Do You Love Her? 20 Signs That You Surely Say Yes!

Love can be one of the best feelings anyone can experience. Love follows no strict rules or restrictions, and it can happen to you as well. Whenever you meet someone, if your heartbeat rises and you do not know the reason, that means you are in love, my friend. Love can be the most peaceful and exciting emotion that connects the whole world. Love does not distinguish between cast, creed, s*x, or religions, and anybody can fall in love whoever they want.

Many teenagers wonder how they can determine whether they feel love or something else. Suppose, on the first day in your high school, you are mature enough now, and on the first day, you meet someone, and suddenly you become spell-bound. You may wonder what made you act stupid, and the answer is love. That is what love is; though, it is a two-way concept; when you and your partner have equal emotions for each other, the magic starts.

Determining love can be a tricky concept, as in the initial stage, you are immature and inexperienced regarding various love factors. You might feel infatuation rather than falling in love. Infatuation means having a short time of passion for someone or something. In an Infatuation, people may tend to ignore some serious issues that may hamper their future actions and reactions.

Signs That Surely Say You Love Her

Many individuals are stressing out by deciding whether he is in love with someone or a short passion. There may be some time when you choose to confront her without overthinking, but it may not be a good idea because it may lead to something you did not expect. You may find it beneficial to think about some factors that could assist you in figuring out the answer to your question.

do you love her signs that you surely say yes
Do you love her signs that you surely say yes

Here are a few signs that will help you clarify whether you are in love or something short time passion:

Sign#1 You always praise her work

When you like everything about your partner, not a single habit annoys you. If that is the situation, it can be something special between you two. When you always praise her actions and get impressed by simple actions and reactions, it may be possible that you are in love. As yourself honestly, is there any habit that disturbs others except you? If not, it may signify that you have genuine feelings for her. Maybe you are in love with that someone.

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Sing#2 You have fun when together

It can be a sign of love when you have fun, no matter where you are and at what time. If you are with someone appropriate, your life becomes exciting and fun automatically. For example, If your day is not going accordingly, all your stress turns into excitement when you meet your potential life partner. When you are with your special one, your life gets new additional meaning. According to many experts, when you start appreciating your life the moment you meet your special one, it may seem that you may be in love with that person.

Sign#3 When you prioritize her happiness:

When you are in a situation where making your special one smile is equally worthy as your life, then it means you may be in love. For example, when you have a bad day, you may imagine her sweet smile and make all your problems disappear. That can be a pure indication of love.

When an individual starts having some affections towards someone and gets confused in determining whether it is love or not. Imagine her smiling face, and all your difficulties may vanish; if your heart becomes aroused and starts to beat faster, it could be a clear sign of love.

At that moment, your top priority is to make her laugh and create a healthy impression. You may strive to figure out how to make her happy. You may crack some jokes that might be helpful or share some funny incident of yours. Every individual seeks hard to put a sweet and decent smile on their partners’ faces; that makes an individuals’ world better.

Sign#4 When you need her to complete your day

It can also be a potential sign that you are in love if you feel incomplete not talking to her at the end of the day. Yet, you frequently desire to speak with her and meet her without missing a single day. When you feel that your day can only be complete when you meet your special one, that is what describes a healthy love affair or affection.

It is advised not to get obsessed with her thoughts that may affect your day-to-day life and lead to critical issues. But when you are with her, you feel complete and comfortable. You feel relaxed and want to share every possible detail with your special one. That, my friend, is what love means. Caring for each other happiness is what defines it.

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Sign#5 Everything around you feels attractive

When you fall in love with someone you admire, everything around you becomes new and attractive. Every tedious day-to-day job adds a new layer of excitement when your special one is by your side. When you are in love, whenever you plan to see a romantic movie or take a short trip to any fancy restaurant, you want to involve her in the plan first.

Many experts say love adds some new meaning and spark to our boring world. It is your perception or way of seeing and experiencing that changes when you fall in love. You can spend hours sitting on your couch with your special one when love hits you. You can have the power of visualizing your world with a new perspective when you fall in love. That is why love is one of the most beautiful emotions or experiences one can imagine.

