My Boyfriend Doesn’t Respect Me or My Feelings: 30 Signs

Any relationship that exhibits signs of disrespect is a sign that it is likely to fail in the future. This is because love can only sustain a relationship for a limited period of time. If you’re just getting to know someone, it’s better to take it slow because you are still in the beginning and would like to see how things can progress. It is more important to look for signs you have a guy’s respect than to figure out how to tell if he likes you.

It is possible for two people to fall in love in an instant. However, lasting relationships are built on trust and respect. It is the only thing that can prevent the weakest connection from unraveling sooner or later. This concerning tendency can be turned around if you and your partner recognize it for what it is and take steps to rein it in.

Define Mutual Respect

Respect is simply a feeling of admiration brought about by the abilities, qualities, or accomplishments of someone or something. By showing respect in a relationship, you consider your partner’s feelings, are honest, and so on. It is your responsibility to make things right if you hurt your partner in some way.

sings my boyfriend does not respect me my feelings
Signs my boyfriend does not respect me my feelings

Both of you showing respect to one another by doing this is a sign of mutual respect. You might need to react if, for example, your new partner fails to reply promptly after receiving your message. You might need to explain to them that you wouldn’t like this kind of communication. You run the risk of losing your relationship or making it unsatisfactory if you don’t.

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How to deal with Disrespect?

When your partner shows disrespect in a relationship, you operate from a place of utter disregard for your partner’s feelings, emotions, needs, and aspirations, and do not relate to what they want or expect from you. A partner who treats their partner in a way they themselves would never tolerate can be viewed as disrespectful in a relationship.

Putting up with disrespect in a relationship isn’t just about putting up with verbal abuse or putting up with someone who doesn’t satisfy your emotional needs. A lack of respect in a relationship can be seen in exasperated rolling of the eyes, insensitive comments, taunting, inaction, and patronizing behavior.

What are the signs that your boyfriend does not respect you?

This can manifest itself in many ways, unfortunately. You may be hated for your clothes, or emotionally unstable, or your trustworthiness may be questioned. A person’s feelings are valuable and they are trustworthy, but not showing respect means not valuing them or trusting them.

Signs of Disrespect form Your Boyfriend

Embarrass You Publicly

Embarrassing you in front of others is another sign that your boyfriend does not respect you. It is not acceptable to be yelled at or reprimanded in front of someone’s friends or family. Those gentlemen who respect and love their girlfriends will protect them from embarrassment and deal with them privately.

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Not Value your time

Couples can sometimes feel distant and out of touch when they are busy with their daily routines. If you feel your partner does not value and respect you enough to make an effort to spend time together, this could mean they do not respect and value you as much as they should.

Men often display these tendencies as signs of disrespect. There are many signs of disrespect in a relationship, even if your partner is not consciously disrespecting you. You are not respected enough on a subconscious level for things that are important to you to have value.

  • You and your loved one were supposed to meet for dinner, but your boyfriend didn’t arrive until an hour later.
  • Then he ends up causing you to be late for an event you want to attend, simply because you asked him to accompany you.
  • If you’re running late for work, your boyfriend takes his time getting ready for work and hogs the shower first.
  • If your partner is always on the phone or too busy to talk to you, it might be because they are busy with their activities. Partners must do their best not to let gadgets take them apart in a healthy relationship.


Honesty plays an important role in developing a stable relationship. That’s a sign that your partner does not respect you if they lie to you frequently. As a result, your relationship is unhealthy. There’s been a lie told to you by your guy.

You cannot respect your boyfriend if he lies to you over and over again. When a man values their relationship, he believes that they deserve to know everything about each other.


It would be harder to have a relationship with someone you can’t trust. It’s unlikely you could share any secrets with him. Also, you’d have to keep your valuables under lock and key. There’s no point in trying to do it, as it takes a lot more effort than it’s worth. It’s no different from trust.

You won’t be interested in sharing or learning about someone if you don’t respect them. Getting your relationship off to a poor start is a sign he does not appreciate you, but you appreciate him.

Not Give Personal Space

Those who disrespect their partner by overpowering them so much that their personal space and freedom are negated are on the other end of the spectrum. When your partner wants to spend time with friends or is too busy to come for romantic dinner, picking a fight or getting into an argument is a sign that you are disrespectful.

