How to Text Someone Blocked You: The Hits and Misses You Ought to Know About!

How to Text Someone Who Blocked You: The Changes that Can Make a Difference. We have all been in this situation where your ex might have refused to talk to you or, worse, just blocked you. But this doesn’t mean you can’t bring them back into your life.

Getting your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend to start talking to you again and getting to like you again is not that difficult. But before you start doing that, you need to first understand why they stopped talking to you in the first place. You just don’t need to understand it, but you also need to fix whatever caused your ex to stop talking to you.

How to Text Someone Blocked You?

Believe it or not but your ex might just start taking you again the moment they realize that you deserve a second chance since you have changed a few things. However, if they see that nothing has changed, they will stop talking to you again. And this time, your ex will be all the more sure than before about cutting you off forever. 

how to text someone blocked you tips ways
How to text someone blocked you tips ways

So, what can be the solution to all this? Well, this is what we are going to look at in this post. Here, we will talk about a few common reasons why an ex-boyfriend or an ex-girlfriend can sometimes stop talking to you or block you. But not just the reason, we are also going to look at how we can fix those issues. And then, we will look into how you can get your ex to start talking with you again and eventually start loving you again.

So, without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

The Probable Reasons Why He or She Might Have Quit Talking with You

Here are some of the reasons why your girlfriend or boyfriend might have stopped talking to you. 

You are Continuously Calling or Texting Your Ex-Boyfriend or Ex-Girlfriend 

If you ask anyone, and also, as per my experience, I think this is the most common reason for someone to stop talking with their ex. This is where they feel kind of harassed on the phone. When you are constantly messaging and calling your ex, then they are bound to get tired of you. Sometimes they will understand that you are hurt from the breakup, and they also understand that you want to convince them to get back together, but the way you do it actually makes them all the more tired of it.

Imagine the times when you were messaging them constantly or stalking them continuously on social media. But all along, you were telling yourself and your ex that you were not still needy and desperate. Imagine how many times you had called them to tell them how much you miss them, and also, you are telling them how much you are miserable without them and that you will do anything to get them back.

It is true that around that time, your instinct told you that harassing your ex would make them come back, but it’s not the case. It is often seen how instincts actually screw with you after a breakup. In fact, all the things that you have done that make you look needy are going to make your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend all the less attracted to you and very much sure about their decision to break up or quit talking to you.

So, long story short, if your ex blocked you or just stopped talking to you because of this, then the main culprit behind all this was your neediness, desperation, and insecurity. All of them combined pushed them to stop talking to you.

How Can You Fix This?

The first thing you need to understand is that unless you decide to fix this neediness, this desperation, this insecurity that actually caused your ex to stop talking to you in the first place, there is no point in getting them to start talking to you again. Because even if you managed to get them to start talking to you again, the same thing would happen again the moment they will sense your desperation and will block you again.

So, before you opt for any of the techniques mentioned below, your aim should be to stop being so desperate and needy. Also, you don’t have to become a completely different person to achieve that. As a matter of fact, you don’t even need to move on from your ex.

You just need to make certain changes in the way you think about this breakup and losing your ex. To achieve that, it is highly recommended that you start by reading this article if you want your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend back till the very end; because we are going to touch on all the major portions. Once you complete reading the post, you will feel a lot better about the whole situation. Moreover, I hope you won’t be so desperate and needy anymore.

The second thing you can do is apply the no contact technique. When you are done reading this article, you will understand that this no-contact method is a big part of the whole picture. Hence, just stop contacting your ex and stop following them on social media.

You need to allow your body to just detox from your ex and let your mind and body realize that you don’t need your ex to be happy. Most people are “needy” because their mind believes that they “need” someone in their lives to survive and also because their mind believes that they “need” their ex to achieve their desired happiness.

But once you learn and master the therapy to learn to be happy without your ex, you will easily realize that you don’t “need” your ex to be happy. The result of all that is that you will stop being so needy and desperate when you speak to them. There is no doubt that sometimes you will still want them back. But that’s okay. You just have to make sure that you just “want” them back and not “need” them.

