Characteristics of a Cheating Woman: How to Spot Them?

Characteristics of a Cheating Woman: How to Understand what’s Going on Behind Your Back? When a person cheats on you, the signs will be visible in some way or the other. This is because we can lie to everyone else in the world but the mirror in our room. That reflection will be visible in everything we do and every word we speak. 

Thus you just need to know the characteristics of a cheating woman, and you can save yourself from further pain and impending trouble. But what are these signs? Well, this is what this post is all about. 

Here, I will be telling you how to identify if your partner is cheating on you. These signs will help you understand the reality of your relationship, and then you can make a concrete decision accordingly.

So, let’s get started.

Characteristics of a Cheating Woman: What Cheating Does To Your Relationship?

Many people often ask about how they can avoid or stop their girlfriends from cheating on them. But the reality is that there is no such way to stop your girlfriend from cheating on you. 

what characteristics of a cheating woman
What characteristics of a cheating woman

It is very difficult to categorize cheating or even tell you the reasons behind cheating. It can be called merely a human impulse that is present in all of us. But not every single woman cheats on their partner. The reason behind this can be that for them; this impulse never gets the better of them. Hence, they can overcome the urge to be infidel to their partners. But not all of us are the same, and thus for some, the impulse becomes too much to overcome, and they fall prey to their wild impulses. 

How Detrimental Can Cheating Be For Your Family and Relationship?

The intensity to which the illicit affair has moved and the extent your partner went to cover the story determines the effect of cheating on the relationship. 

Sometimes, you would find your partner to come out truthful because they cannot bear the weight of the guilt for a prolonged period of time. Mainly because, for them, it was just a single instance that happened and they were not fully aware of what they were doing. When they thought about it afterwards, they realized the gravity of it, and thus they would simply confess to you. 

But if your partner has cheated on you repeatedly and if you dig up similar past incidents with other partners as well, then it is different. In such a case, it has almost become a kind of habit, and she will cheat whenever it is possible. If your partner is somewhat similar to this, then there is hardly anything you can do about it to stop her! But you can always learn to read the signs that she is cheating on you so that you can stop yourself from further investing in the relationship and also avoid some severe heartbreak!

Now, let’s look at the signs and characteristics of a cheating woman!

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Suddenly She Became Very Dominant in The Relationship

Maybe you had a healthy relationship before, but all of a sudden, you see her becoming super dominant, out of nowhere. Maybe up until now, she was this timid young girl that you loved so much.

But lately, you see her not just being dominant but also so very impatient about everything. Even for the smallest of things, she is screaming at the top of her voice, and most of the time, you are absolutely clueless as to what is happening. 

Also, you will feel that no matter what you do, she is never satisfied and always complains about everything. Be it your physical intimacy life or something else, that restlessness and dissatisfaction are always pasted on her face. 

It is a very significant sign since she has a tendency to believe that you are not good enough to make her happy as someone else can. Hence, she will become very cynical about everything concerning you. Let’s see another characteristics of a cheating woman! 

Suddenly She Is Super Busy

Before, during the heydays of your relationship, you would always find her complaining that her job doesn’t allow her to have more time with you together (in bed), or you know what we mean.

But nowadays, you see that she has no time at all. Suddenly she is always running behind schedule, and yet she doesn’t complain about her long working hours. You see her working even on weekends, and yet, a faint smile always lingers on her lips as she immerses herself in the pile of files, PPTs, and Excel sheets. 

If that is what’s been happening for a couple of days, then you need to understand that all this work and everything is nothing but an excuse, an excuse to spend less and less time with you and become busy with someone else. Using the work alibi to cheat on her partner is one of the most classic ones coming straight out of the book. So, from now on, when she is too busy, you will know what’s happening actually!

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Phone Becomes Her Best Friend

The sudden change in the usage of a phone is another very strong indication that she is cheating on you. You would see her changing her password all the time in case you have already seen her tapping it.

Also, you would never see her without her phone at all. As if suddenly they have become the best of friends. Have you noticed her using the phone quite late at night when suddenly your sleep got disturbed by her sudden shift of covers? Well, all these dots lead to one thing and one thing only.