Sign#6 Spending time with her feels easy

When you have a hard time at work or your life, spending time with your special one automatically resolves those issues. When spending time together seems not such a difficult task, you somehow get the time to meet each other no matter what. Arguments are part of relationships, it only maintains the heat of the relationship, but arguments may seem like an easy task because there is no place for pride, self-esteem, etc. Even when it is not your fault, you can accept defeat to make sure you do not lose her. You feel incomplete without her, and you are afraid of losing her. Even a single day detached from your special one can be a big deal for you.

Sign#7 In your mind all the time

When you are in love with someone, it is impossible to forget her for a single moment. Her thought may be preserved permanently back in your mind. You may suddenly recall some moments spent with her, suddenly may want to call her and chat with her.

Or maybe you visit some clothing store to buy yourself some clothes; instead, you buy some clothes for your special one to make her happy, this is what love can be. When you have an infatuation, you can forget about her for a while, but it may be hard to brush it off; instead, you create a special place in your mind for her. When you meet your special one, you mentally, physically, and emotionally link yourself with your special one. You may constantly crave to meet your special one when you are in love.

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Sign#8 You want to hear her voice

When you are in love, your ears are constantly following, her voice no matter whatever she speaks. Maybe she is sharing some boring stories, yet your attention is at its best. You prioritize whatever she is talking about; that may be the symbol of falling in love no matter what. Your day is incomplete if you, for once, do not hear her voice. Everything she speaks suddenly becomes the most important thing ever.

Sign#9 You may wonder about her family or friends

If you have had any experience with casual relationships, you already know that meeting your partner’s family or friends is not what you want. But strangely, when you get hit by true love, you may want to meet her family right away.

You will automatically strive hard to know as much about her as possible. You may also want to know who her parents are, where she lives, who she is friends with, whether she has any pets, interests, hobbies, and every tiny detail you may want to know. Love may make you look creepy and desperate, but if you are going to create a healthy impression in front of her, make sure not to look so hopeless.

Sign#10 You feel happy when with your special one

You may always dream of someone special, the sight of whom can make your smile brighter, make your stress and workload vanish. When you finally get a chance to date each other, you become excited like never before. The regular sight of your special one can make you spellbound.

You started appreciating onto to next level. When you hug your partner, it feels like to keep hugging her the entire time. It breaks the ice between you two by a formal hug, but it may not be so casual for you at all. A slight sight of your loved one can make your mind energetic and cheerful.

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Sign#11 You feel depressed when not with her

When after your first date and you have a memorable night enjoying each other company, you may feel depressed or a little sad after she leaves for her home. You may question your integrity” are you in love or just feeling lonely?” It is natural to feel so. When you are in love, you want her always by your side.

If you cannot figure out the answer, the solution is here. If you love only the company and not the person, that means you feel lonely, but if you love and praise each moment you spend with her, it is your love towards her.

Sign#12 You want to give everything to her

The statement may seem a bit copied from many romantic songs, but it holds the truth when you doubt whether you are in love or not with someone. You can consider hearing romantic songs. If those songs remind you of your someone, then it may be a potential sign that you are in love with her.

When you doubt your love, you may want to remind yourself how much you have made an effort to satisfy her; you may get the most relevant answer. Another sign of love is you can do anything to meet your loved one’s needs.

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Sign#13 You want to know whether she loves you back or not

When you fall in love with someone, you may want to know her reply to your proposal. You may be dying to know what she thinks about you, whether she also feels the same or not. If that is the situation, it can be a significant sign of love.

According to many experts, the instant your particular one approaches you or spends time with you, you may feel unpleasant and weird in your stomach and heart. Along with the unpleasant sensation, you may also feel warm and calm. When she walks in front of you, you may get a rush of excitement out of nowhere. You may be eager and impatient to ask her out on a date, and you may be curious about her response. If you recognize all these scenarios, it is proof of love and nothing else.

Sign#14 You became a bit conscious & excited at the same time

When you love someone, you may always crave her attention. You become a happier person when she is around you. The thought of spending time with each other excites you, and seeing all those cute selfies together makes your smile brighter than ever.

As you love your partner, it is natural to care for her and get a bit nervous at the same time by thinking about how your relationship can last long and be healthy. But when you are in love, you also become a bit conscious and nervous. You become tense thinking about how to include her in your future.

Sign#15 Love made you a better person

When you fall in love, you always strive to be a better and bigger man in the group. When you are in a relationship with your special one, always want yourself to improve in every aspect of life. Your decision-making ability may change positively, and you can conclude better decisions whenever in love.

