Maybe He Is Interested, but You Are Not Sure? Signs He Wants You to Notice Him

He Is into You, but You Are Still Not Very Much Sure About It; Know the Signs He Wants You to Notice Him or Speaks About His Heart. Let’s start by asking yourself this simple question, has a man caught your attention lately? Well, if that is the case, then you would surely wish to know the signs that prove he wants to know your thoughts. Or maybe he just wants to know if you, too, are noticing him or not. Sounds quite familiar so far? 

Signs He Wants You to Notice Him

Usually, most men or people, in general, use non-verbal cues to express their interest, especially during the initial stages of a romantic relationship. Some men can be so subtle that you will fail to decipher them, and this is what makes a man’s love language difficult to understand when he actually wants your attention. But you can always look out for specific signs that a guy is interested in you, and you would feel that he wants you to notice him. 

signs he wants you to notice him may he interested you not sure
signs he wants you to notice him may he interested you not sure

If you are still not aware of the signs, then this post is for you.

Let’s get started.

He Would Dress Up

Unless and until you are not blind, you will never fail to notice a well-dressed man with excellent charisma, isn’t it? You need also understand that the person may not feel like speaking naturally if the guy turns out to be a shy guy who just wants your attention. This is where he would show signs that he wants to make a move through his dressing. 

Now, it might be possible that his outfit is not the most expensive one, but you will still be able to see the class and confidence oozing from it. There are moments when we all care less about our dressing, but when you see a guy dressing up for you, then it is a clear sign that he wants you to notice him.

He Would Tell Jokes to You

Jokes are another great sign that he wants you to notice him. I mean, you need to understand that being funny and telling good jokes are not that easy to tell because, if that was the case, then there wouldn’t be comedians or stand-up comedians earning a living out of it. According to research as well, humor can definitely play a big role in relationship perception and relationships. Hence, it is very natural for a guy to use humor and make an impression on you. 

Apart from that, you must also know that laughing is very good for health and it is very good medicine to change your mood for good and brighten your day. If a guy is interested in getting your attention, then he will surely make an effort to tell you jokes just to see you smile.

He Would Change His Look

You may have seen women changing their hair quite often and even applying make-up to make a guy notice them. Well, something similar is applicable to men as well. This is actually one of the signs which prove that he is trying to get your attention, and you would notice that very easily because he would be changing his hairstyle consistently. 

You would see that most of the guys around you would be quite happy maintaining a single style of appearance for long. But if you see a particular man is spicing up his hairstyle, also using exotic sunglasses, or even wearing his shorts in a certain way when you are around, then clearly, he wants your attention.

He Will Always Be Conscious About His Looks

Apart from dressing up in the trendiest clothes, you would also see that he is paying attention to appearance. This is another sign when you would see a guy trying to make you pay attention to him, and he would realize how super self-conscious he is about his look. When you see a guy caressing his well-trimmed beards or even touching his hair in your presence, then you can be sure that the guy is trying to impress you. 

He Would Stare at You

Staring at the woman the man is interested in has definitely been a tried and tested sign then he wants you to notice him. Well, I won’t dent that there are some men who do it intentionally, and then there are others who can’t just help but gawk at your beauty and appearance. I mean, I am sure you have to face such a situation in your life. There can be no denying that sometimes it can be a bit embarrassing for a lady when a man stares at her for an extended period. But it also proves that he wants your attention.

He Will Make Eye Contact with You

This is very much similar to staring, and when you see that a man makes frequent eye contact with you, then it is a clear sign. Apart from the regular eye contact, which is very casual, this one is a bit special, and it proves that a guy wants you to notice him. 

There is no doubt that you just cannot stop people from seeing you every day. This is why a guy is interested in you, and he would want you to know he sees you. In such a situation, you will not even have to do anything extraordinary before he makes eye contact.

He Would Help You at Work

Think about your workplace, and if you see a guy who helps you all the time with your work, then it becomes quite obvious that he wants you to notice him at work. This is why the first thing he does is help you out in some activities. 

