What to Do: If Your Girlfriend’s Ex Keeps Calling & Texting Her

Let’s get into a different article If Your Girlfriend’s Ex Keeps Calling & Texting Her, what will be your step? Being single for a while and dating someone new seems like a lot of fun. During these blissful days of infatuation, there is so much love in the air. There may be no better feeling than playing secret footsies under candlelight and cuddling up to a movie in a dark movie theater.

A partner who ends a relationship might still harbor feelings for her ex and wish to maintain contact with her. It can cause problems in new relationships, including anger and resentment. Make him understand that he is unappreciated and unwelcome by making him realize his actions are unwanted.

Things to do when your Girlfriend’s ex contacting her  

Avoid Provoking Your Girlfriend’s Ex

You can easily become provoked when your ex-boyfriend shows up in your territory. If you were a man, you would have wanted to punch him right in the face. Despite this, refrain from provoking him since it’s simply not worth it. Your ex-boyfriend is very jealous of you and very egoistic.

what do if your girlfriends ex keeps calling texting her
What do if your girlfriends ex keeps calling texting her

He will never give you an excuse to start a fight. She might feel sorry for her ex if you win the fight, and she may travel with him wrapped in his arms despite having a broken nose.

Share Your Feeling

Expressing your emotions about this situation allows you to express yourself. It could be that you feel as though she doesn’t respect our relationship as she constantly hangs out with him when he contacts her.

When you name the situation, you can ensure that you are on the same page. When you tell me your ex-boyfriend wants to get back together with you, I am uncomfortable. That shows that you understand her perspective and that you are not attempting to place blame on her.

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Talk to Your Girlfriend

Let your girlfriend know you are concerned about her relationship with her ex. If the communication is unwanted, suggest that she tell him to leave her alone. Sometimes, all you have to do is ask someone to leave you alone. You might tell your girlfriend that you confront her ex-boyfriend on her behalf if she doesn’t feel comfortable doing so.

If need be, speak directly to her ex-boyfriend. You may not be angry or rude when you want him to leave her alone. Consider ways to help your girlfriend end her relationship with her ex-boyfriend. Your girlfriend might change her email address or phone number.

Listen to Your Girlfriend

She deserves your attention. Even though you might not find listening to your girlfriend’s point of view, you might be able to gain a deeper understanding of the situation. Listening to her will allow you to understand why she hangs out with her ex. You do not have to agree with her, but you are better off listening.

It will also show her that you care about her feelings, even if you disagree with her decisions. It may also make you feel less threatened. While you and your partner find a solution to this problem in your relationship, this will help you clear your heads.

Reframing Yourself

Reframing is a method of changing how you view and think about things. It has become so easy for you to focus on her past, but you are her present. She’s in a relationship with you that she’s never been in with her previous partners. You are the one she has chosen over her ex.

Decide how she values your relationship and then asks her what she values about it. Listen for her references to the future. Whenever she makes any reference to your future, you know she cares about it.

Grow Your Confidence

You might start by seeing yourself through your girlfriend’s eyes. You may take into account what she values most about you. As you consider how she views you as worthy of respect and adoration, consider the qualities that you value. With repeated practice, you will build your brain’s ability to think in this way.

When a habit is first formed, it is only like a dirt path, but over time, it creates a highway of productive thoughts rather than destructive ones. When you practice enough, you will automatically feel confident.

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Avoid Jealousy

A jealous man appears angry, oppressive, and insecure to women, which makes them unattractive. Her jealousy will probably encourage her to contact her ex even more than stopping her from doing so. Simultaneously, having two men desire her is attractive to the feminine ego.

Normal jealousy is based on real threats, whereas delusional jealousy is based on a perceived threat. Describe to your girlfriend the reason why you feel envious of her relationship with her ex-boyfriend.

Show Calmness

It can be difficult to control your emotions, but it’s a skill you’ll need throughout your life. It is only by remaining calm that you will be able to navigate through this situation. You sit down and calmly talk this through. Let her know how you feel honestly, and hopefully, she will do the same.

Set Some Personal Boundaries

Setting boundaries with her allows her to maintain those relationships that are meaningful to her while giving her the confidence and respect you deserve. That includes both your relationship with your girlfriend and her former boyfriend. If you discuss your girlfriend’s boundaries with her ex, you can understand her willingness to navigate this issue. It may be necessary to discuss how to proceed with her girlfriend if the boundaries have been breached.