Your partner may push you towards improvements, and if your partner has no intention of improving you, you may consider looking for your true loved one. A couple needs to push each other towards improvement in many fields like better decision making, future planning, etc. To make a long-lasting relationship, you and your loved one need to develop each other equally.

Sign#16 You start investing for your future

You constantly strive hard to make your future suitable for your loved one. When you are in love with someone, you may always want her to be by your side as a permanent part of your life. You may start to include her in every plan like, small vacation trips, going to a fancy restaurant, etc.

An individual with a fixed goal and strong willpower to achieve attracts a woman usually. You gradually start planning a future and put in some extra effort to achieve your future goals when you fall in love with your true one. It may not only make your future bright but also make your partner fall in love with you.

Sign#17 Her decision can manipulate you

Though it may not be the right thing to do because every person has the right to make decisions, it can be a significant symbol of love when her decision can easily manipulate your thoughts. When you prioritize her motives more than yours, then you are in love.

But you may not want to get manipulated every time. It makes your decision weak mentally, and you may gradually lose confidence.

Sign#18 You feel proud to have her

If you are unsure whether you are in love with her or may have a passing interest in her, consider if you feel proud and confident when you’re with her. If you answered yes, she may possess some qualities which you like and respect. You not only adore but also respect her if you boldly announce her as your special one.

Whether you can figure out if she feels similarly proud while she is with you, you both may have mutual regard in a relationship. All you have to do now is express your affections for her, and everything should be alright between you two.

Sign#19 Confronting your feeling does not feel wrong

There is a strong possibility that you may want to spell those three words to your sweetheart on your first date once you have established a healthy relationship between you two. You may wish to confront your sentiments to your special one, while you spend some unforgettable time together. If you have not confronted her with your feelings yet, but strangely it feels natural to say those three words to your date.

A girl or a lady may pick up on your intents and affection, and if your feelings for her are genuine, now is the moment to express them. A girl already knows you love her and is just waiting for you to prove it with your own words and emotions. You might want to consider taking some time off and making a few plans before you express your feelings to your loved one.

Sign#20 When you overthink about your lover

When you meet someone special and have a few memorable times spent together, you often find yourself indulging in those thoughts. You may sometimes be overthinking about her. You may think over too much about how to make her happy or how to win her over. These types of thoughts may prevail in your mind all the time when you are in love.

Overthinking can sometimes result in ruining your special things. Overthinking leads to stress and may lead you to something worse. The solution to your overthinking issue is to confront your feelings and discuss whatever is in your mind.

Love and Infatuation are not the same

It may be something worthy of your attention. Usually, teenagers are less experienced in some vital factors of falling in love. It may be essential to determine whether you are in love or feeling infatuation. Infatuation is a short time-intense passion for someone or something, and on the other hand, love is comparatively much secluded and deeper emotion. Loving someone includes knowing your partner, feeling connected, care for each other.

Loving someone is a strong feeling that requires knowing your loved one and caring for them despite any flaws and imperfections. Love involves compromise and sacrifice for your partner’s will. On the other hand, infatuation only involves a strong passion for being with your desired one.

If we compare based on emotion, infatuation is the feeling of being thoroughly carried away by a passion or love unreasonably or an addictive love. Infatuation usually occurs at the beginning of relationships when there is a lot of s*xual attraction. On the other hand, love is a feeling of intense affection towards another individual. A sense of sincere respect for someone is what love is. True love desires two individuals’ passion and cares equally; therefore, it is also known as interpersonal love.

Symptoms of being in love and infatuations can be hard to distinguish. Love and infatuation are sometimes difficult to differentiate. As a result, many critical issues may prevail between you and your partner.

The primary symptoms of infatuation involve are:

  •  A passion for s*xual intimacy,
  •  Panic attacks
  •  Stresses, etc.

On the other hand, love involves:-

  • A passion for lust or desire gradually consists of the feeling of confidence,
  • Proper care,
  • And affection for your partner.

Love and infatuations are quite similar, with a slight difference that infatuation is a strong, increased desire to fall in love and experience closeness. Even yet, it is not what genuine love defines. Love defines the careful merging of two hearts, free of selfish ideas or creations. Love is disregarding your partners’ flaws while understanding and accepting her.

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