Is Love a Feeling? or a Sense of Sentiment? Explain

Is love a Feeling? What do you think? Let’s discuss! When we first get involved in a healthy bond with an individual, we tend to use our feelings of love to determine how long we will stay in the relationship. When you find yourself attached, it’s easy to do so, but when you lose that passionate feeling, it’s not that hard either.

New relationships are fun and exciting, and courting or being courted is a joyful experience.  In the course of our daily life, we have many thoughts of accommodating that special person, and we want to share everything with them and spend as much time as possible with them. Sending nice text messages, cards, or maybe surprise gifts are some ways to show how we feel, however, feelings can be fleeting. People frequently avoid explaining how these extraordinary sentiments of passion fade or how they determine whether or not to preserve them.

A Real definition of Love?

In order to speak about your feelings, you need to know the words to describe yourself. Unless you know what you feel, you won’t be able to stay. Talk to them about how they’re feeling so that they can acknowledge what they’re going through. Although the attachment is a simple word, beneath its surface lies a void full of meaning and thoughts.

is love a feeling or sense of sentiment explanation
Is love a feeling or sense of sentiment explanation

To know if you have encountered a real romantic connection, it is important to first understand what true love really means. True devotion is characterized by unconditional affection and commitment to your partner who is uncompromising, and unyielding in their approach. It is also defined by an emotional and physical connection with him or her that runs immeasurably deep, and life without your partner would be virtually unthinkable.

Furthermore, the true love concept goes beyond physical lust or how you view someone in a relationship. A relationship can also be defined by the behavior of the couple. The meaning of true love is meeting each other’s expectations and loving each other with trust, acceptance, and support. True love is about treating someone with the respect they deserve by being polite and enthusiastic.

When we are drawn to something or someone, the word “love” is frequently used to express our feelings. The fact that we use the same term as the active verb is appreciated, but the meaning is entirely different. Moreover, we are very limited in our understanding of emotion in the terminology of passion since we do not have enough words.

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Is love just a Sense of Sentiment?

We tend to feel a rush of unusual but positive vibes that we are not used to when we are around the person we adore. The feeling of having unusual sensations in your stomach, the inability to concentrate because your mind is focused on the special one. You want to learn more about that person and see them in person; everything should revolve around them.

This unique feeling of passion, especially expected at the beginning of a romantic relationship, is known as “limerence” in the therapy world. During this phase of the relationship, the simple presence of that special someone seems like a gift from the deity. In this time frame, we often hear that anything a special someone says, assumes, and does is perfect. While drowning in love with someone wonderful, we could care less about what irritated us about the prior person because spending time with that person is pure happiness. 

It is unfortunate that what we are feeling this long is nothing but limerence and cannot be confused with that L word. We may date and appear to be enamored with them, but it’s not what you believe. It’s the kickstart to keeping two people together long enough to experience real love, but it’s not what you think it to be. A series of vulnerable and supportive acts strengthen the bond of love over time, not just a sentiment. A deep emotional bond can emerge over time, even when your relationship is struggling with some other nagging problem. When we perform actions that are connected by an intense passion called love, we strengthen that new loving connection over time.

So by the above illustrations, we can claim that love is more than just a feeling, it’s clearly a collection of activities. So we have discussed some critical activities you can perform to strengthen your romantic relationship with your partner:-

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Instead of focusing on yourself, take charge of both of your sentiments

You can energetically express your affectionate sentiments by involving both of you in one of your conversations instead of just focusing on yourself. Although the change in language appears insignificant, it has far-reaching implications.

Have a friendly, but passionate connection

The foundation of any healthy relationship must be a solid friendship. Remember to treat your partner with the same compassion, friendliness, and gratitude that you would show a close friend. Be uplifting with each other, pay attention to each other, laugh together, and don’t be abrupt or disrespectful in your approach.

Become a trustworthy partner

There can never be too much emphasis placed on faith in relationships, specifically in a romantic ones. You and your partner need to feel that the other person will always tell you the truth and be supportive.

Usually, a loving relationship is based on trust until one partner manipulates it. When your relationship has been shattered by infidelity, addiction, or some other betrayal, you can only move forward if the other party is honest. When that happens, trust can be restored.