 Avoid interfere their Conversation

Keep your distance from the conversation unless you are involved or the topic requires your attention. She has a special relationship with her ex-boyfriend, after all. Her ex is unhappy and hurt because of their relationship. Don’t be afraid to give him a few minutes to express himself.

It would be okay for you to enter the conversation and step in between them if your girlfriend asked him to leave. The conversation between him and your girlfriend has ended.

Surprise her with Romantic Gifts

Take her to a romantic place for a naughty weekend, leave her chocolates on her pillow, and bring her roses. Invest in a ring and go shopping with her. Your aim should be to make her happier than her ex ever could.

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Let you be better than her ex

When her ex-boyfriend walks in, try to be the better man and avoid making any foolish mistakes unless it is your only option. You will never be respected if you act like a pushover or walk away when he asks you for a moment because after she realizes you can’t protect her.

You should offer to speak with him even if she refuses to talk to him if he continuously calls her cell phone while on a date. It’s okay to be assertive, but you should be ready to make sure the girl you’re with knows that she can rely on you as a man. Your appearance will be that of a man who is in control of everything around him, despite adverse conditions.

Her EX Still hangover with Their Breakup

You might also imagine that he is not over her, and he is initiating contact while she is hiding this from you to avoid making you angry. It is possible that she isn’t interested in him & that she doesn’t reciprocate his advances, but to avoid conflict, she is concealing that information from you.

It is especially true if their relationship was long and complicated, and it was not the kind of relationship you get over quickly. Nevertheless, you may not jump to a conclusion instantly, as it might drive you insane and result in a row instead of a discussion.

In Sense of Humor

The power of humor is that it softens all anger, jealousy, and any serious feelings about the past. However, when making a joke of the past, make sure that you are not belittling her or being sarcastic, or she could start perceiving you as being cruel. One way to stop her from obsessing is to throw some serious things about relationships in a funny way.

Toxic Behavior

It may be a sign your relationship is not doing so well if your girlfriend is talking to her ex behind your back & there is more meaning to it than you would have expected. She may be seeking attention in the wrong places and even trying to get you to react negatively to her toxic behavior.

Alternatively, you might be pushing her away with your toxic behaviors as she seeks comfort somewhere else. Whatever the case, examine your relationship closely and ask yourself if it is healthy to keep going the way you are.

Happy while Talking to Your Ex

It might be a sign that she still harbors feelings for her ex if she seems to be juggling excitement and jumpiness upon seeing him. If he leaves, she might still talk about him. She may reminisce about their time together. You’ll need to have a serious talk with her if you see her smiling to herself.

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Deep Thinking of her Ex

If they remained friends after they broke up, your girlfriend might still think highly of him and respect his opinions quite a bit even though they had a strong relationship before. Having her not consider your opinions and think the same way about you is hurtful, as you would want her to do so.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Although it may be painful for you to contemplate, the truth is that she might not be over her ex. It isn’t the only reason people find their girlfriends talking to their ex, but it is one of the most common ones.

Know your Value

You need to know your worth if your girlfriend has been talking behind your back about her ex because she wants him back or because she is playing both fields. A relationship where you are not valued to your full potential is far worse than being a second choice or backup man. Knowing when to give up is essential so you can focus on giving yourself your best.

Treat You as a Backup

If her ex isn’t receptive to her, you may be her backup. She is trying to ensure that she does not end up alone. If she is speaking to him behind your back as a result of this, you should reconsider the relationship.

Get a Help from Law Enforcement

When he threatens to hurt you physically or starts to make abuse threats, immediately call the police and ask for a restraining order. If he refuses to sign a restraining order, you should consider getting him to do so.

Your girlfriend request to your court that a restraining order is issued that forbids her ex from contacting her during the issuance of the order. Rather than just prohibiting him from physically being near her, this ban will also prevent him from sending her gifts, contacting her, or sending her emails.

Do & don’t when Your Girlfriend’s ex Calling & Texting her

Don’t Pick a Fight

If your girlfriend is talking to him, don’t get aggressive. She is your girlfriend, and he does not have the right to waltz into your home and ruin the evening. Whenever things go wrong, though, you have to put up with it. She has dated him for a while, so she would know how to handle him and get him out of your house as quickly as possible. You’re asking for a fight if you try to chase him away.

Do Let Her Talking

Put yourself at ease and let her speak for herself. Put yourself in the role of the bouncer at a classy nightclub in your mind. If she looks to you for help or if you’re required to intervene, wait until she asks. When you must intervene, have the presence of mind to speak calmly and intelligently. During this new relationship, you only have one responsibility: to protect your date.

