What To Do If Your Ex Is Ignoring You? Tips

Hey friends! Have you thought about What To Do If Your Ex Is Ignoring You! Breaking up with a partner is rarely followed by a return to friendship. You may be familiar with the popular saying that ex-lovers can’t be friends. It can be unhealthy to hold on to someone you once loved, which prevents you from moving forward.

Therefore, it’s probably a good thing for both of you if your ex stays away from you. It is possible that your ex will want to re-establish a friendship with you at some point. If that doesn’t happen, don’t chase after them.

What To Do If Your Ex Is Ignoring You?

Before learning What To Do If Your Ex Is Ignoring You, let’s learn why your relationship end badly!

Depending on the circumstances of the separation, it might be best to ignore your ex. Although it was amicable, answering it probably isn’t the worst decision for everyone and can be considered any other social interaction with a friend.

what to do if your ex is ignoring you tips
what to do if your ex is ignoring you tips

It’s not bad news when couples break up, and many ex-couples maintain regular contact as friends after the breakup.

Despite having ended in a less-than-ideal way, you still had the option to respond, especially if an apology was involved. It is acceptable to ignore your feelings if you are still upset.

You should stay away from your ex for the foreseeable future if you are going through an agonizing breakup. It is still possible to reconnect and be friends someday, but it will depend entirely on your feelings.

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10 Things to Do If Your Ex Is Ignoring You

Ignoring Your Response

There is no better way to get under another’s skin than to go no contact. If you aren’t getting the response you want, you must feel angry and frustrated. If he knows he’s upset you that may feel satisfying to him.

You will be frustrated if you can’t reach someone you need to reach, regardless of your personality type or whether you like a measure of control and closure. If your ex is adept at pushing your buttons and enjoys embarrassing you, then they know what they are doing.


It’s natural to care for your friend and to want to keep him. He might not be able to do that if he still feels romantically towards you. The two of you may still dream of living together someday. Consequently, when you speak to him, it might hurt him deeply & unable to have that kind of relationship with you every time.

His heart might break if he hears about you with another guy. Then again, maybe he wants to ensure your happiness and isn’t interested in interfering. Radio silence seems to be the best option for him in either case.

Move On from You

It’s likely that if he’s dropped off the radar suddenly and you’ve been in regular contact, he’s moving on to someone else. Now he has completely devoted himself to this new person, which is completely fine.

It’s a fact that ex-lovers break up. Even though you couldn’t make your relationship work, if you are meant to stay friend’s long term, you will keep crossing each other’s paths.

Another Relationship

Perhaps your ex has a new girlfriend or boyfriend or is dating someone else. They won’t be interested in staying in contact with you in either scenario. They prefer to nurture their new relationship, as well as respect their new partner since it is a new relationship.

It’s likely he didn’t feel a strong connection with you if he broke things off and seemed to be ignoring you. If you get along with each other well enough, your relationship won’t last, even as a friendship. So they will distance themselves from you.

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Mad at You

There’s a chance they are trying to keep their emotions under control, or they may not want to communicate with you at all. Most people don’t like to reveal their emotions to others. Those who are angry will keep their mouths shut, and process their emotions according to their timetable. Respect their space if you think that’s the case. To get your ex to talk to you, you cannot force them into it.

Hangover from Breakup

It can be difficult for guys to express their emotions. It’s more common for people to stay silent when they feel hurt rather than explain themselves. Then they tune everybody out by clamming up, focusing on work, exercises, or hobbies.

It’s likely that he avoids you right now because communication is just too difficult for him right now because he’s hurt deeply by the way your relationship ended. He either remembers or misses the time you spent together every time you talk.

Testing Your Love

You wouldn’t be loyal to them if you stopped contacting them, moved on, and started to see someone else.  Even so, if they’re still thinking about you, it’s likely they’re hoping you’re feeling the same. You too wish things could go back to how they were, so they secretly hope you’re not interested in anyone else. They hope to learn how you feel about them, and whether it’s possible to reignite your relationship through their silence.

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A person in a situation like this might be just trying to get away from an experience that caused them to feel uncomfortable. Although he may still want to connect with you, the memories of what happened are triggering him every time he does so. He will likely cut you out of his life if he is sensitive, so he doesn’t have to be reminded of the situation over and over forever.

You might not know what’s going on with your ex if he has been talking to you regularly. It’s not uncommon for people to assume that someone going radio silent means they’re angry. You have no control over what happens in another person’s life.

