What are the Most Common Reasons for Divorce? 19 Valid Reasons

Let’s learn what are the 19 most common reasons for divorce along with valid tips. Marriage is that bond that is led by values and our beliefs. In older days, marriages were largely successful because it was only a belief that a woman has to die only for one man. The whole life of a woman was just a cage in which they have to perform whatever their spouse speaks. That era has totally changed in the current scenario and women are too independent and takes their decision by their own.

But the values of marriage have not changed a lot even in the current times. People have all the judgmental aspects if any relation gets broken.  This sometimes becomes a distraction for a person even in their personal lives. Love and arranged marriage both are largely happening in the country.

Now we cannot compulsorily assume that the marriage is going to last forever ad may be in between due to any reason the breakups and divorce can take place. This article will be mainly focus on the main factors that are leading to divorce. This article would help the readers to fully get the idea of the facts that are mainly responsible for divorces.

What are the Most Common & Valid Reasons for Divorce?

We see divorce as a common problem that new generations are facing. Problems in divorce can die someday but if a relationship dies, it will not be the same as it was earlier. We are writing this article to aware couples of what habits or problems can lead to divorce. This article would be helpful for many couples as it will reveal when to call off the relationship or when to handle it. There remains no doubt that marriage is a beautiful bond but it sometimes becomes worsen and finds one solution as “divorce”.

what the most common reasons for divorce vali
What the most common reasons for divorce valid

The standard of living life has changed completely compared to the older days. In the present day, both partners are independent and literate. There are many factors that rise between certain marriages. The different minds, cultural indifferences, bad habits, and sometimes extramarital affairs can be a reason for the divorce happening. Now, moving ahead we will be writing up the major factors that are leading to the divorces taking place in current times.

Factors leading to Divorce 

Divorces in marriages are the common problem that society is experiencing in current times. From nowhere the smallest matter can be the issue and therefore leading to divorce. A saving relationship is in the hands of both the couple. The couples, however, need to understand that what issues can lead to divorces so that they can tackle the problems at an early period. Let us follow the stepwise reasons that contribute to divorce:

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Reasons for Divorce #1 Distance

It is a fact that if there is a distance in relationship, than it might get off sometimes because of not getting in touch. Many cases have been seen of divorce that has been led by distance. When couples are in distance, they hardly get to know each other activities. Distance in couples starts filling the relationship with doubts, anger, frustrations, and sometimes extramarital affair. We have heard from our parents and relatives every time that try to stay to together with your partner.

This is somewhere correct because staying together and loving each other actually gives a rise to lot of good things. Distance keeps the touch, sex, and intimacy apart which brings a little detachment among couples. There are many long-distance relationships that have been ended because of facing such problems. Even in case of marriage, the absence of other partner would give a gap that is hard to fill.  Ultimately, when the level goes up it results at the end of a relationship.

Reasons for Divorce #2 Less communication

We all definitely know the importance of communication. We communicate to reveal, to speak up, to make a person understand, and to make a bond more strong. But what happens when there is no communication at all?

Obviously, this is the red sign that the relationship has left with no romance and understanding between partners. Lack of communication has been a direct sign of fading love in relationships. When couples are staying together, then communication is the key that keeps the relationship strong. But, when the communication stops, it takes away all the love, care, and romance as well from partners.

There are many needs that a person has and in a marriage relationship, both are partners are liable to understand and fulfill each other needs. But when they stop speaking to each other, they won’t be able to know anything about each other needs. This gradually starts putting a negative impact on the relationship. So, lack of communication is also a main factor behind the reasons for divorce.

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Reasons for Divorce #3 Arguments

We all are the live examples to prove that an argument-based relationship has worked less. We all have different expectations from relationships. We expect to show love, support, care, and many others. But when instead of all these, an argument starts taking place then it breaks all the holds of the relationship.

A partner starts feeling unappreciated, frustrated, and angry because of getting into the same arguments all the time. In such cases, a partner might make up their mind to call off the relationship. An argumentative relationship faces a lot of hard situations because couples try to hold and make things right for a longer period. But if the same issues pops up every time then this might lead to divorce without any second thought.   

Reasons for Divorce #4 Extra-marital affair

Having an extra marital affair is not a new thing. Most of the people who undervalue their relationships, can easily shift to have extra affairs. This is actually not good for persons and relationships both. If a partner comes to know about the extra marital affair of their love, then obviously this might give them a mental breakdown.