Other Girl’s Attraction & Comparison

A boyfriend’s public declaration of being attracted to other women is one of the most obvious signs he is disrespectful. The boyfriend you’re dating is not worth it if he wouldn’t even care if you caught him staring at other girls. His disrespect for you is evident.

  • It’s the worst he has ever compared you to other girls.
  • You have ever heard him tell you to dress as his crush or treat him as his ex did. You are not respected if you experience this in your relationship.
  • It is also disrespectful to flirt with other people while you’re in a relationship. Because of this, don’t believe what your boyfriend says about his harmless flirting. Flirting in any form is disrespectful to your relationship, even if it is subtle.

Silent Treatment

There will always be fights, arguments, and disagreements between couples. The strength of a relationship is measured by how the two partners resolve a conflict. The silent treatment is a hallmark of disrespect in a relationship if it is the way your partner reacts to disagreements.

The silent treatment is a form of mind control. They may even indicate to you that they have an upper hand in the relationship so you should resolve a fight by yourself.

Not Consulting with Each Other

You and your spouse may not consult one another before making big or small decisions as life partners. In its essence, it is a statement that neither of you values the opinions of the other very much. A third person informing you of what your special one has been up to can be extremely unsettling and hurtful. They are showing little or no respect for you or your feelings by doing this.

Avoid any Serious Conversation

In an intimate relationship, there will inevitably be serious topics that come up, and you need to openly discuss these topics if you want to move forward. The problems must be resolved and moving forward must be accomplished.

It is a good indication that someone doesn’t care if they are uninterested in discussions about the relationship or serious topics. The truth is, he has no interest period if he avoids all serious issues and does not show any desire to move the relationship forward.

Don’t Give Full Attention While You Talking

Being a good listener is an especially important quality of a partner when we need to make our feelings known, so being an active and attentive listener is particularly appealing. You should take notice if you feel your partner does not listen to your problems and does not show you the respect you deserve.

When you are pouring yourself out to your boyfriend and he is unwilling to listen, it means he does not respect you. An attentive boyfriend would listen to his girlfriend’s concerns. A boyfriend who devotes his full attention to you whenever you spend time together really respects you.

His Priority is not You

In addition to showing love, prioritizing your partner also speaks volumes about the respect you have for them. You show someone you value them by putting them first. The virtue of respect is absent in a relationship if your partner does not make you the priority in their life.

Being Rude

An individual who respects you will behave courteously and with kindness toward you. It is disrespectful to be frequently treated harshly by your boyfriend, whether it is verbally or physically. You won’t be treated rudely by a genuine guy who respects you; because he understands that you don’t deserve it.

It may be obvious that this guy lacks respect, but that does not mean you can ignore the other things that are wrong with him. His kindergarten teacher should have taught him the value of respect. This guy still probably doesn’t understand how a good relationship works or would not be a good partner if he doesn’t grasp that concept.


Relationships normally include a little jealousy and even a healthy amount of it. If your boyfriend doesn’t care if you leave, then he isn’t bothered by other guys coming on to you, just as he will get jealous if he’s afraid of losing you.

Because he wants you to go, he does not fear anyone taking you away from him. In other words, if your guy is never jealous of other guys, he probably does not care about you anymore.

Tell Your Secret in Public

If you don’t respect your partner, they will divulge intimate details about your life. In the public domain, they spill your secrets about everything from bedroom secrets to relationship troubles. Your partner’s trust in you is honored by remaining silent about the most personal aspects of your relationship.

When your boyfriend tells you every detail about their life, you may begin to doubt their motives and respect for you.

Do Not Respond Your Text or Calls

He does not respect you if he doesn’t answer your chats, texts, or calls because he is busy playing a mobile game or watching his favorite show. His behavior implies indifference to your time. There is no reason for him to keep you waiting. You can expect him to call or respond as soon as he feels like it.

Not Comprise with You

My way or the highway is another indication of disrespect in a relationship. In every relationship, you will need to make adjustments and compromises. Nevertheless, if your partner does not intend to compromise without considering how this will affect you, then you will not be respected or loved within your relationship.

Do not treat Your Stuff Properly

It even happened that your boyfriend broke your things when you fought or threw them around carelessly. When your boyfriend respects your personal belongings, it’s a sign he respects you. He will care for them as if they are his, knowing how important they are to you.

Conversely, if he does not care about dirtying, losing, or damaging your things, then he shows little respect for you.

Miss Communication

In the event of a lack of respect in a relationship, communication problems are bound to emerge. A person who speaks does not listen to the other in such a scenario. Conflicts lead to raging arguments in which the only objective is to one-up the other.