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Conduct some activities to emphasize the connection

You need to identify at least a few noteworthy specialties your partner does often to reconnect. If you want a strong relationship, you should pay attention to the small and big things you do or say to make your partner feel loved. Include small things like a compliment or a goodbye kiss, or bigger gestures like buying flowers, sending surprise gifts, cooking dinner, or cleaning up. According to studies, positive and caring activities are always supposed to outnumber negative ones in any successful relationship.

Shows a steady feeling of faithfulness

An important element of inseparable closeness is knowing how to pamper your partner. Engaging your empathy with your partner will make it easier for you to accept their ups and downs and strange behaviors. The easiest way to develop tenderness is to feel your partner’s feelings with your partner and invite your partner to feel your feelings. Developing affection in your romantic association can take effort if you’re not naturally good at it.

Convey your points of view without being disrespectful

Even if you and your partner are aligned on many things, you will disagree on some things – some major, some minor, there will be disagreements when in a bond, and these conflicts are not bad. If you preach these concerns in a healthy way rather than ignoring them, you will enjoy a lot more harmony and connection. Relationship quarrels should be resolved in a way that strengthens rather than weakens your relationship.

At the start of every conversation, ask your partner to remind you and acknowledge that you are an ally. In this way, they’re not fighting each other, but instead are fighting the problem together, whatever causes the issue.

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“Love” cannot just be a matter of feelings, it is something worthy of your attention

The L-word is something of immense power to many people, having the ability to change the way we think. It is also a magical panorama through which someone or something comes very close to us. Many people believe it is something that has a spiritual connection and is powerful enough to turn anyone unreasonable and dumb.

 But the point is, while “love” terminology may appear straightforward, there are a variety of combinations and levels of fulfillment, and it is up to us to strike a balance. “Love” includes many different elements such as; Timing, destiny, heartbreak, a special bond, and much more. And for your information, love cannot simply be described in terms of s*xual intimacy between you and someone random, that’s just a small element of “love”.

The feeling of passionate love is a momentary state that permeates body and mind alike. Likewise, love appears as a clear and shifting climate convention, as humble and shifting meaning. The feeling of serenity can be described as an inherently pleasant and wonderful feeling: it feels as beneficial and tasty as a long, cool bath after a long day at work.

However, a micro-moment of these positive thoughts actually calms your sanity beyond your own pleasure. Because you fall in love with someone,  you become more aware of your surroundings, including your senses. “Love” creates compassion, which makes you less able to see differences between yourself and others. In fact, your ability to see others opens up to truly seeing them with all of your heart. Romantic passion is more than a feeling, it’s a food gift because it makes you feel like you’re part of something bigger than yourself.

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Is Love more about your preference than just a matter of feeling?

The person we love is as much a choice, as it is a sensation because staying attached romantically, which requires a commitment. A decision must be taken once the wonderful duration of the new bondings to be established has passed. It is important to determine if the person with whom we now share a romantic link is suitable for us.

It is important and crucial to wrap up those thoughts once we have determined we’ve found the person with whom we wish to start a relationship. Choosing to focus on the optimistic characteristics of our partner rather than the unfavorable aspects that irritate us is a decision we make on a daily basis. We accept and love our partners for who they are, which is the most surprising aspect. When we engage in a bond fueled by our affection and think we can change someone, we break our bonds and cause pain. All of us have flaws and quirks, and we’re a little weird, but accepting who we are is the crucial part of loving someone.

Although we may be bothered by their irrelevant and aggravating conduct, we shouldn’t be bothered by them. The next time our partner forgets to take out the trash, we can say something, but we can also accept that this could be just forgetfulness and choose to move on. We can make the biggest mistake in our healthy bond by trying to change our partner in ourselves.

Rather than focusing on what our partners will not do for us, we should think about what we can do for them. Always try to support our partners; after all, no one can expect anything from us that we are not willing to give to ourselves.

As natural mortal psychology, we manage to concentrate too much on what we don’t get from our relationships. Instead, it’s better to focus on what we could do for our partners instead of what they will not do for us, there must be no kind of comparison when sharing a healthy loving bond. We must always encourage our partner in order to have a good relationship, because we cannot expect anything until we are willing to offer to ourselves.

As we go on our pleasant adventure with someone special, it’s important to remember why we approached them in the first place. Occasionally working together can be difficult or even agonizing. In these difficult times, we need to remember to be obedient, recognize our promises, and collaborate for the common interest. To be able to persevere through such moments, you must recall what made you fall completely in love with someone in the first place.