There is no denying that most workplaces would usually have strong policies about workers dating each other. Hence, it is quite unlikely that he will speak up outright to you. But you would notice that he will always ensure that he helps you out, especially when you have some work overload.

He Would Advise You on Various Things

If a guy has the intention to make you notice him, then he would never want you to make a wrong decision in any area of your life. This is actually one of those things he would do to get your attention. He might even go to the extent of ensuring that he gives you the best possible advice and also points you in the right direction. The moment you take his advice, and the result comes out well, there will not be a way that you will be able to ignore him.

He Would Support Your Businesses

This is another sign that he wants to approach you. He would never fail to support your business. And how will you ever be able to ignore an individual who makes sure that you make the most amount of profit? I mean, you just cannot! Isn’t it?

He will try and help you with your business by introducing you to some new clients, advertising your business, and buying your products.

He Will Always Ready to Show You His Talents

When a guy becomes desperate for your attention, he would never lose an opportunity to show you, his talents. One way or the other, he would show you, his talents. I mean, every person would have some kind of talent or skill, but they may not show it on every occasion possible or to every single person. However, when someone craves your attention, that person will surely ensure you know he has got some special tricks and abilities up his sleeves, and they can be anything like they can be singing, sports activities, and so on. 

He Would Carry You Along

This is a very common situation, and it would happen if you are in a group meeting or work. If a guy craves your attention, then he would make sure that you become a part of a conversation or project. You would notice that he would even ask you for your opinion in a group of other people just to hear you talk. 

Also, if there is something that can benefit you greatly, then he would make sure that you get that, and you will see you are included in the run without knowing or doing anything. 

He Would Boast of Himself in Front of You

It is true that boasting is not the best way to make anyone notice you, but there are many men who would see it as their best chance. It can be a way to impress you or something else, but it always depends on your personality. 

Like, a guy can chip in his recent promotion at work or how he could play the guitar or how he managed to win a project a few weeks ago every time he gets to talk with you. His main objective here is to come across as someone not average but someone beyond an average guy.

He Would Notice and Remember All the Little Details About You

One of the strongest signs that he wants to get closer to you is when that guy is noticing every single detail about you. Sometimes, you will be amazed to see that you yourself have never noticed those details so minutely. Like, if he remembers the first dress you have worn on your first day of office or the change of handbag or hairstyle, then it is clear the guy has been watching you.

He Would Often Ask How You Feel

The most general question that he would ask you is how you are, and you might be thinking that this is something everyone can ask everyone. Well, what if you see that a guy is constantly concerned about your well-being?

Wouldn’t you be a bit surprised? Well, this is why it is considered one of the top signs that prove this guy wants to make a move. This is why he constantly asks how you feel. Believe it or not but this question can be really soothing when you need someone to talk to. Hence, a person who cares about your feelings is perhaps the best option to have in this situation.

He Is Interested in What You Like

It is a clear sign that he is interested in you, and this is why he wants to approach you. It is your hobby that fascinated him a lot, and he wishes to explore more of this. This is like he is ready to try something completely new to him. Like, maybe he has never played volleyball, or he is clueless about the rules, but since he just wants your attention, he would want to know more if he knows you like it. He may even approach you to teach him or watch you play. 

He Would Introduce You to His Friends

One of the greatest signs that a guy is into you is when you see him introducing you to his friends. Now, at this moment, you may not be able to understand his intention, but when you look at him, you might see that he knows what he is doing. This is actually his way of telling his friends he wants to make a move on you. 

You should not be surprised if you see his friends starting to talk about how great he is, how funny he is and how friendly and decent the guy is just the moment he leaves you with them as you might already understand that they are his friends and they are only pitching him to you indirectly.

He Is Ready to Be Your Guy No Matter What

When a guy really wants you to notice him, he will be fully aware that there are plenty of decent-looking and nice guys out there. So, he would do his best to make an impression on you no matter what. His only goal will be to set himself apart from the competition and show you what he’s capable of and how willing he is to go the extra mile for you. 

