Signs of Love at First Sight: Is it love or Attraction?

Let us learn signs of love at first sight, is it love or attraction? Love can happen to any person at any place or at any time. It is uncertain and cannot be predicted about it. The basic definition of love is that we want to spend our whole life with the person we love. Love can change a person’s entire life and attitude. But sometimes, attractions also happen, and people get confused with love instead of love. Attraction is something different from love. Love stays for a more extended period, but the attraction has some period.

Many people have observed the love at first sight concept. A situation comes where one person is looking into the eyes of others and falls for them. But some of them take this very seriously and consider it love. Let’s clarify that the concept of “Love at first sight” has some parameters, and everyone should learn that. In this concerning article, we will discuss the idea of actual love and attraction differences. The confusion related to such feelings would be able to get the concept of whether that love will flourish or not.

Love at first sight

After seeing the other one, it is a beautiful feeling that a person gets. The brain and heart work simultaneously at the time, and the messages in the mind start coming about the person. The feelings for the other person get so strong that their full body starts capturing the mind. This is one of the beautiful and unexplainable feelings.

signs love at first sight is it love or attraction
Signs love at first sight is it love or attraction

But there is one other reality attached to love at first sight. Love, in this case, happens, and it’s normal. But when it happens, it does not mean that love will last. We can understand through a small example.

For example- Raj has seen Sumy for the first time in college. He fell for her after looking into her eyes. However, Sumy is unaware of this fact, and she is busy with her studies. Later, when Raj proposed to her, she got a little nervous, but she accepted the friendship. Time passed, and they both got into a relationship from friendship. Raj was in heaven after getting into a relationship with Sumy, and he was very happy. Now after knowing Sumy personally, Raj got a little disappointed.

Whatever he had expected from her was not the same, and they were getting distanced. After a few months, both decided to break up and move on as their fights increased. Raj was broken up totally because he saw the future with her. He started getting into depression and could not get over what had happened in his life. Later his friends and family helped him a lot to get over it. It took time, but gradually he started recovering, and very soon, he entered a new life in the new city. He later found his love, made it successful, and stayed happy.

This example clears that it does not mean that love, at first sight, can remain forever. We love to spend time with the person we know in this current generation. Getting someone to know personally helps a lot to decide about the relationship’s future. So, the person you have loved for the first time does not need to become your life partner.

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Psychology of love at first sight

On this planet, every person might come across this situation and can fall for someone at first look. A different connection gets formed when two people collide, which is called love at first sight.

In the current scenario, dating is normal, and every person loves to spend time with their loved ones. Some of them feel that they have found the one for whom they have searched for so long. Some exceptional people get success in finding their lifelong love. But there are maximum numbers who face dissatisfaction in this field because of different attributes and features.

The second important fact related to love at first sight is that we tend to fall in love with attractive people. If a beautiful girl passes by, a man will look at her and fall for her. Similarly, if a person is not so attractive, hardly anyone falls for the first time with them. This is human psychology.

At first sight, one more important fact about love is that male members experience more about this than female ones. It has been observed that men get into relationships very easily and comfortably. The man gets the strong connectivity easily with the opposite gender and feels that they have feelings for them. Most researchers could not explain why men fall easily for the opposite gender.

However, women do not fall in love so fast because they follow all the parameters before getting into a serious relationship. They try to assume first what their life would be like if they were in a relationship. We can say that women are more choosy and selective when getting into a relationship.

Everyone should understand that love that happens for the first time is not always really love. It is just an attraction towards the opposite gender, and in some time, it will fade. This is a general fact that no one can deny. It can further motivate intimacy or s*xual relation. It cannot be a heart-related connection. The very important thing related to the concept is that love at first sight, has happened a lot of times with many people, especially men. This is a generation’s infatuation with a person and nothing else.

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Difference Between Love and Infatuation

Let us know about a few important differences between love and infatuation.

  • Love is an internal feeling that allows a person to connect with others. Whereas infatuation is not an internal connection, it is just an interest or an admiration for another person.
  • Love is a deep connection that has no limits or boundaries. At the same time, infatuation is not deep and has some limits that do not go beyond.
  • Love is for lifelong, which stays forever, whereas infatuation does not remain forever and lasts for a short period.
  • Love cannot die any day, but infatuation can die anytime.

