Relationship Is Over, But Is It? 12 Signs Your Ex Is Testing You

Your Ex Is Still in Touch? Signs That He/She Is Testing You for the Future. There is nothing more beautiful than love. But everything that’s beautiful doesn’t last forever. The same can be said about love and your relationship as well. So, no matter how beautiful a relationship you might have had with your partner, it is possible that it reaches an end. But what happens after that?

12 Signs Your Ex Is Testing You

Humans are rational beings, but sometimes they fail to become rational, and they end up being irrational. Something similar can be seen right after the split-up in any relationship. This is why you might see that your ex may try and make a comeback or even test you to see if he still has a shot in this or not. But how can you understand if this is exactly what he has been trying to do? Well, this is where this post comes to your aid. So, without any further ado. Let’s get started.

signs your ex is testing you is relationship over
signs your ex is testing you is relationship over

01. He Will Try to Make You Jealous

Trying to make you jealous is one of the oldest tricks in the book that they might play. This is again one of the first signs that prove that he/she is testing you. It will not be difficult for you to understand that they are trying really hard to make you jealous. Now, I know what you must be wondering based on your experience. You would probably think that they are happy in a new relationship, isn’t it?

Well, allow me to bust the myth for you and tell you that it is nothing but a huge lie. Believe me when I say this, if they’re really in love, they would never care if you were updated about it or not. But what exactly will your ex do? They would basically put all their energy into making sure you find out about their alleged happiness.

02. They Will Start Digging Through the Past

You will have to face it if you two just didn’t break up without reason. There was some reason or the other, no matter what that was, so if your ex is some mature person, then they’ll want to get rid of this emotional baggage before they plan on renewing your relationship.

But while doing so, you would feel that they are digging through the past without an actual purpose, or sometimes they just wish to break your heart even more. You have to believe that one of the common reasons behind this kind of behavior is that they are trying to set the record straight before giving your romance a second chance. You will notice your ex coming back when they’re sure that you’re both over everything that has happened. But this is the time when you need to show that you’re now a changed person.

03. He/ She Will Try to Sleep with You

This one can be a bit tough to handle. Maybe you and your ex are on good terms, but of late, you notice them acting differently. Maybe you can also see through it, though, like it is becoming more and more clear that they are just trying to get you into bed. Now, there’s no denying that this is a tricky decision. On the one hand, you can also consider it as a sign that your ex misses you and just wants to get back together.

You can ask any relationship expert, and they will tell you more or less the same kind of thing. You will have to be very clear that they can’t only get parts of you as you are a whole package as a person. Make a statement that your body doesn’t come without any strings attached.

04. Going Absolutely No Contact!

The next sign is the no contact rule. Well, it is also known as the universal way to make an ex miss you. It starts with your ex pretending to be over you and then disappearing from your life just to give you a chance to feel their absence. It is more that they seek some kind of validation from you. Believe me, all this time; they would be just sitting at home, patiently waiting for you to make a move and reach out to them.

05. You Would Get Deep, Personal Questions

Have you ever been through a phase where you saw that your ex has been calling and texting with seemingly weird questions lately? Like, maybe around that time, they have tackled topics they’ve never dealt with before. Believe it or not but you should consider the possibility that your ex testing you by actually using a way to get to know you all over again? It could happen all the more if you two broke up a while ago.

It is like they just wish to know where you stand on some important issues. Do they think about various aspects, like if they have changed their mind on certain things that bothered them in the past? But in this regard, let me tell you some great news. 

06. Play The Hot and Cold Games

I mean, who likes mind games? I believe everyone just hates mind games because you just can’t be sure where you stand, and you would be absolutely clueless about what might happen tomorrow. You would also feel that your ex is anything but consistent when it comes to how they treat you.

Like, one day, you will find them acting like they can give their lives even just to get back together with you. And you might just feel sometimes like nothing has changed, and it’s as if you’re just continuing where you left off. But then there will be other days when you will get to see the other side of this hot and cold story. You will sometimes see when your ex is nowhere to be found.

07. Doing The Loyalty Text

You can try and consult with any relationship coach, and they will tell you the same thing; when your ex wants to get back together, they’ll expect you to remain loyal during the breakup. Now, when I am referring to loyalty, I’m not talking about staying faithful.

There can be no doubt that they will feel very hurt if they find out you had a new relationship in the meantime. However, the concept of loyalty is much more important than this. Your ex, he/will try and check if they still can count on you based on the concept of loyalty. Like, they would check if you had violated their trust even though you were apart?

08. The Use of Social Media Platforms

Let’s face the truth! You are aware that your ex keeps on low-key while stalking you, isn’t it? It is true that they are not some kind of a psychopath who follows you around or does something creepy like staring through your windows at night. However, he/ she uses modern-day methods to keep track of your activities.

Yes, you guessed correctly, the best way these days is using social media. You will notice that they never miss your story updates, and they like all of your posts and even go through your follower list on a regular basis. Of course, there is another kind of person as well who would only prefer to lurk in the background. Like, maybe you are still friends on social media, but they pretend to like you don’t exist.

09. Giving You Some Power

One of the biggest signs that your ex is testing you is the fact that he/she is giving you the chance to make a decision. You will see them stating their intentions clearly, but the power is in your hands. Their intestine will be to see how much you have grown since your breakup. But how do you plan on making this happen?

Will you be ready to even move towards reconciliation? If your answer is yes, then you need to figure out how you will resolve your issues? Clearly, you have some issues or the other otherwise, you’d still be together. Also, think about the fact if you plan on taking things slowly, or do you want to just continue with your relationship as if nothing happened?

10. Doing The Success Test

This is very important, and you need to pay attention to this. As bitter as it might sound when a relationship ends, that is when you start to see your ex-partner more clearly. And that is exactly what your ex has also been doing during this time you two are apart. He/she would understand that both of them have reached a crossroads: and you are very much likely to either break things off forever or turn this into a long-term relationship or even marriage.

11. He/She Testing Your Boundaries

This is also very important for you to understand. There will be times when your ex will keep on doing many bad things to you. Maybe they will be sure that you still love them. But they are not testing to see if you’ll take them back; rather, he/she is testing your boundaries to see how much you can take.

You will find them blatantly seeing other men and women without even trying to hide it. You may also be disrespected by them in different ways and treated as nothing more than garbage.

12. Taking Back Control

When you are dealing with a toxic ex, you will know that they use this period of separation to gain even more control over you. Because they are sure, you would miss him/her.

No matter how much you refuse to admit this, you would be practically ready to do anything just to have them back. It also includes accepting their possessive behavior. You would see that this time, they are not pushing your boundaries, but they’re imposing their controlling limits on you.

What Remains?

So, these are the signs by which you should understand if your ex is testing you. I hope these points mentioned above can help you understand him/her better each day. If you have any such personal experience, then do feel free to share that with us in the comments section.


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