It also means that you can be sure that he is very much confident about how he can take care of you and that he is ready to help you out even when it’s very inconvenient or puts him at a disadvantage. Every time your other friends, and especially the guy, say they’re too busy or can’t help out right now, this guy will be there, and he will always get your back.

He Would Suddenly Prove to Be Hugely Competent

As we all know, confidence is one thing, but every woman knows and believes that competence is far better. So, this makes it one of the most undeniable signs he wants you to notice him. You would find that suddenly, he has become good at doing manly things.

Like, you would see that he has become suddenly very good at changing a tire, going switch in new light bulbs, and even doing some light repairs around the apartment. Like, suddenly, he has this special power in him that he can fix anything that is not working properly. And for all that, the chances will be quite high that you are definitely noticing and even enjoying this new phase.

He Openly Talks About His Feelings Around You

If a guy wants you to notice him, then one of the tricks he would use is opening up about his feelings. It is like he would suddenly play the wild card in some cases and would just let you know that he’s been thinking about you. You need to understand that the great thing about real flirting is that it’s not always subtle.

Sometimes, it can be as simple as saying you like someone and just waiting to see if they like you back.

He Would Text You All the Time

Yeah, this is true, and the reason behind this is that texting, over the course of time, has become the new all-important love language. When a guy is texting you quite a bit, then it should be clear for you to realize that he definitely wants to get your attention.

Regardless of the official reason behind his texts, you should know that the subtext is always like:

Please answer me, notice me, and value me.

Cute Jokes and Memes Come Pouring In

Who doesn’t love jokes and funny memes! I mean, apart from cute kittens and puppies, the other two things I think we could all use more are a joke and funny memes.

This is because, with each passing day, the world seems to be becoming a pretty dark place, and we could all use a meme friend? Hence, this guy who just wants you to notice him can fulfill this role, and you would see funny jokes and memes pouring in at every opportunity.

Sudden Interest in Chick Flicks

There are some guys who are very much into chick flicks and romantic comedies. But as you know, most of them tend to go more for action and drama. But if you see that a guy suddenly develops a knack for chick flicks and wants to sit down with you to watch them, then you can definitely think that it’s a sign he wants your attention. 

It is kind of his way of saying that he is not just another guy who just likes action and stuff. But he is someone who is in touch with his feminine side and really enjoys your company even when enjoying films which have nothing to do with action or thrillers. 

He Would Put Cologne Only for You

One of the things he would do to get spruced up and look his best for you is wearing cologne. Now, this can range from anything, like a super famous expensive brand or something else. But the point here is the effort he puts in.

All those sprays on his wrists and necks, you see, actually represent a real hope that you’ll notice him and take an interest. But you just need to pray that he doesn’t overdo the cologne. But nevertheless, you can be pretty sure that he’s hoping you’ll notice him.

He Would Drop Not-So-Subtle Hints

It is true that most men tend to be more direct communicators, and this statement is all the more applicable when it comes to them expressing romantic interest. This is something that you can notice since ancient times. 

This is why I think that one of the clearest and strongest signs proving he wants you to notice him is when you see him dropping not-so-subtle hints about being into you. You would see that he is winking at you, making comments about your looks, or even asking you straightaway about your love life in some less-than-subtle ways. This definitely shows his interest. You would also see him emphasizing that he is currently single and telling you about the trouble he is having finding a good woman.

So, you see, it will not be very difficult for you to pick up what he’s putting down, and you would feel that the guy clearly wants to get your attention and let you know he’s into you.

This thing also kind of relates to the concept of hero instinct in men. When a man is made to feel wanted, needed, and respected, the attraction he will feel will be very strong. Basically, this is very simple, rather as simple as knowing the right phrases. If you are able to say them, then it will surely trigger his hero instinct and turn him into the man he’s always wanted to be.

What Remains?

So, these are the signs through which you can understand if he wants you to notice him. I hope these points mentioned above can help you understand him better each day. If you have any such personal experience, then do feel free to share that with us in the comments section.


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