How Does The Dumper Feel After 2 Months? Tips & Tricks

The relationship is quite a tricky concept you never know one day you feel blessed and on the other day you may get separated, that is why maintaining a relationship is much more complicated than going on a relationship. When your relationship ends you feel heartbroken, and filled with regrets and miseries. But at one time or the other, you will learn to live again and love again.

You probably have wondered what the dumper feels after two months of being separated from you, but if not then this article will give you a clue as to how the dumper feels after breaking up with you. 

Mental state of the dumper after two months of breakup

If you have ever dumped someone you will know the experience, if not we are here to fill in the gap for you. Usually, there are many reasons for getting separated, for example, lack of commitments, lack of personal space, lack of time, and many other reasons. The mental state of a dumper can only be assumed by the reasons for getting separated.

how does dumper feel after 2 months tips tricks
how does dumper feel after 2 months tips tricks

If the reason is mutually decided and accepted

As discussed earlier the mental stage depends on the reasons behind the breakup like; not being good for each other, compatibility issues, failed to adjust to each other, or some other mutual reasons. To get separated then after months or two the dumper will pass the stage where they start questioning themselves and doubting their decision of getting separated.

If the reason was quite silly and can be recovered

It is normal human psychology that we did not think it through but after doing we keep on regretting it. That is what the dumper would feel when out of anger or anxiety they have left you even though the reason was quite silly and baseless. Getting separated for something silly if you both have something special is one of the worst mistakes in any relationship. After two months the dumper will feel the need for you and would also feel lonely and rejected.

To get partial relaxation the dumper or your ex will want to know about you indirectly and they also must be eager to be somehow close to you and recover the relationship with you. Also Read: How does dumper feel when you ignore them

If the dumper doesn’t have feelings for you

Getting separated because the dumper has no love or affection for you is probably another common reason for the separation and if that is the reason then it is good to say that the dumper is being relieved and maybe indulged in search of much more compatible than you. 

On the other hand, there is another possibility that he is faking and hiding his emotions from the world and especially you. The person may seem happier and more content than before – this could be a reflection of their actual happiness, or it could just be an act to trick you. It’s hard to understand how someone feels deeply when you cannot read their emotions. We can sometimes tell what a person is thinking based on the actions they take, but it is difficult to be accurate every time.

Various stages of a breakup for the average dumper

Here are some stages of a breakup for the average dumper:-

01. Stage of rage or grief

As a consequence, the dumper may be forced to decide to break up and decide that he or she cannot go on and on. In spite of the fact that this stage might not apply to everyone if they discover that you have betrayed them or are cheating on them, it is important to go through this stage.

Cheating is a common occurrence, despite the popular belief that it does not occur often. It is usually the last straw that causes him to end the relationship, as this is the thing that completely breaks the bond.

02. Stage of tension

In the course of considering the best way to end the relationship, the dumper may feel anxious at this time as they consider the best course of action. Whenever they think about the possibility that they may lose you and have to deal with the effects that the breakup will have on their friendship, they can become depressed. There is a possibility that they may think that you have been hurt as a result of their actions.

03. The stage of depression

If you are wondering about the time when the dumper starts getting depressed, then the answer is when they realized that life is never going to be the same further, and gradually notice the impact of breaking up with their loved ones. It is likely that the dumper will feel anxious as he formulates a break-up plan for the relationship. In the process, he probably analyzes how to say this, when is the best time to say it, and what is the best way to put it across. 

04. The stage of no regret

As dumpers, you will only tend to see the negative aspects of our former relationships. We tend not to think about getting back together with their ex as they are so focused on starting a new relationship. The dumpers eventually feel a tremendous weight lifted off their shoulders because they had been meaning to start the break-up for weeks or months but had never had the time or the confidence to do it. They delayed splitting up as long as they could because every time they tried to part ways, they had a change of heart.  

No matter what explanations your ex gave you for the breakup, whether they ghosted you or just told you the truth, it was clear that they had fallen out of love with you. There was no point in begging and pleading to make them change their mind.  

05. The stage of Excitement

At this point, the dumper is overjoyed to be free from their ex and starts acting strangely. Dumpers start acting as though they’ve been let loose from their captivity and engage in all kinds of bizarre antics. They act like prisoners who have been set free forever, in this stage; they have no limit to their excitement. This is due to the fact that the initial excitement is insufficient to spur long-term transformation. Before a dumper could change their way of life, they would have to make a deliberate effort and stick with it long enough to form a new habit.

06. The stage of sentimentality

In the stage of nostalgia, dumpers begin to long for their dumpee and may get in touch to inquire about availability. This behavior is something that the dumpers go through in order to lessen their guilt and move on more quickly without looking back.  It is also likely that the dumper will compare his or her new relationship to his or her old one and note all the things that are lacking in the new relationship if the dumper has already begun dating someone new.

07. The stage of perplexity

Dumpers go through this phase when they second-guess or regret their choice. Even though you privately miss him terribly, you’ve given him no contact. They may believe that they made the wrong decision in ending things because they don’t know what you think or feel.

08. The stage of acknowledgment

Acknowledgment is a vital stage in the stages a dumper goes through, just like the stages of sorrow. In the end, if the two of you are unable to patch things up, you will both have to find other relationships. It can be difficult to accept the loss of a relationship, but once you do, your chances of meeting someone better increase.


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