These are the important points that show the differences between Love and Infatuation.

Signs that will Show that a Person is in Love at First Sight

Most of you might be facing the same situation as of now. Some of them might be very confused about this and find it hard to make any life decisions. We are nowhere to discuss the signs showing love at first sight situations. We will learn the points that will prove that a person is in love for the first time at first sight.

Fluttering in the stomach

This symptom is very common when the person starts feeling butterflies fluttering in the stomach. This doubles when the person looks in the eyes of their love. The blood in the veins starts running faster, and the heart rate increases.

The love sensation works quickly, and the mind is always reminded of the person you love. These signs confirm that a person has feelings for the other one. The first sight is very special and beautiful. The wonderful feelings from all sides of the world start getting into, and this gets on doubling.

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Your mind gets confused

All these symptoms that start taking place are common when the first is in love. When you see the person you love, your mind sometimes stops working, and you go into a fantasy world. You start seeing them every time, and all their activities get captured in your mind. These certain feelings prove that the person has fallen into love.

Actions of eyes increase

All these happenings start with the eyes, which means you are getting such only because your eyes have seen it. We call love at first sight only because the eyes have gazed towards them and noted everything. You might find a place to see them quietly without making any hustle. This can go every day and every week or every month.

This is possible that you might try to keep your eyes off and you maintain distance. But your eyes and heart would not allow you to do so. This certainly is proof that you are in love at first sight.

Changes in body language

We human beings are not comfortable staying for a long time near any stranger. Any normal person will have this attribute, and this is common. But, since this is a love feeling that makes you comfortable and stays for long with the stranger. The conversations between the persons might be little butter and honey-filled. This attitude shows that body language is a little different from earlier.

You start feeling easy- For a person in love, most things look easy. The person starts getting confidence in doing any work without any hurdles.

Curiousness increases for love

The curiosity to know the person we love always remains more. We tend to prepare a questionnaire to ask them about their life, interests, and hobbies. We want to know the person to the deepest. However, this curiosity never decreases, which is obvious in the love situation. 

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The world looks very filmy and romantic

From this fact, +no one can deny that among all the feelings, the one feeling comes to us, and that is we start loving romantic songs. The person in love, at first sight, starts loving romantic films, songs, weather, and many more. We can say that romance in every aspect takes place. The reason behind this is the feeling starts getting matched with the dramas. This further makes a person go a little filmy and romantic both.

You love their attitude and actions

You cannot hate any activities of a person you love, which is obvious. You start loving their smile, laugh, looks, the way of walking, and many of it. Your noticing capacity increases, and you observe each activity done by them.

Nothing in the world looks as interesting as their activities. You cannot take your eyes off them and make you fall in love with the other person more and more. This shows that the person is truly in love, and this will be increasing day by day.  

Sense of familiarity arises

The very good advantage of love happening is that it creates a sense of familiarity. You hardly find yourself uncomfortable in front of that person, and you feel like sharing all your thoughts with them. You never feel that they are unknown to you, which gives you more confidence to stay in a relationship.

This feature is important in a relationship because until and unless a person doesn’t feel comfortable, then the relationship is worthless. Moreover, the person in love never feels lonely, and they also never get nervous in front of them. This shows the love in that relationship.

Physical attraction is the first thing that works in love at first sight. At first, we just see the person and get attracted to them. However, this attraction stays for a shorter period, but it initially proves that a person has the sign for “Love at first sight.”

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You feel relaxed

Love is powerful in that it makes a person relaxed both physically and mentally. This gives a sense of old connection where a person feels that they have known another one for a longer period. Such feelings are the attraction that lets a person fall in love at first sight.

You keep on thinking about them

When a person is in love, they hardly mind about the time or anything. All that matters for them is the good thoughts about their love. It has been observed that a person remains very much lost in their world and does not get much bothered about their surroundings. Now, if this is happening with any person continuously, that is a sign that he or she has fallen into love.

