26 Signs She Is Losing Interest In You & Tips

Yeah, it feels oh-so-good when she is around you when she cares for you when she roasts you. There possibly can’t be a better feeling than proudly saying “She’s mine!” in front of her and seeing her chuckle. But, in every relationship, there comes a hard phase. And that hard phase – it is very hard, but if you just stay together and pass that phase, then you are made for each other because you can survive the worst situation when you’re together.

Signs She Is Losing Interest In You & Tips

A lot of bad things can happen in this “hard phase”, but it starts when she starts losing interest in you. If you can detect these signs at the right time, then you will be able to work on them and save your relationship. The 26 Signs She Is Losing Interest In You are:

01. Short Replies

You can notice the difference in how she used to reply and how she is replying now. You will observe that her answers have become very limited and she is trying to reply in the least words possible. This is one of the main of 20 Signs She Is Losing Interest In You.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that she has lost all her interest in you. If she had zero interest in you, she would get annoyed every time you try to talk with her. But right now, she is trying to reply which means she hasn’t lost all her interest and you can win her back.

02. Late Replies

A girl who once used to scold you for leaving her on read even when you explained that you were busy is now doing the same thing. She is leaving you on read for long enough that you realize the fact.

You might try to convince yourself that she is busy, and yes she might be busy, but every time? No, she can’t be this busy. So it’s better if you observe these changes before it’s too late and try to find the root cause and cure it, otherwise, you are not just going to lose that girl, you are going to lose a part of yourself.

03. Avoids Eye Contact

Proper eye contact shows a lot of things – confidence, comfort, trust, respect, and many others. If your girl is avoiding running her eyes away from your eyes and trying every possible way to not look right into your eyes, then you should alert yourself that something is wrong.

There can be several reasons why she is avoiding eye contact. Maybe it’s because she is not feeling confident enough to look in your eyes or she isn’t comfortable staring at you. This might happen because of stress and other life problems, but it may be because she is losing interest in you and doesn’t feel you worthy of her glances.

04. She Stops Feeling Jealous

Didn’t someone say that a girl who is truly in love with you can’t stop being jealous? Even if you think it’s funny, it’s a fact. And if your girl doesn’t get jealous anymore like she used to, then it’s a warning sign for you.

Subconsciously, she gets jealous not because she’s insecure, but because she wants to be your greatest source of happiness. So, when you get happiness from somewhere else, she feels jealous because that’s her department and no one can steal from her. But, if she isn’t getting jealous anymore, then it means she has stopped thinking about making you happy.

05. No More Complains

She wants you to be a better person for her and others, and that is why she complains about your bad habits. But if she stops doing that, doesn’t that mean she no longer cares if you become a better person or not? Don’t get her wrong here, she tried all she can but you were too rigid. This is also one of 20 Signs She Is Losing Interest In You.

If you can realize your faults and work on them sincerely, and not just because she’s losing interest in you, but because you want to be a better person yourself, then she will see how serious you are and will come back.

06. Passive Aggressive Behavior

She is angry at you and is constantly showing that anger – that’s good. But now she is angry at you and isn’t showing that anger – that’s not good. She isn’t directly showing that anger to you, she’s only doing subtle things, leaving little signs, to tell you that she’s hurt.

No one always likes telling people how they feel, but still, they do these gesture subconsciously that shows how they are feeling. If you can read these subtle hints, then you can make it right again.

07. Exhausting Conversations

There are two types of conversations – the ones that give you energy and the ones that take your energy. And if it’s the latter one every time you try to talk with her, then you know something’s off.

It is a clear sign that she’s tired of your unpleasant acts and it isn’t funny to her anymore. She endured all she can but there is always a limit, and if you cross that limit, well then someone saves you. But someone else can’t save your relationship if you’re not willing to do something on your own.

08. No More Surprises

As said before, she wants to be your greatest source of happiness. And that’s why she plans surprises for you. These surprises don’t need to be grand ones, they can be small little things – and little things matter the most. It takes part in one of 20 Signs She Is Losing Interest In You.

If she doesn’t surprise you anymore, that means she isn’t trying to make you happy. It means she is slowly losing interest in you. But like all things, this can also be salvaged.