You will have to carry on the no-contact method till the time you are healed enough, and after that, you can make an attempt to get your ex to start talking to you again.

Are They Playing Mind Games, or Are They Being Immature?

Yeah, this is another very common reason behind all of this. It happens quite a number of times when your ex will just block you because of immaturity. They may even do that to you because they are playing a power game, and they believe that blocking you will give them some kind of power over you.

Sometimes, if they find you vulnerable, they might even use this technique to punish you. Maybe you have read somewhere that one should ignore your ex, and you decided not to reply to their message. And because of that little stunt you pulled, your ex thought about punishing you for ignoring them, and they decided to block you.

It actually worked for them now since you are panicking and trying to find some other ways to get them to unblock you. Actually, all these mind games, push/pull dynamics, and manipulation tactics fall under this category. Also, they are considered something very much common in relationships where you both failed to communicate openly and honestly with each other. This kind of mess is very common in relationships where there is kind of a power dynamics going on between the partners.

If you are not really privy to terms like “power dynamics” in the relationship, then you need to ask yourself a question. Do you often feel that during your relationship, one of you had more power over the relationship? In such relationships, one person will surely have more control than the other. And in most cases, this is the person who initiated the breakup. The rest of it, like blocking you and playing mind games with you, are nothing but their different ways of remaining in control.

How Can You Fix This?

When you see that your ex is being manipulative and also is playing mind games, then you need to first understand that they are, in a way, being immature. And the best possible answer to immaturity is to be mature.

Ask yourself, have you ever been to this toxic power dynamic with your ex for a long time? Then it can be a very good chance that your mind will panic as soon as your ex stops talking to you or, even worse, blocks you. Believe it or not, that is exactly what your ex expects. They just want you to be panicked. They would like you to completely lose your shit and do something very stupid also, in the meantime, they would want to see if they can still have control over you.

So, instead of panicking, you should rather use this opportunity to break free from this toxic cycle. You should tell yourself constantly that you would use this opportunity to stop letting your ex control your emotions.

Moreover, it is also a great opportunity to figure out if you should ever try to get your ex back. This will give you a fair idea if your relationship is really worth it or not? 

So, whenever you see your ex unblinking you, there will always be a chance that they will. You will have to speak to them in a mature way. The goal here is to show them your maturity and growth, and also, you need to prove to them that their mind games won’t work on you anymore or rather ever. So, if they wish to speak to you, they also need to start acting maturely.

If you wish to achieve this, then the no contact and working on yourself method can be the perfect way to do that. So, it is highly recommended that you start by following these two methods. 

Your Ex Is Really Very Angry at You

There are a number of times when your ex will stop communications with you or block you only because they are very angry at you. The reason behind their anger can be many; sometimes, they can be angry at you for something you did, like, for example, for one post that you had shared on social media or something you didn’t actually do, like when you didn’t reply to their message.

When your ex is mad or angry at you for something, and if they are someone who is not aware of how to process their emotion, then they might just block you. You will feel that it came just out of nowhere, or sometimes they might just tell you before blocking you.

Regardless of what happens, the main problem, in this case, is that they are not aware of how to process their emotions. Hence, blocking just becomes the side effect of that problem.

How Can You Fix This?

If you see that your ex has blocked you and just stopped talking to you out of nothing but pure anger, then their anger will eventually subside, and you will see that they unblocked you and will start talking to you again sooner or later.

However, the main problem behind all this will remain unfixed. Because they never know that if tomorrow, they get angry at something else and again decide to block you again?

So, the best thing you can do to fix this issue is to learn how to communicate better with your partner. Once you develop the perfect communication skills needed to understand their point of view, you can easily dissipate their anger even before it can cause any kind of problem. Once you learn how to understand them on a deeper level, you will be able to easily fulfill their needs and what are the things that are probably triggering their anger.