There is someone else with whom she is talking at night, and she doesn’t want you to know about it at all. Maybe some texts are being sent to each other, but you are not allowed to touch her phone. This over-protectiveness about her privacy is a clear indication that she is hiding something from you. 

Imbalanced Physical Intimacy

This is a great example because it is directly connected to her psychology about whatever she is doing behind your back. You will feel that something is not the same when you become intimate with her. This is one characteristics of a cheating woman

I am not just saying that it has to be a lukewarm attitude from her end whenever you are excited. No, it can be the complete opposite as well. Suddenly, you might notice that her physical intimacy appetite has increased almost ten folds, and she is feeling like a completely different person in bed. 

This is often related to her mindset of being condescending towards you. She often feels that you deserve something as well, and that’s why she tried to make it all up by intimacy. It can also be a tactic to avoid your suspicion as well. On the other hand, if you see her becoming more and more lukewarm every day, then it can be directly related to her sense of pleasure. For her, she feels satisfied with someone else to the extent where she rejects you completely or agrees to do it out of a customary habit.

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The Emotional Distance

Remember the times when both of you couldn’t just wait to come back home and tell each other about the day. Or the times when you are physically distant from each other yet still feel so much closeness and togetherness for each other?

Well, this is the power of love. But nowadays, is it the same thing?

Definitely not!

You don’t feel the same kind of togetherness even when you are sharing space under the same roof. This might seem a bit astonishing, but when your partner is cheating on you, both of you will have a huge emotional distance. She will not feel like sharing every single thing that’s happening in her life, and that is where you will be left out.

Being in this position is never a very happy feeling for any partner, and this emotional distance is what ruins the relationship gradually over time.

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She Does Subconscious Mumblings

Our guilt is often deep-rooted in our subconscious, and our subconscious works in a very funny way. We never know when it becomes active, and we start to say things that we are not supposed to. But that’s the fun part.

Have you seen your partner confessing to you something lately? Well, this is something that her subconscious is making her say. Even though she is fully conscious, her guilt behind cheating on you is deeply rooted in her subconscious, and this is what makes her say all these things. 

But for you, it can be a sign well worth paying attention to. This way, you will be able to understand why she has been acting a bit differently suddenly. Regardless of the how-to extent to which she is cheating on you, these subconscious mumblings will help you become aware of what’s approaching.

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Her History of Promiscuity

Being promiscuous is not a disease but can definitely be term as a habit if you see it occurring to some repeatedly over a period of time. If you wish to understand the characteristics of a cheating woman, then you need to take a look at her history as well.

If you see that she always had a history of cheating on her ex-partners, then you can be sure that you are just another one on the list. When someone already has the habit of cheating on someone, there is only so much you can do about it other than become aware of her habits and prepare yourself. But for that, you need to be proactive in digging for some information about her past.

She Started Frequent Visits to Her Male Friends

Now, there is nothing wrong with a married woman having guy friends, but there will always be a difference between friends and more than friends. She is supposed to spend more time with you. But on the contrary, you see her mingling with her guy friends a bit too much these days.

It is a clear indication that she is more interested in spending time with them and specifically with one of them. But to kind of camouflage the whole thing, she decides to mingle with a number of them. This way, you would feel that she is just socializing. However, a closer look at her activities will surely reveal a lot of things you need to know. 

The way she would prepare herself for the evening will reveal the fact that it will be just a casual evening or something beyond that.

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Bordering on Narcissism

Suddenly you find her caring about nothing but her own self and a serious lack of empathy. She no longer cares how much you miss her and miss her company as she would only do what keeps her happy.

You may also see a sudden increase in her makeup and clothes shopping as she finds it compelling to stay tip-top all the time. However, the indication is very clear here as all of that pampering her is nothing but a way to make her appear more attractive in the eyes of others. 

Nowadays, your affirmation of her beauty is no longer valued, and that’s why she seeks it somewhere else and with someone else. A very clear sign of promiscuity can also be found in her way of expenses.

Conflicts Are Now A Regular Thing

Before, you could almost count and tell how many times either of you had a serious argument with each other. But nowadays, it seems almost never-ending, and you see that it is happening almost every day due to some of the most trivial of matters.