09. Doesn’t Try To Impress You

There are many things she does to impress you. Dressing up for you, learning for you, doing the things you like her to do for you – she did all this, just for you. But now she’s kind of cold, she isn’t bothering herself with the thought of impressing you because she knows it doesn’t change anything, only makes you take her for granted.

She’s losing interest in you, and that isn’t her fault, it’s yours. So stop kidding yourself and start acting. It’s time you reciprocate that love and those little things.

10. Doesn’t Introduce You To Her Close Friends & Family

If she’s super sure about you, there isn’t a chance she won’t talk about you wherever she goes – colleagues, friends, or family. And if she doesn’t introduce you to her family and friends, then you know she still doesn’t trust you enough.

Maybe it is because of something that happened in her past or because she is insecure, but you must remove any insecurity and make her feel that she is completely safe with you.

11. Stops Explaining Herself

Explaining doesn’t always mean fighting. Two people can calmly exchange arguments without losing their temper. So don’t confuse this with passive-aggressive behavior, though they are often found intermixed.

If she has stopped telling you her side of the argument, if she isn’t telling you her opinion anymore, then it’s a clear signal that she doesn’t think that you’ll understand even if she told you. You need to start understanding her side too because relationships are not one-sided.

12. Stops Updating You

There is no way a girl can keep something to her if she is into you. She is going to update you about the tiniest of things because these things aren’t as small for her as they are for you. She will tell you about everything, not just because it makes her feel good, but also because she thinks you deserve to know.

If she has stopped updating you about her life, then it’s another major sign for you. This only happens in the most crucial of situations and if it isn’t handled with care, things will go badly.

13. Starts To Hide Things

There is a difference when she doesn’t tell you about what’s happening in her life and when she starts hiding things. Hiding is when she doesn’t tell you even if you ask. If you’re sure she is hiding, if you are sure, then it’s time to talk.

But before you accuse her of hiding, make sure you double-check you are right because you are questioning her ethics and dignity. If you’re even one percent wrong, then things are only going to get worse.

14. Avoids Physical Contact

If she once used to be in your arms all day and now she’s just trying to avoid even your touch, there can’t be anything bigger than this. If you can’t notice this signal, then there isn’t possibly someone dumber than you. This is one of the most critical sign of 20 Signs She Is Losing Interest In You.

However, avoiding physical contact doesn’t always mean that she isn’t interested in being with you. There can be deeper mental health issues or something that happened with her. You can’t be sure what the reason is until you ask her.

15. She’s Happier Without You

If she is into you completely, you are the largest source of joy for her. No one else can make her happy as you do, and that’s a fact. But if she is happier without you, if she is happy you are not there, can there be something more hurtful? There can’t possibly be something more hurtful than this.

If you want her in your life, if you want to reignite her interest, then you need to claim the throne of “biggest happiness source” again. Be ready to go above and beyond for this, because only then can you win.

16. Doesn’t Make Plans With You

Your company is all she needs, she cherishes every moment of it. But now she isn’t trying to make plans with you. Does that mean she isn’t interested in your company anymore? Not necessarily.

This can also mean that she wants you to be in charge. Sometimes, she wants you to make plans because that makes her feel even better. You should surprise her with an exciting date or something like that if you want her to be interested in you again.

17. Forgets About Important Things

It’s rare to see a girl forget important things about your relationship if she’s completely into it. She remembers everything with point precision and there is no chance that she can forget. She can’t forget even if she wanted to because you are that important to her.

But if she’s forgetting things now, that shows your ranking is declining in her priority list and that she’s losing interest in you. Taking the fall, it’s hard, but once you start falling, it gets easier with time. And if she has started falling outside of love, then every second is precious because you have got very little time.

18. She Cancels Plans

Not making plans is one thing and canceling them is another. She wasn’t making any plans so now you stepped up and planned something, but she canceled it. Okay, she might have some other important task, so if she cancels once it’s understandable. If she cancels twice or thrice that’s viable too. But if it happens more frequently than that, it’s a sign that she’s losing interest in you.

She will make time for you no matter how busy she is if you are important to her and if she’s interested in you. But, if she has started prioritizing other things over you, then you know things are wrong.