None of the relationships can last long if there any extra affair is present. When any partner finds their other partner cheating, this gives a kind of hard life to them and most of the time they feel distressed. Even if their partner is guilty, the trust won’t get back as it was earlier. So, unfortunately, this, may easily lead to divorce. The extra marital affair has been observed to be as one of the highest factor in the divorce cases.

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Reasons for Divorce #5 Over expectation

This is a common psychology of people that they always expect more from on everything. When a partner gets in the marriage bond, sometimes there high expectation leads in disappointment. May be they have some different prospect and see the things in their own way. But what happens when they do not see improvement and feel disappointed.

They start looking for better and see the present relation as hard. Now in such situation, they find it that they can end their relationship by taking divorce. They start seeing divorce as their only solution of the problem. Over expectation of anything hurts people in the bad way and person stay upset most of the times. This further becomes a reason and can result in miss happenings.  

7# Abusive relationship

There remains no doubt that an abusive relationship is a worst experience for any person. An abusive relation has given an invisible wound to the person and they had only one way to release from this and that is divorce. We have seen many people suffering in their abusive relation.

The beating or hurting has always been a sin but still who does not value their relation, does whatever they feel too. Obviously, no one in such relation would like to stay and find divorce better than to stay hard.

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8# Getting forcefully married

This can be a little hard to accept that even in today’s time some parents are forcefully putting their child into marriage. They do not understand that they won’t get the soul partner until and unless they accept them fully. Later in such cases, the person starts feeling trapped and does not see anything good in their relation.

This leads them to move away and take divorce from their partner. The current generation do not wants to stay trapped and feel de-motivated. However there is nothing wrong in it, if a person is unhappy all the times. Going forward they chose to take divorce and set themselves free.  

9# No equality

We are in a trend generation where a slogan can always be seen as “men and women are equal”. In every field women are trying hard and even getting successful in beating any competition from men. But can we accept this that even in this new time, some men are seeing themselves as their women’s leader.

They don’t want to accept the equality and hence shows their partner down every time. This case always gets reversed and some men too become the victim of such cases where they receive no respect from their partner. In such times, the person who has always been proved down wants to get over it and finds divorce as the best option.

Equality between partners matters in relationship as the understanding from both the sides the keeps the relation strong. However this starts getting weaken when one partner starts becoming a leader. The couples need to understand that an equal contribution and equal respect is what a good marriage requires. When the equality lacks in marriage than divorce is the only option that a person can see further.

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10# Not giving quality time

Just take it on yourself and assume that you re loving someone and want to spend good times with your partner. May be they are busier with their work and show less. But obviously at some point of time you will start feeling distressed and bored if you are not getting the time from your partner. Some person does not mind this much and try to accept this situation.

But not every time this works and the boredom start increasing. Everything in the marriage should be balanced to keep it alive.  Spending quality time can be a demand for any partner and this is the right. But when they see that their partner has no interest and no hangout, this may give birth to many arguments or issues. Unfortunately, sometimes this too results in divorce cases.

11# Vanishing romance

Marriage will always be successful if the romance is present between couples. It always helps in creating a sense of love which is required to keep relationships strong. Romance is a way the important need of a love relationship. The intimacy between partners is a sign that this will continue to grow and last long.

But what happens when this starts declining and less comfortability grows. In this case, the divorce walks in and be a supportive end to disappear love.

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12# Changes in people

Every person changes in their life over a period. Changes are good and lead to life progress. But sometimes, a change in person grows in different aspects and they start seeing the marriage as a hurdle instead of support.

The change in them leads in to end their relationship sometimes as their mind changes on this too. They don’t look their partnership great and makes up their mind to call off their relationship.

13# Lack of trust

We have observed many times that when couples start doubting each other, this gives birth to different problems. When there is trust in the relationship, it keeps the relationship growing and strong. But, this turns down when couples don’t trust and starts arguing about many things.

When such a situation comes up, this is the time that gives a high sign about the end of a relationship. Eventually, when this trust issues starts, it keeps on worsening and the other partner starts feeling to end up their marriage.

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14# Alcohol or other bad habits

When a person comes home daily after taking alcohol, this creates a bad impression about them in the family. May be sometimes they accept this but not every time the other partner will find it good. Alcoholic reasons are higher where divorces are taking place.

