18 Possible Reasons When a Guy Stops Talking To You Out of The Blue

You may be wondering what you can send to get the attention of a guy who has left you on reading or a normally chatty guy who has suddenly gone quiet. The good news is that there are plenty of options out there for getting a boy’s attention. You may not want to send anything at all if things are going well and it hasn’t been more than an hour. It depends on how you two are feeling.

You may have known each other for sometimes and thought that your relationship was solid. Your messages used to be answered quickly, but suddenly there is no response. It’s unsettling when, after a pleasant meeting, you reach out to someone, only to not hear from them. You cannot be certain that it was your actions that caused someone to stop communicating with us without explanation. It may not have been your fault. You should take a closer look if you have experienced this a few times before.

Why Do Men Remain Silent?

Evolutionarily speaking, man as a hunter-gatherer cared only about finding food and protecting his family against harm. Withdrawal is a form of protection from being hurt on a social and psychological level. Early childhood emotional environments in families, schools, and broader communities are the source of its development.

reasons when he guy stops talking you me out blue
Reasons when he guy stops talking you me out blue

Some guys struggle to find a language for their emotions because they have been taught not to express their feelings.

18 Key Reasons why guy stops texting to you

Opposite Lifestyles

It is important to note that most women overlook this reason when men do not respond.

He may not answer because he doesn’t think he can have a future with you. For instance, perhaps you believe in opposite ideologies. You may not want to have a life outside of the relationship because he is very independent. You could have differing lifestyles, which might explain why he isn’t answering. It’s normal for men to consider the future as well, and if he knows that their relationship can’t have a future, he won’t want to begin.

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Someone who dates someone insecure or needy feels like they are raising a child instead of being with their true partner. A person who is insecure needs to be constantly reminded that their love is real. Perhaps you were just needy because you love him so much, or maybe something was bothering you.

This isn’t attractive in either case, and guys tend to avoid needy women. Try not to be so easily accessible to him, and make him feel like you don’t need him.


There are times when he doesn’t communicate well. His topic of conversation might not be clear at times. His shyness may hamper him from initiating a conversation. Additionally, it might be difficult for him to communicate with someone whose communication is important.

He could have also pulled back due to a lack of self-confidence or self-esteem. It was a man who you wanted to be your half-sister, not a child you wanted to be your mother.

Upset Due to Your Action

The emotional reaction he had to the idea of chasing you could have swayed him. Remember the exact moment he ceased speaking with you since that might have been an unfortunate event. You will need to figure out what triggered his ignoring you.

It may have been that you spent time with someone else. He could have felt jealous because of that, and that is why he ignores you. The fact that he disappeared on you instead of talking to you about what bothered him was a mistake.

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He Does Not Like You at All

You can’t avoid the worst possible explanation when a guy suddenly stops talking to you. Perhaps he doesn’t care that much about you. Despite how painful it is, you have to accept that he’s not interested in you if you notice the signs.

Though, it does not mean that he never cared about you. He might have changed his mind about you due to something that happened. You can’t change his mind if he’s not interested in you.


Even though you live in the same city, you live at opposite an end, which makes getting to know each other difficult. He probably thought it would be better to end the relationship sooner than to be in a long-distance relationship with someone in his hometown.

It’s pointless to waste your emotional energy on such a pile of steaming shit, if this really happened.

Playing the Field

The future girlfriend he chose was the one he thought would best suit his needs among the two girls he was dating. Unfortunately, you weren’t the one. It is okay if you were not chosen. You shouldn’t be too emotionally attached to anyone who can’t show basic human decency to you.

It is important to find a man who will choose you and be sure of you.  Just let him go if he sees someone else and isn’t even decency enough to tell you.

Fear of Getting Heartbreak

While he knows he’s crazy about you, he’s not trying to hide it. Yet he is scared of breakups. He decides to do it first because he is afraid of you leaving him. This urge drives him to leave the situation, and that’s exactly what he does.

It’s understandable that he wouldn’t be willing to tell you that he wants out of the relationship. It is clear to him that speaking to you would lead to a change of mind, so instead of talking to you, he decides to disappear from your life.

Interesting of Someone Else

He may talk a lot to other people, but this does not necessarily mean he is interested in another person. The two of you could be trying to avoid getting tired of each other quickly by spending time with someone else. Then again, he may be interested in another person.