It is one of the ways disrespect can manifest itself in relationships, along with a number of other signs of disrespect.

Criticizing Your Friends

The last person your boyfriend would notice in a group seems to be you in a group of friends or acquaintances. Whenever you are around other people, it is a sign that your guy does not respect you if he does not pay attention to you.

Your boyfriend must also be aware of the importance of your friends to you, as he respects them as your family. As such, if he does not comment positively on them, especially in front of you, he does not give a damn what you feel.

Signs of Your Boyfriend does not care about your Feelings

Physical Intimacy

Relationships are not defined solely by s*x. The s*xual act between a woman and a man is very different when they care about each other as opposed to meeting a random woman at a bar and having s*x; they are extremely different.

You don’t have to love him or care about him for him to want to have s*x. The two are distinct concepts to men; one can have s*x without feeling anything for the other.

Always Reach Him First

You can clearly see if he isn’t feeling you if you’re always trying to hang out with him or talk to him. There should definitely be some reciprocal affirmation of interest unless the guy is so shy as not to be able to speak. Then wait a few days and see if he initiates anything.

Once the plan is made, you can see his interest and excitement level. The man probably doesn’t care about you anymore if he doesn’t seem interested, or even if he doesn’t seem to want to hang out.

Do not help you Financially

It’s probably one of the best indicators of a guy not caring if he has the means and still won’t pay a dime. It’s so special to be with him that he lets you pay for dinner, even though he could. This usually means you are dating someone who uses you, posing as a rich girl to take advantage of you especially if your guy never helps you with anything.

If he is unable to contribute financially, then he probably does not care about being there for you emotionally. Even though he has the resources, he won’t pay. Dump him with a passion if he uses and abuses you.

Not Giving Interest in Your Life

The essence of a relationship is sharing everything with one another. It is only a person who truly loves you who wants to learn everything about you. If your boyfriend does not follow your day and does not care how you spend your time, he is not caring about you.

Not Make You Happy

Having them in your life doesn’t mean you can just be happy for them. They need you to go beyond that for them to be happy. Making someone else happy is good for you & makes you happy as well. It should be wonderful to make your beloved happy. There’s a very good chance he doesn’t care about you at all if he doesn’t make you happy.

People tend to show how much they care about you by how little they do for you and the amount of inconvenience they will tolerate for you. You should make your girlfriend happy as much as possible.

Making Decision without your Concern

Long-term relationships can only exist when both parties make decisions together. If he makes all the decisions, this is a very bad sign. Ask yourself if he asks for your opinion if you are wondering if he even cares.

Maybe he believes he is smarter than you or thinks that he is more capable than you. The point is that he won’t make decisions with you in mind when he doesn’t care about your feelings.

No introductions to his family and friends

This is a major sign that he does not care and is possibly using you if he never mentions you or is rarely seen by anyone in his inner circle. It is uncommon for a man to love you secretly unless you have a hideous past everyone knows about.

The person who avoids introducing you, or leaves you out of their lives, is most likely planning never to have to introduce you anywhere else.

Treating You like a Normal Person

Something is likely wrong if he does not treat you in any way differently. It is important to remember how you treat each other and how you interact with each other, which attests to your special connection.

When it comes to your girlfriend, it is always something special, expensive, and meaningful to her. In other words, if he doesn’t treat you with respect, then you might not be important to him.

Not Being Protective

Males have a natural desire to protect their loved ones, especially those they are closest to. You should know that if your boyfriend sits idly by while you get raked on, then he is either apathetic or not concerned with your feelings.

You may view a guy who is not inhibited in going out with whoever you want as a red flag. Nobody wants a guy who will constantly show jealousy the minute they talk to another man. You don’t need a dictionary to tell you what it means; you just need to leave the man who will never appreciate you for who you are.

Don’t include you in his Future Plans

It is a sign of someone’s care when they discuss the future together. It’s clear that they care about you enough to literally bring you into their lives and must figure out how to include you in everything they do. It is no secret that many men and women will sacrifice anything in order to remain with someone they love.

If he doesn’t mention you at all, then you’re either not part of his plans or he’s not interested in you. You are either something to rely on or something he is using to float, which is a clear sign he doesn’t care about you.


I hope you have learned our concept on My Boyfriend Doesn’t Respect Me or My Feelings. Any questions, please let us know.

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