Most of the time, the alcoholic partner does not know what they are doing and starts hitting intentionally to their other partner. Such habits in a country have always been a problem because the other partner has to suffer a lot because of this. So, we can consider that alcoholic reasons are the higher one too that leads in the divorce.

15# Mental breakdown

A person cannot remain same all the time. If they are happy today then obviously tomorrow they can be sad and stressed. We have observed that most of the decisions are taken by a person when they are fully stressed. They don’t bother to time to something that is important and starts finding the replacement of that problem. 

Stress or depression is not a full-time problem and it will not last long. But there are people who after facing some problems in their marriage life, start to think of it as an end. Later when they overcome their situation than they start regretting about their activity. Many cases have been proved that when a person is depressed or stressed they start abusing or hurting their other partner.

Their stress level from work or others increases so much that they start releasing all of it on their other partner. Obviously, after seeing all these bad times, the other partner will not be happy to stay in such a situation and the fights or arguments would increase u daily. This will further result n divorce from both of sides.

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16# Sometimes Family pressure

It is very awkward to believe that there are families who want to end their children’s relationship only because their demands have not been fulfilled. There are cases that have come up where the demands of families are not fulfilled fully and therefore they want to remove theirs in law. People with the narrow mind are creating obstacles in most of the relations and sometimes due to heavy pressure a person can think to end the relationship.

17# Non- fulfillment of demands

Divorce can take place at any time on any issue. If a person has made up their mind to end their marriage then there is nothing that can stop them from doing this. Some person with all their expectation gets into marriage and wants that their partner has to fulfill everything. The person who is facing financial issues will obviously find it difficult to fulfill all the needs of their ultimate partner.

When their better half finds that their fulfillment is not meeting their expectations then they think to get a divorce. There is nothing new to accept this because for some partners marriage is just a deed where they want all their wants to complete. In such case, the marriage can not last long, and in between the partners will get separated without any second thought.

18# Lack of Appearance

No matter how much a people will get literate, every time the appearance matters. We have psychology where we get attracted to a person easily if they have a beautiful appearance. When the person starts looking fade and their glow goes away, sometimes their other partner sees no good. And eventually, their interest would start fading.

The physical appearance of one person has always won the heart of other person. Most of the time, the divorce has brought a reason where one person wants to end their relationship because their partner is not looking good anymore and their beauty has been lost. Reasons can be anything and it can also be considered as a common one because such things are taking place.

19# Controlling the marriage

Now, this is something important in this article. People especially men want to control their marriage. This has brought lot of examples where a woman has filed for divorce because their husband wants to control them. This is unbelievable that even in this equality era some men are finding this easy to control their women.

Such relation will never last because a bold and literate woman will obviously not entertain this and they might find a good way. Controlling one partner in a marriage has never given a good result so for the betterment of the relationship this has to be stopped. If this is not stopped then obviously divorce will come up.

Is divorce good or bad?

This question is common and there are many minds answering to this question. We people are experiencing and seeing the marriage in our own way. May be the one that we are seeing is different from others and has a different perspective. To answer the question above, we have to first understand that marriage is not a compulsory bond to find a soul. It is a bond where a person gets others as a support system.

For example, if a woman has got married to a man to get all the love that she wants. But this has turned down, and she is being seen as a homeworker, or only giving birth to a child and many more. Then, such marriage can never be a happy marriage. Because a woman has been seen as a house worker and all her dreams are taken off. In such case, if she is bold then definitely she will take a step. When a marriage is giving a suffering result then in this case divorce is the best action. The experience in the marriage can show up a good answer for this question. A happy partner will never chose this option and an unhappy partner will see this option as the best.


We are here to conclude on the article “reasons for divorce”. We understand that divorces are a common problem in relationships. Most of couples find a simple solution as a divorce if they are facing hard times. We understand that this is a common problem but we have to accept that there are leading factors behind this that is giving support to end the relationship. In this article, we have written down all the main factors that have supported in the divorce.

New generations are used to this problem but there is always a way that can also save their relations. Knowing of leading factors can help a person to remain attentive and not commit any such things that can hurt their partners. Love works only when love is given. Readers of this article would be easily able to work on this and understand to solve the problem.

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