He doesn’t know how to tell you that he likes another girl, which may explain why he won’t answer. A man you like liking someone else hurts, but it only means that he isn’t the right one for you.  You don’t deserve him if he can give up on you so easily because he is excited to be dating someone else.

Bad at Texting

These days, it’s surprising to find that someone is unable to text properly. Even though they are rude, they are not evil. Many people can ignore or turn off their phones when concentrating on work. Text messages may not be answered for hours or even days. Don’t dismiss someone because they take hours to reply if they fall into either the bad texter category or the focus on work category before you reject them.

You might have sent way too many texts without waiting for a response from him, which turned him off. Also, you might not be good at texting. He’s put you on timeout because you rarely reply to his messages on time & you can’t keep a conversation going.

Too Busy

It may not be because of you that he has become cold toward you. He might be too busy right now if you put yourself in his shoes for a moment. There is also a possibility that he is dealing with something and holds everything inside.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that someone who really wants to be with you will find a way to make it happen. If he is dealing with something heavy, he might turn to you for comfort.

Taking For Granted

There is no denying that this guy takes you for granted, whether you like it or not. Despite the fact that he does nothing to keep you around, he still assumes you will always be there. You can go back to the conversation and see who was the one who initiated the conversation and sent more texts.

Give Him Proper Space

There are times when men are silent, whether they’re angry, sad, happy, fearful, or happy. The silence and withdrawal of their partners cause great concern, confusion, and anxiety in their partners.

When men are silent, despite clumsy attempts, they are trying to solve problems within their relationship. You need to let him have some space if he needs it, but he should know you are there for him if he needs you.

There’s nothing you can do about what he’s going through. Most people overlook this as a reason why he stopped talking to you. Possibly there is something troubling him. There may be an underlying illness such as anxiety, depression, & much more.

Unavailable for Few Days

It’s inevitable that we will occasionally encounter areas where there is no Wi-Fi or spotty reception, whatever the reason. His situation may coincide with that. Perhaps he is away visiting family, on vacation, on business, abroad, etc.

You will have to wait for a few days until he can reliably contact you from wherever he is. It’s likely he told you he’s going away if you’re far enough along into the relationship, but hey, things can surprise you from time to time. There’s a chance you’re still getting to know each other and you’re not yet at the point where both of you tell the other about such things.

Thinking About his Ex-partner

It would have been nice if he had been decent and informed you about his feelings about his ex-partner, but he didn’t have to. Then you deserve a lot of praise for choosing to dump him over leading you on. Now that it’s over, let’s move on.

Don’t be Desperate

Desperation can be detected by men from a mile away. If you are always the one to text first, call and schedule, or ask when he is free next, he will think you are the one who is always keeping in touch. He stopped speaking to me when he smelled your desperation. In the absence of any action, you could easily find yourself in the same situation.

Not Help Him Financially

You are responsible for not paying the date expenses because you showed no initiative to do so. You must also prove your equality by splitting the bill or by paying for every alternate date if you want him to respect and treat you equally.

If something goes wrong, you aren’t old-fashioned, you are being a stingy mooch who uses tradition as an excuse to hide her greed. As a woman, you are shameful for not only perpetuating a terrible stereotype about women but also being such a stereotypical woman.

In His Mind it Won’t Work Out

When a guy feels it might not work out between you, he might stop talking to you or slow down communications. When their partner is upset, they attempt to lessen the impact by reducing or refraining from direct communication.

He might be trying to get out of a situation by stopping texting you every day. Despite your best efforts, some people don’t handle confrontation well.

How to Text a Guy After His Absence?

Keep Your Emotions in Check

Maintaining your composure through the whole process goes hand in hand with this. It’s best to keep all your feelings in check, no matter how happy, excited, sad, or angry you are. This guy should not be able to take advantage of your emotions. It’s not a good idea to open up emotionally to a man you haven’t spoken to in a long time. 

Your communication will be hindered since both of you will not know how to communicate with one another. This will also affect other aspects of your life. Therefore, you should keep your feelings at bay and engage him in a cordial manner until you have more information.

Don’t Texting Him too Much

You have been dying to get in touch with him for two days now. You will come off as way too eager and maybe even desperate if a guy sees a wall of texts from you, so to go along with the point above, don’t bombard him with texts. Although this is easier said than done, if you absolutely must, consider checking in using more than a simple text message. You should stop bothering him until he takes the initiative.