But you are often confused as to what causes these arguments. When you are not able to find any logical answer for her sudden fits of rage, you need to understand that her patience is wearing off for you as she finds solace and comfort somewhere else and with somebody else.

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Lies Are Much More Blatant

In the ideal scenario, either of the partners will never have to resort to lying. No matter what that is, they can surely share that with each other. But when your woman is cheating on you, she will not be able to be so straightforward with you. Chances will be quite high that she will avoid telling you the truth the more she gets involved with the other person. 

But the more she gets involved, the more defiant she becomes, and the lies will be all the more blatant. However, you will be able to realize that she is lying to you, yet there is no remorse or guilt in her eyes. That is the time you should realize that all this has gone too far. 

So, how are you going to tackle it? Well, there is no said process to tackle it, but if you stay calm, then you might just get a chance to extract more information from her. But when you lose your temperament, things can go really ugly.

She Is Always Bored

This sign will speak for itself, and it will be very easy to understand. Even five minutes a day with you will seem unbearable for her, and she would constantly complain about it. No matter what she is doing with you, the constant boredom will always be there, and you will not be able to do much about it. Say goodbye to those days when you can just sit with each other and still feel happy to be there. 

Remember the times when you used to read a book, and she used to just be there with you with her head on your lap? Well, now even a movie together or morning intimacy will seem boring to her. 

If you think about it, it is actually quite natural since she enjoys these activities with someone else, and you don’t come even close to that level of enjoyment anymore. 

When you see this sign, it’s time for you to sit down and have a serious talk with yourself.

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She is Always Afraid to Commit

Commitment is the base of any relationship. If either of the partners in a relationship is unable to commit, then the relationship will not work too well. This is a simple truth that you need to understand. So, if your partner is cheating on you, then you would see that she is never ready to commit to you, and this would cause all kinds of problems. 

You would suddenly feel that your relationship has lost that old zeal, and you both are kind of just dragging the relationship forward, which is not the ideal way, of course. Her lack of commitment arises from the lack the confidence she has in this relationship she has with you.

Her problems will with you seem superficial, and she would always pretend that things are not working, whereas nothing significantly bad has happened at all. 

She Is Cold to Your Love

Love needs reciprocation, and that is the truth for all relationships. Without reciprocation, nothing works perfectly, and you might feel down. But if she is cheating on you, then she will suddenly become unreceptive to your love, and you would realize that very easily. 

No matter how much you try to make her feel special, she will never reciprocate or even try to understand what you feel for her. This is because she is already persuaded by someone else, and she is more interested in feeling special to that particular person rather than you.

This is a problem that has no solution once she has already given up on the relationship. But for you, this indication can offer a lot of necessary insights that will help you prepare yourself for the future.

Emotional Unavailability

Being a partner, it is your responsibility to be emotionally available for her whenever she needs you. But it is the same for her as well as you might need her as well. But things will not be like this if she has already decided to fall for someone else, even if temporarily.

You will feel that she is never there, even if you had a bad day at the office or you are just frustrated with your life due to some reason or the other. She will never be perceptive about your mental health, and even if you are demanding her presence or help at times, her lukewarm approach of her will reveal a lot about her. 

To be honest, she no longer cares about how you are feeling nowadays as she is busy planning her next rendezvous with her new partner. This sign should teach a lot about her, and she must prepare for the worst.

She Would Blame You for Everything

If you suddenly decide to confront her about whatever is happening, you would see that she resorts to being abusive or just putting all the blame on you. She will blame you for her infidel because you never cared about her enough and so on.

This kind of attitude is kind of a self-defense process, and she will do that to be clean in front of you. This attitude is perhaps the biggest of all indications that she is no longer mentally attached to you and that your relationship has reached the end. 

So, if you are ready to confront her, make sure you are ready to face the truth. Never resort to more fighting or trying to convince. This will only waste your time, and you can use that time to make your life better for the future. Whatever you do, you should think it through. 

What Remains?

So, these are the characteristics of a cheating woman. I hope these points will help you tackle the situation with care if you have decided to confront her and face the truth. If you have any similar personal experiences, then do feel free to share that with us in the comments section.

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