Punishing You

Everyone can’t maturely handle their emotions. Perhaps your ex will blame you for hurting him since you ended the relationship. You are to blame for making him feel the negative emotions he is feeling. Thus, by refusing to acknowledge your existence, he’s punishing you in the only way he knows how. You probably feel empowered when you ignore him when you reach out, and he’s hoping to hurt you as badly as you did.


The heart does grow fonder when one is absent. It’s the same reason your ex ignores you. When you have an ex who has a manipulative nature by nature, you can expect this kind of behavior.

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How Do You React when Your Ex Ignores?

Cry for a week

After a breakup, you’re bound to feel depressed, so don’t try to avoid it. Watch sappy movies for a week or two with your friends while you cry, eat ice cream, and watch sappy movies. If you have purged your emotions, take a deep breath and begin to gather your thoughts. You’ll eventually get stuck in a rut of feeling sorry for yourself if you cry too much.

Start your dating

You can go on a few low-pressure dates with new people when you feel emotionally ready. You can get over your mediocre ex by meeting someone you like.

You should avoid bouncing back too quickly as you may find yourself in rebound relationships. Wait at least a month before you start dating again after you’ve been together for over a year.

Try for a New Hobby

If you’re going through the worst breakup, it’s probably best to avoid contact with your ex. When your ex comes back into your life in any capacity, you will be hindering the healing process for yourself, and your ex will always be a reminder of what went wrong. Rather than dwelling on your grief, your focus should be on the present and the future.

Spend time doing something you enjoy instead of thinking about your ex. You might want to try a new hobby or re-visit an old favorite. It is therapeutic if you can participate in your hobby outside the house and help others.

  • If you enjoy writing, consider joining a local writers’ group. Get involved in your community pool by volunteering as a lifeguard.
  • If you have always wanted to try a hobby, consider picking one up.
  • Your ex-partner should not be the inspiration for your hobbies.

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Though you may not feel like laughing at the moment, try your best to do so. Check out the playlists of your favourite YouTube comedians, go to a comedy club, or rent a humorous movie. Whenever all else fails, try your best fake laugh, and you will feel better soon.

Delete all your memories of Your Relationship

Throw away or burn something that reminds you of your ex, such as a present, a love note, etc. Ensure nothing else will be set on fire while you do this.


You may still be regarded as a friend to him, but he may not want to upset her or make her jealous by maintaining a close relationship with you. If you ask too much of him, you’re not doing anything wrong, but rather, he is dealing with his relationship issues. Think about how his new girlfriend feels or try to put you in his shoes. You might wish your boyfriend wouldn’t still hang out with or text his ex.

Make New Friends

Keep your distance from your ex. It is good for them if they’ve moved on and good for you too if you’ve moved on. You can meet some new people or reconnect with old friends. You will no longer require your ex to be your friend when you start doing that.

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Do & Don’t if Your Ex Ignores You

Do not want to come back

You might be ignoring your ex because he wants to prevent any possibility of you two getting back together. You do not need to make up with him, but he does not want to re-start the relationship with you. Your ex may turn down every meeting opportunity with you because of this reason. Even though he doesn’t have anything against you, he just doesn’t want to be reunited with you.

Do Accept your Break Up

Put an end to your hope of getting back together with your ex. If he had the same feelings, he most likely wouldn’t be ignoring you. Make the decision to move on firmly and firmly after telling you it’s over.

Do not go where ex favorite place

Even if you run into your ex at one of his favorite spots, he will not change his mind about you. You may even cause him irritation. Your emotional progress might also be undone if you come face-to-face with him once more. Avoid places you are likely to find your ex & don’t take the risk.

Do not be Friend with your Ex

Trying to keep your ex in your life is not a good idea, even if you miss him. If you try to be friends with him, you may seem a little desperate if he isn’t talking to you. In addition, it is hard for most people to move on emotionally when their ex is still at the forefront of their minds.

Do Closure

A closure can be a great idea, but sometimes it’s just not feasible. Especially if the breakup was messy or your ex ghosted you, it isn’t always easy to end a relationship satisfactorily. You should instead focus on living the best life possible instead of trying to get closure from your ex.

Do Focus on Your Goals

Don’t waste your energy on your ex. Focus on something that matters most. It doesn’t make sense to waste mental energy on a guy who isn’t even in your life anymore when you’re trying to achieve something that matters. You know deep down they’re watching for how much you insist on contacting them when they grow quiet on you.