Don’t walk away

Never run away from her ex-boyfriend if he walks in on you both. There’s nothing funny about that, as it sounds like you’re trying to tuck your tail between your legs and run away. Ultimately, you are just a scared man. Leaving the table would allow her to speak privately with her ex-boyfriend.

For a few minutes, you can walk over to a corner of the restaurant and talk with him about whatever she is having issues with.

Do Ready for a Fight

Try to remain calm on the outside and keep your fists curled under the table if you anticipate a fight with your girlfriend’s ex. It is a sign that something’s wrong if your girlfriend can’t chase him away within a minute. In the event of something going wrong, it’s up to you to intervene. You know he will punch you if you intervene because he has nothing to lose.

Do Trust Their Friendship between Her & her Ex

If they’re still friends, and nothing is wrong, that would be the best scenario. After a relationship, women, and men can become friends even if they aren’t in a relationship. If she has not told you about her conversation with him, it might not have occurred to her to do so.

It remains a secret, however, which is concerning. Perhaps she thinks you will be unable to handle their friendship, so she is keeping their conversations private.

Don’t Believe everything which Circulating your brain

The mere fact that you feel inferior does not mean that you are. The ideas of distressing thoughts are unfounded and the result of the lens through which they view them is helpful to many people. You will see a lot of mud when looking through a muddy filter.

Do Love Her with Her Past

Experiences shape us all, so it is important to realize that. Through the things we experience and the people we meet, we are molded into the people we are today. She is who she is today due to the things she has experienced and the people she has met. Her life has been lived out there in the world; she’s met people, experienced the world, and learned how it works.

Don’t be Possessive

Take some time away from her so she can miss you. Don’t interrogate her if she spends time with her friends or pursues her hobbies. You show how much trust and care you have for her by how you manage your relationship.

If you show more faith in her, the more relaxed she will be with you, and the more she will come to feel that she is loved enough to live her life the way she wishes without being harassed.

Do Nurture Her

It is not healthy for a woman to bring her ex into your life as a third party, as this will lead to a codependent relationship. It is not up to you to discipline her if she expresses grief about her past relationships or refers to him improperly.

Remember that she can choose what she wants to focus on every day and that you are not part of that choice. Rather than thinking about her ex, you would rather focus on other things. You mustn’t play the role of Daddy in her life, only that of boyfriend or husband.

Don’t be a Nice Guy

In reality, women no longer want to spend time with nice guys. It is a lie that we are fed by popular culture. Real-life nice guys are often more unattractive and undesirable than the ones you see in movies and books. It is no longer the time for you to become a nice guy.

Do Give Her Ultimatum

You can issue an ultimatum to your girlfriend. Discussions of old relationships can be sensitive, which leaves you vulnerable. You find yourself dissatisfied with your girlfriend if she does not listen to you or understand why her behavior upsets you. If she refuses to establish boundaries, or if you break up, it may be time to offer an ultimatum.

Even though you may not want your girlfriend to spend time with her ex, it is normal and expected for you to be jealous. You may think your desire to be respected, heard, and prioritized by your girlfriend is extreme, but it’s not.

Why your Girlfriend’s Ex Keeps Calling & Texting Her?

You ask yourself this question before you forward with her ex-boyfriend pursuing her. Even though you may be flattered, you still have to understand that his attempt to contact your girlfriend has some significance.

That may be unfinished business, or perhaps he is seeking a second chance or better ending. Then maybe your sweet little girl hasn’t completely lost interest in him and is still keeping in touch with him behind your back. 

You never know if she’s flirting with him when you’re away or if she still has him on her hook. If you want to get a fair picture of the situation, you need to look at it from all angles.

Why Your Girlfriend Calling & Texting her Ex?

Your girlfriend may be calling & texting her ex for a specific reason if she loves you and contacts her ex from time to time. Even though they are no longer together, she wants to stay in touch with her ex. There’s nothing wrong with her texting him to remain friends. It is very common for ex-couples to do that, especially if they broke up amicably and mutually.

Can I Tell My Girlfriend to stop calling & texting her Ex?

When you’re your girlfriend’s partner, you need to make her feel comfortable and happy around you. In addition, you have to reassure, validate, love, and continuously support her. That way, your relationship will remain healthy.

That’s why you should also expect your girlfriend to do everything within her power to ensure you that the love she has for you is exclusive and genuine. Investing one person’s energy and time in a relationship won’t suffice; romantic relationships require full commitment and effort.

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