19. She Stops Talking About You

Ah, you can’t stop her from talking about you. It’s like trying to empty the sea using a bucket – useless and unreasonable. She can’t talk with someone without mentioning you if you’re the love of her life.

Also, she will always ask you about how your day went, how you are feeling She will try to make sure you are okay. But now if she isn’t trying to comfort you and talk about your feelings, it shows that she has stopped caring and is slowly deserting you.

20. Decline In How Much She Says ‘I Love You’

Saying ‘I Love You’ might be hard for a girl the first time, but every time she says those three magical words, she grows prouder. The more she says she loves you, the more she falls for you.

If she isn’t feeling right about you, if she’s unsure about you, then it will directly affect the frequency of ‘I Love You’. You will hear less and less of it until one day she stops saying it. These words that once used to relieve her stress and make her happy are now very heavy for her. She’s struggling to say them because she’s having second thoughts about you and you need to clear those doubts if you want a happy life with her.

21. Understand the Psychology

Now that you know the signs you want to make everything right with her again. But before you do that, you need to know why she is doing what she is doing. Though everyone thinks differently and we can’t properly guess what goes on in someone’s mind, some things are usual in these cases.

If you wish to claim her again, then you need to understand her thoughts – more importantly, the psychology behind her thoughts. Let’s classify these thoughts and further study them.

22. Insecurity

This is the almost every girl has had in their relationship. They keep thinking about the bad things that can happen, which makes them insecure about commitments. Often, feelings of insecurity are related to mistrust and other character issues

If you won’t give her the importance she deserves, if you won’t prioritize her, then it’s natural she will get insecure about the future. She will start having second thoughts about you because she isn’t essential enough for you. Everyone wants someone who prioritizes them, and if you can’t keep someone on the top, you should never expect someone to keep you on the top.

23. Trust Issues

People think insecurity and trust issues are the same things. They are not. Sometimes, you trust your partner with all your heart but you can still feel insecure because of their actions. But, if you don’t trust them, you are automatically insecure.

If you do something that she loses her trust in you, or you never did something so that she can completely trust you – then it’s the biggest issue. Trust is an important aspect in any relationship, romantic or not, and if your partner doesn’t trust you enough, there is no way you two can live happily ever after.

24. Confusion

Even if she isn’t insecure about you and trusts you enough, she can be confused about you. She might be having multiple thoughts at the same time which is messing her mind. This confusion can arise due to many reasons but mostly it is because of broken expectations.

She expected you to do this and do that, she expected you to become this but you didn’t work according to that. She expected you to be certain someone but later she found out you’re not like you seem, so it’s natural she is confused about you. She will be overthinking about everything trying to find an answer – and who knows if that answer would be the right one or not.

25. Don’t Think It’s Easy For Her

The biggest mistake you can make is to think that it’s easy for her. It’s not. It’s not easy for her to not talk to you, it’s not easy for her to hide things from you, it’s not easy for her to keep you apart, and it’s not easy for her to let you go. It is tough for her as is for you, maybe even more.

She is giving short replies because her mind is overloaded with negative thoughts and she possibly can’t think of the best reply. She is showing passive-aggressive behavior because she doesn’t want you to get hurt due to her anger. She is replying to you, even if late because she can’t ignore you. She is avoiding eye contact because she isn’t confident enough to look into your eyes. She is suffering as much as you are, so please be kind to her and don’t ever think it’s easy for her.

26. Talk: 100 Problems One Solution

The best thing you can do to solve all these problems is to establish meaningful communication with her. Nothing else can or will help until you decide to talk honestly about your thoughts. Talking can solve the biggest of problems, but only if you are brutally honest with the other person.

You can also opt for relationship therapy with an expert. It will help you both to understand your thoughts and know what they mean. Also, you will get to know each other better because you will share your deepest insecurities. This might not look like the best thing to do, sharing about your relationship with a third person, but it works if you just try.

Closing Words (But It’s Your Turn To Start)

Hence, we have learned the basic 20 Signs She Is Losing Interest In You along with what to do. The bottom line is, to observe the signs, understand the reason behind them and talk about it with her kindly. During the whole process, you need to show the utmost love and care because even the slightest amount of anger or ego can ruin every possibility of a healthy relationship. So, make sure you train your mind according to the situation before you confront her.


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