Of course, it is quite easier said than done. However, you can take some help from some communication courses available on the internet. 

Your Ex Is Using the No Contact Rule and Trying to Recover from The Breakup 

This is a very less likely reason on your ex’s part. But you need to remember that a lot of people stop talking to an ex just in an attempt to heal from the breakup. Also, they just wish to move on or to try to get back together at a later stage.

If this is something similar to you, then you have no choice but to respect the fact that your ex will require some space and time for himself.

Like, I have said before, the no contact rule that I have mentioned is strictly for you, and it is only on you to decide what you want in life and what is also good for you. This is the method for you to use to regain your composure and become a happier person.

But what if your ex starts doing the exact same thing? So, why not just let them?

Well, I understand that it is quite hard for you to comprehend the fact that your ex might move on right when you are doing this. But frankly, there is literally nothing you can do about it. If your ex is the one who starts doing the no contact method, then every message you send them is only going to make you portray someone needier in his idea.

When the no contact rule is going on, your ex is very likely to think a lot about the relationship and you. And your job is to let them. You should never try to influence their thoughts.

You should just allow them to come to their own conclusions. And you never know that maybe they will decide to get back together with you. But even if they don’t, you should feel okay because you can still try to get them back when you are ready.

How Can You Fix the Issue?

To begin with, if your ex wants to heal from the breakup, then consider that it’s not really an issue. In fact, it will only become an issue if your ex has healed and you are still somehow trapped in the same needy/desperate headspace as before.

Hence, the best possible thing you can do in this case while your ex is doing no contact is just focused on healing from the breakup and continuing to grow as a person. When you are unsure about how to do that, you should just consider getting the EBP Advanced System that will teach you effective self-improvement during no contact.

This way, even if your ex decides to contact you, you will be absolutely ready for them. This time, you will be a much more confident person than before, and you will also have a much better understanding of what caused the breakup in the first place and how to fix it. Also, if you say the right things at the right time, you will have a good chance that you will get them back. 

Your Ex Has Someone New, and Perhaps That’s Stopping Them 

This is actually the least common reason you can think of. If you see that your ex has a new girlfriend or a new boyfriend and he/she is not letting your ex talk to you, then you can consider this a very serious situation. But at the same time, you must understand that there is practically nothing that you can do about it that won’t make you look like a crazy, jealous, and stalky ex.

You will have to accept the truth, and the truth is that if they are not talking to you because they are serious about their new relationship, then it is clear that they wish to move on. And you should always respect that.

How Can You Fix the Issue?

In such a scenario, the only possible thing you can do right now is to wait out this new relationship. If you are lucky and if this new relationship turns out to be nothing but a rebound and then it will end soon, and if you are unfortunate, then you might see them end up in a long relationship with this new person, and you will never ever have a chance with your ex.

Also, if you are stuck in such a situation, then reading about some rebound relationships and the options you get of getting them back might help ease your mind. There are many resources for you to read available on the internet.

How to Get Them Back After They Blocked You: Quick Recap

Well, I believe, based on our discussion, you now know the reasons that cause these things and what you need to do to get them back! Let’s have a quick recap of the two most important steps:

Understand The Real Reasons Why He or She Blocked You

This is the real deal here! When you understand this one, you should be confident that the war is half won. You won’t have to worry about anything else anymore. The moment you are able to understand the real reason behind their blocking you or leaving you in the relationship, you will be able to start taking steps to make yourself better. 

This is how you can become a better persona and be ready in case they come back.

You Must Change Your Communication Style

Before attempting to contact her, you need to change the way you communicate. When they get back to you, they would want to see some changes, and if they cannot see those changes, then they might again block you, and this time for good. So, make sure you offer them something new and never repeat the old mistakes.

What Remains?

So, these are the ways to get back to someone when they have blocked you. I hope these points help you tackle it in your life and have a better relationship ahead. If you have any such personal experience, then do feel free to share that with us in the comments section.


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