always a part of you that knows it’s not feasible and probably can’t happen no matter how strong the crush is. The present scenario is quite different from the previous one. It’s appalling to think that they might walk away from you forever when they leave you and start dating someone else. On the other hand, you are afraid that you will find yourself panicking if they leave you. There may be a message from your heart there.

Don’t Keep any Secret

Every person keeps secrets, and it is usually not a good idea to reveal them unless we trust the person completely. You may be starting to fall for them if you figure that they know almost everything about you and they are exceptionally open with you. It is usually an intense and no-holds-barred experience when people are in love.

Don’t Pressure

Your crush probably wants you to seem cool to him or her. Even though you don’t want to make a big fuss, it doesn’t hurt to say the right thing to your crush or to look good when you think you’ll see them. Having a crush on someone is nothing wrong, but that feeling can be the difference between a crush and love.

Don’t Over Analysis on Everything

Your first thought when our crush texts us is to show our best friend instantly. They often include an emoji with their text. Having a crush can cause you to over-analyze everything, but if you don’t over-analyze everything, you may actually be in love. It might be love if you don’t stress about what emoji they used or if they used yes rather than yep.

How to Get over after your Crush does not like You?

Keep it Cool

When you face rejection, it’s easy to believe that there is something wrong with you, but it may not be your fault. Perhaps they do not want to be in a relationship right now or they are dealing with other things in their lives that take priority. You could get a chance if they think you’re great, but it’s just bad timing. It is their right to have that space. It is important to keep this point in mind if your crush is simply not attracted to you in the same way as they are.

Be Yourself

The ideal world would be for your crush to reciprocate your feelings. However, life isn’t like that. When the person you’re in love with doesn’t feel the same way, it’s entirely normal to feel crushed.

During the process of working through the disappointment, you should take time to care for yourself.  A partner should appreciate who you are just the way you are.

  • Seek out a trusted friend or family member who will listen to your concerns
  • Besides volunteering in the community, you can also take up an exercise or writing hobby as a way to stay busy.
  • You can stay active to prevent unhealthy coping behaviors such as binge eating, or moving on too quickly from someone out of spite.
  • Your value as a unique, amazing person isn’t diminished by your crush not wanting a relationship. Although it’s perfectly normal to feel bummed that your crush does not appreciate how awesome you are, you shouldn’t change just to become the type of person you think your crush would like.

Move Forward

At least once in our lives, everyone goes through this experience. If you are not liked back by your crush, just remember that you will survive it. Think about why you liked this person so much and ask yourself why. Identifying specific traits you value, such as honesty and respect, could be beneficial.

At the end of the day, we all want to be in good relationships with people we enjoy being with. Even if this person wasn’t right for you, it doesn’t mean you won’t run into someone else who is – and that person could show up when you least expect it. Keeping a positive attitude and learning to love yourself first will help you to gain the love of others.

Avoid Social Media for weeks

Even though it may be tempting to browse your crush’s social media pages, doing so will likely only lead to the ensuing feelings of disappointment.  A person should not obsessively follow their social media accounts or wonder who all of their new posts are from. As a means of taking care of yourself, you may want to take a break from following them if you find yourself scrolling mindlessly. It can help you relax and focus your energy elsewhere so that you can heal.

Put Yourself in your Crush’s Shoes

There will be a time when you will be on the other side of the coin. Remember the moment you realized you and the person you were crushing on wouldn’t get along. Rather than giving in to the advances of your crush out of fear of hurting their feelings, being honest is the best course of action. Keep that in mind so that you don’t take it personally when you are the one being turned down this time. You knew that being honest in the first place would benefit both of you. Even when the outcome is not as we had hoped, we all have a right to our feelings.


Hence, we have got a clear idea about How to Tell Love from a Crush along with various ideas of it. Any questions, please let us know.

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