A certain love includes peering at the good, forgetting about the small, searching for what we need to do for our beloved, and remembering why we love them. The decision to put effort into these activities explains the elements of “love,” as well as the praise and satisfaction that comes with being dedicated and forming a good bond.

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A few major aspects in confining whether you are in love

Here are some possible examples of sentiments you might have if it were true love. If you’re still confused about the strange feelings you keep on encountering, or if you’re still having a hard time recognizing them as “love”, it could be as follows.

When you passed the craving stage

Prior to establishing romantic ties, it is essential to understand the differences between craving and love. Lust is merely a stage on the route to love, which is more than just physical desire. Eventually, as you get to know them and connect with them, the more you care about who they really are,  the more they will care about you.

If someone is living in lust or a false sense of admiration for someone, or if they have a total selfish attitude, they are most probably playing with your feelings. A state of true bonding occurs when you are not more concerned about yourself and your needs and pleasures than you are concerned with your partner. And you will make a fool of yourself by showing little respect and seriousness to your partner.

For example, if someone feels like they want to keep someone in their life just to fill a need they have, then they will gamble to get it. It is not true love when someone pretends to be expectant or critical in order to show support for another.

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You constantly stare at them

If your partner has ever witnessed you looking at him lovingly, it could be a sign that you are crazy. Staring at your partner means you are obsessing about them and cannot imagine a single time without them. You may fall in love if you notice that your gaze is drawn to your companion.

Furthermore, research suggest that couples who happily focus on their partner have a stronger bond than those who do not. Another study found that people felt romantically inclined towards strangers after looking into their eyes for a few minutes.

Eye gazing can actually create attraction when done for long periods of time. In a romantic comedy, looking your partner in the eye seems absurd, but if you really love them it’s a sign of being in love with them.

Your concern for one another is genuine

True romantic passion is when you undeniably and wholeheartedly adore your partner without placing any restrictions on them. In other words, no matter what circumstances may arise, you deeply support and care for that person no matter what may happen. True love is rooted in absolute love, a quality that defines what it means and entails.

It isn’t your intention to sabotage anyone’s happiness or fitness when you fall in love, because the person cares about both of these things. There is nothing that puts them down or forces them out about what they do; they are not responsible for it. Supporting them is better than reproaching them for their actions. You help them stay healthy and happy by doing things they enjoy, and they don’t have to ask you for everything.

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Satisfying them is your main intent

As much as love is neutral, when you love someone, you will become very concerned about their happiness. To have a healthy bond, it is important to understand love, if you do everything you can to make your partner’s life easier and happier, that means you care about him or her.

It is important to pay close attention to your feelings and emotions if you are wondering if you have found your true love.

The genuine feeling of true tenderness makes a person satisfied and makes you happy too. When in true love, you will too tend to express your affections in many different ways. If you want to bring happiness and fulfillment to your partner, you and your partner should feel happy when you are experiencing real romantic feelings.

You have no concern about their inadequacies

True love is when one is willing to accept their partner’s flaws despite the flaws of their relationship. This phrase is commonly used to express an offensive correlation. It is not illegal for people to demonstrate their love for their partners by tolerating physical and emotional abuse. The ability to bear someone’s flaws necessitates acceptance of the fact that they are not flawless. This does not mean that you should accept poor treatment from them.

Having a flaw means not perfecting something yet, such as putting away clothes or dedicating to things that are truly beneficial. The act is not intended to harm you or make you feel bad.

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You became a kind-hearted person when in love

It is mannerly, accommodating, and to be thoughtful of a person who has a dedicated passion for them. The intent of your actions is not to hurt her, on the contrary, it is not your intention to hurt her at all. They are important to you and you show concern for them. When you are with them, you show them affection and are tolerant of them, your words are not harsh or hurtful to them.

In contrast, we find many people to be more pleasant around strangers than around their family members. A person’s treatment of others in comparison to their partner should be considered when determining if they are truly in love or just frustrated and taking it out on someone else.

Final thoughts

“Love” Is Complicated and as much as you might want to deny the fact, at some point you’ll feel a certain complication when it’s coupled with genuine passion. Reading through the entire article, we can conclude that “love” cannot simply be defined as a sensation or feeling, but as something much more complex and comprehensive than a simple explanation.

There’s no such thing as an accident when it comes to true love. This state of mentality requires awareness since it involves appreciating the value of people and enjoying what they have to offer you. In order to do so, you must get out of your ego and into a state of compassion, where you value other people and relationships in other ways.

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