Keep your correspondence short and sweet if he gets back in touch. You will have a harder time keeping him interested in your conversation if you text him an essay about your feelings and scold him for not communicating with you. Feel free to dish it right back when you get those ubiquitous and immensely frustrating little replies.

Care Him

You can make the biggest mistake by panicking, stressing over what went wrong, and begging for his attention when a guy suddenly stops talking to you. As a result, he hurts your feelings even more and distances himself further from you.

Approach him in a caring and sensitive manner if he is still distant and cold towards you. You should instead ask him if everything is alright, instead of trying to get his attention back.

Be Sweet

It does not matter how hurt you were in the past by the man in question, if you remain friendly, it will show you’ve grown in that period. Even when you don’t want to talk to someone, being polite is the best policy to follow.

By taking control of situations and accepting or declining offers, you will not appear bad. It might indirectly lead to unnecessary conflict if you send him unruly messages.

Don’t Cross your Boundaries

You need to understand your current relationship with a guy when he messages you unexpectedly. It will help you avoid crossing boundaries you’ll regret later or unnecessarily discussing life events you do not want to talk about. If you text him cordially and responsibly, you won’t be worried about him responding negatively.

Ignore Him

You need to give a man the silent treatment if he stops talking to you. Keep your distance from him, ignore him for a while, and silence works for guys. If you cut off all communication with him, you will create a sense of loss. Spending a lot of time with or around him will make him more comfortable with you if you are always there for him.

He will be shocked once you are no longer involved in his life and you withdraw. You will become more comfortable around him if you are always available.

Don’t Share all the Personal Information

However, a man who meets a woman who shares her feelings right away will see it as oversharing if the opposite happens. When you tell him your life story and you don’t know him well, he is probably scared of hearing about it, which is why he doesn’t text back.

This is why you shouldn’t share any personal information with a guy before you know him better. The guy gets shivers when he hears that the woman he likes wants to get married right away. As strange as their thinking is, that is simply how they are.


You don’t want to worry about whether he text you back or whether you will send a text message. Anger can lead you to act in a way you will later regret. To prevent this from happening, remain patient at all times. 

By proceeding in this manner, you will ensure your message stands out and you will be able to respond appropriately to his remarks. You should avoid overthinking things since it will most likely make you overthink things. By maintaining your composure until you know more about his intentions, you will be able to handle the situation better than expected.

Be Careful with your Response

After a long period without communication, you should pay attention to the text they send. Paying attention to your responses would be another prudent move.  It is important that you do not suggest anything outside of your original intentions; otherwise, you may ignite something you didn’t intend.

Your messages will motivate him to make a move, or at the very least, keep his distance if you show you’re interested in him. Be as straightforward as possible with your messages since they can be interpreted in many ways.

Deal this Without Panicking

Dealing with this without panicking is what it’s all about. Please do not take a response to one of your messages as an indication that you should bombard the guy with texts about everything you have been feeling and thinking since you last communicated. You may only text him when his texts you to ease back into a good communication pattern.

Make it seem like you don’t care whether he replies. If you suddenly become indifferent to a guy and he thinks you’re interested in him, he will reach out to you. Keep him from knowing that he has gotten under your skin, no matter what you do.

Don’t over Thinking About Future

Even before anything begins to occur, it’s easy to imagine that you and your guy will never be the same after a lengthy period of time together.  When it is he who is the one who got away, you may still dream of getting back on track and rekindling something you wished never died.

Considering your vision for the future is important, but being overconfident that it will end the way you envision might lead to mistakes.

Call Him For His Ignorance

Sometimes, guys don’t reply to you because they’re just stubborn. You might not be relevant to him anymore. Perhaps another woman has taken his attention. No matter what, you can always speak up if he ignores you.

You must not put him in a position of guilt or shame when you do this. Also, don’t pressure him to talk to you again. Whenever he stops communicating with you, tell him how sad and neglected you feel when he does it.

Perfect Time to Call it Quit

You’re better off without a guy who plays games with you and makes you feel bad about yourself in any case. You deserve so much better than him ghosting you or being minimally responsive. The best person will be found, and honestly, you will have dodged a bullet.

A guy like this would probably eventually leave you if you ended up in a relationship with him. You learn the truth right away.

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