Do Spend time in Nature

You get an immediate mood boost when you get out in the sunshine. Spend an hour or two relaxing in your backyard or outdoors on a hike in the woods.

Do not share your Feelings

It’s impossible to express your emotions to your ex & expressing them on paper might be a better idea anyway. Write everything you wish you could tell your ex in person in a letter to your ex. There’s nothing wrong with sending it and storing it away or throwing it away and repeating it as many times as you need to.

Do not Communicate with your Ex

If you think a final conversation with your ex will give you closure, don’t chase him or push him. You shouldn’t bother him for whatever reason, so leave him alone. You’ll regret it if you spill your feelings on someone who doesn’t care about you.

If you want to call or text your ex instead, call a friend instead, or turn off your phone and write in a journal instead. If you don’t know how to do it, ask someone you know to do it for you.

Do Get Support from your Family & Friends

Getting through a breakup requires the emotional or psychological support you need. In the aftermath of a bad breakup, friends, siblings, parents, and therapists can provide you with the support you need. However, do not consider your ex a close friend who provides emotional support. If the two of you decide to remain friends, who does not mean that he wants to hear late-night cries from you.

If you rehash your breakup repeatedly to your ex, in contrast to your other friends, he may become apathetic. There is a possibility that he is uncomfortable with your sadness, possibly that he doesn’t know how to handle it, or he knows that he is not the right person to support you.

Do not Care Too Much

It is also possible that you are exerting too much energy in his direction after he broke up with you but still want to be friends. You may be seen as needy or intrusive if you stay in touch. If he wants to contact you again, take a break from texting him and calling him.

Do not Threat Your Ex

The ex-partner in question will begin to doubt their decision to end their relationship with you because you have shown that you have been able to work on yourself. This may indicate you are breaking free from emotional dependence as they may begin having doubts and fears about losing someone who matches them.

Do not Blame Your Ex

Do not continue to blame your ex if they have cut you off from their lives. You cannot be blamed anyone for their actions. They agreed to be friends with you at the time, but when the time came for commitment, they weren’t ready. You should not be upset over their decision, no matter what the circumstances are.

Do not wish your Ex

The mention of your ex’s name causes you to snarl and sob. Although breakups tend to cause irrational feelings, this does not necessarily imply they did anything wrong. You gave others an idea of how things might have gone down in the end with your savage reaction to hearing your former special one’s name.

Do not say anything about Breakup

Everyone doesn’t want to spend all day talking about their exes. The only problem is that you don’t even dare bring up your disastrous breakup. There is almost a no better way to deal with endings like that than to pretend they never happened.

How Do You Stop Your Ex’s Ignorance?

Forget your Past

Exes usually become ex because they did something wrong. Due to whatever reason, you broke up with your ex because they could not continue to be in this relationship with you. Exes ignore you because they do not want to be bothered with you, and exes belong to the past.

Their viewpoint is that the past should be left in the past. There is no need for your ex to ruin the present and future of someone’s love. You’re ignored and avoided by ex every time you two have an encounter due to this reason as well. 

Start Conversion

Furthermore, when you two meet somewhere, you feel ignored by your ex. That is why you need to figure out why they ignore you. Perhaps they are waiting for you to reach out to them first; you could try talking to them first. When you do this & your ex stops the cold war, it shows they just wanted your initiative.

Love Yourself

Immediately after a breakup, you feel lousy & your life loses its charm. You once had someone who dominated your life, and that person is gone now. After someone passes away, however, life continues without them. Consequently, you improve your personality so that your ex stops ignoring you. Show your ex what they have lost by loving yourself and grooming yourself.

Balancing Your Life

You should not only keep yourself occupied with what you enjoy but also find time for socializing. You avoided meeting new people in the past so as not to upset your partner. With all the free time you have, meet new friends and make new connections.

Those who maintain a balance between their personal and social lives tend to be successful. You should also keep a balanced life and keep a balanced personal life. In turn, your ex will appreciate this change so much since you will become more sophisticated.

Having a perfectly balanced and perfect life will let your ex know you’ve changed. Your ex will be attracted to you for this personality change. If you have broken up with your ex, you might be able to regain your dignity.

Focus on your Goals

You should set goals and work towards each one at a time. You will feel good about yourself when you accomplish your goals. You will also fill the emptiness left in your heart by your ex after you broke up.

You will not have any spare time to over think anything if you are busy doing your favorite things. Maintaining a busy lifestyle is the key to happiness. Keeping yourself busy with things you enjoy will keep you happy all the time.

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