Your heartbeat increases

When you see a person, your heart starts pumping fast. You become a little nervous and confused from all sides. This is the symptom of falling in love. Being in love makes a person a little lost and very much nervous. If suddenly, your heartbeats start running faster and butterflies start fluttering in your stomach, then it means that love has happened.

Your mind starts looking for them or meeting them

This is the biggest sign of falling in love when your mind starts searching for your love at any place. Sometimes suddenly, you will have the urge to see

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Your mind draws more attention to them

Your love chemistry is getting deeper inside you, and you give more attention to your partner. Your mind is more concerned about the person you love than yourself. It’s a green signal where your love feelings have started. Our mind is out of control when we are in love, and we do not do anything with the presence of a positive mind.

You do not care about the time to meet

We have always observed that a person in love does not care about meeting time. If they are craving to meet with their love, then any time is feasible. Many couples meet at odd times, but this gives them happiness. This sign clears that a person is totally in the path of love and can and will do anything to meet their partner.

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Is it love or Attraction – Fake or real?

We know that everyone wants to experience true love in their lifetime. Every person in this world is always craving and searching for the one with whom they can share their life moments. Due to this trend, people come across this situation, but they are not clear whether it’s their true love or no love.

We have always heard that height, weight, age, and complexion in love do not matter. However, when love at first sight happens, it generally has a physical attraction feature. It means that a person has got attracted to their physical features. This is considered infatuation.

If someone is looking to justify whether their love, at first sight, is fake or real, then there are some features.

  • If you love their way of walking, talking, laughing, and smiling, this is just an infatuation. This is not love, and this infatuation will stay for a shorter period.
  • If you want to make any relationship successful and work for a lifetime, understand that person personally. Think from your mind, know them personally, then it will let you fall in love and make it successful.
  • Now, maybe you are attracted to a person. But ask yourself first; are you ready for the relationship? You will get your answer from yourself, showing that you just had feelings for someone for a little time.
  • When you have a real feeling for someone, try to set some important boundaries. For example, do not rush to make anything possible fast. Take your time, and let things go slow. It is always suggested that the initial love feelings should not lead to making big decisions in life as it can hurt a person later.

It is not safe to get closer to the person you have started loving for a few days. The real situation arises late, so the person should not hurry for anything.

Generally, there will be a disappointing answer for everyone on this concept. Love, at first sight, would not be considered real maximum time. Our eyes and mind draw all the attention at that moment, and it will change after some time because the deep connections have not formed between persons. So, the answer about real or fake love at first sight, has been discussed in the above points and paragraphs. 

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Cons of Love at First Sight

We will also list down a few of the disadvantages of love at first sight. These points would prove that it is not compulsory to take that love seriously in your life. This might not work in any way, so everyone should know its disadvantages.

  • This is generally an attraction towards the look, color, and physical features.
  • We get into love with others, but it is not compulsory that they might have similar feelings as we do.
  • Love, at first sight, does not involve any sharing thoughts or meeting. If any person takes this love seriously and starts planning about the future, they might be in mental trouble in the future.
  • You might not be aware of the fakeness that the person in front would be showing it to you. This is common that any person who meets you would show his fake side to impress. Many cases have come over where a person regrets later after knowing the real behavior of the one they love. So, this is the biggest disadvantage of love at first sight.
  • Your living standards and attitude might have huge differences. To know all these important things are important for a relationship. But when the love at first sight happens, a person hardly cares for thee and purifies them in trouble in the coming time.
  • The understanding, the identity, the past, and many other things do not remain open and become a problem for a person in the future.

Understanding the concept of love is important. A wrong or rash decision can worsen a person’s life if they do not think well about this. A good understanding and thinking over it also makes life worthwhile, but all it needs is patience.

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The concept of love at first sight, is very common and is in trend. But now, whether it will be considered true love or not. So, the article concludes with the fact related to love at first sight. There are many norms related to love, and it clears that the relationship will succeed.

This article concludes that maximum numbers of first sight love are not always true love. It is an infatuation and cannot succeed in the relationship. The proper time, decision, and understanding will help a person make their relationship successful and work for longer.

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