Do You Still Feel for Your Ex: Know the Signs Your Ex is Waiting for You

Breakup Doesn’t Mean It’s The End: Know the Signs Your Ex is Waiting for You in this article! No matter how painful the breakup may seem, it is never like a definite end of a relationship. Like when you are together with someone, it is natural to get attached to that person and develop a connection. It is something that can’t just completely vanish just like that!

Signs Your Ex is Waiting for You

Have you just been through a breakup? Well, maybe it was your boyfriend who had broken up with you, or maybe it was you. But nevertheless, you are still regretting it. In such a scenario, you need to believe that things are not completely over yet. And chances are still there that your boyfriend is still waiting for you to get back and start the relationship anew.

signs your ex is waiting for you girlfriend boyfriend
Signs your ex is waiting for you

But how can you understand if your boyfriend is still feeling that? To get back to the relationship, the feelings need to be mutual, and there are a few signs that prove that your ex still has them. 

Let’s take a look at them one by one.

He Reminds You of All The Good Times

First of all, he will always be in touch with you. This is the first proof that it is not at all over between the two of you. But he doesn’t stop just by keeping in touch with you. Every time he talks with you, he will make you remember all the good times you two had together. 

You will always be reminded of the times you laughed together and all the happy memories you have. If this is something that your ex is doing, then it is clear that inside, he really wants to create some more such happy memories. 

It is clearly one of the biggest signs that he is waiting for you to come back, and he also wants you to feel bygones be bygones. Rather only think of the good times you had. Also, he would ask you to forget about the breakup and only think about the feeling you had when both of you fell for each other. When he does all that, and you genuinely feel less angry, then he is successful in his mission. Right when he is talking about all the good memories, he is preparing himself to make some more.

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He Is Becoming a Better Person

Have you noticed that your ex is actually looking better than before, right after you two have broken up? A reason behind this could be that he is seeking your attention. But it is also possible that he is after someone else instead.

It can also happen when he is just looking for a chance in his life or simply trying to look good and make himself feel good as well. Regardless of what it is, if you see that he is changing a few things that you never liked about him, then clearly, it is all about you. 

This is one of the strongest signs that he is actually waiting for you to come back, and that’s why he is changing all the things you never liked about him. He is trying to send a sign to you that things can be and will be very much different if you just give him a second chance. This is surely a sign of hope and a new relationship. He is also careful about not repeating the same kind of things this time around. He just wants you to believe that he’s willing to work on himself, and you can surely give him a second chance. In such a scenario, you should consider his efforts. 

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Trying to Show What Would’ve Happened If The Breakup Never Happened

This is a classic sign. When your ex wants to get back to you, he would always wish to show you how things would have been if the breakup never happened in the first place. This is why he would direct your attention toward the future and make you wonder if everything could be different if you give him a second chance. Phrases like, “What if I hadn’t made that mistake?” are very common in such a scenario.

The goal is here is to make you wonder what would have happened if he (or you) had done something differently? These are the questions that make you rethink about the relationship. And clearly, you can believe that your ex is just waiting for you to come back.

He Is Always Available for You

Suddenly, you see that whenever you need him, he is always there, and he is ready to do whatever you need. If he is still ready to do things for you, then it is clear that he is not at all over you completely. I mean, how many exes have you seen who are ready to run errands for you unless they want to get back to you? 

Everyone knows that if he does things for you, then he is definitely not over you. No ex will run an errand for you unless they want you back. I mean, this is something you can easily test and verify. All you need to do is ask him a favor and see how he reacts to it. 

If you see that he is ready to do whatever you ask, then he most likely isn’t over you. All that he is doing is nothing but his desperate attempt to show the good side again.

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He Never Asked About Returning His Things

When you are in a relationship, there are always some things that you exchange. But when you break up with your partner and your ex wants to move on, he would probably want to take back all of the things that he left at your place while you were dating.

 It is like he is trying to make a clean break by collecting all of his belongings, therefore giving you zero hope that he’ll return. But if he is not completely over you, then he will do something quite the opposite. He would rather allow you to keep his things and hope that he’ll get the chance to someday come back to you and use them again.

Sometimes, he might also be in the hope that you would call to ask what you should do with his belongings. In the same way, he would not return your things as well. If you call him to get them back, most often, he would avoid or become unavailable. You will see that he has a number of excuses not to give you your stuff back because, deep inside, he just wants you back.

Altogether, it is clear that for him, it is not at all over, and he is not at all willing to make the breakup official and rather still hopes that you’ll get back together.

He Would Always Reach Out to You

You two have broken up, right? Then why is he still texting you or keeping in touch with you? Sometimes you might think that it is nothing but to show how made he is because of you, but ideally, that’s not the case. 

Because if he is mad at you, then he would not have anything to do with you, and he would rather sever all contacts with you. But if he is still reaching out, then it is clear that he still hopes to win you back, but every time he talks to you, you will see that he is avoiding talking about it. 

Over the course of time, you will see that these conversations you’re having have become a regular thing, maybe even a daily one. But every single time, he would just make a lot of excuses to get in touch with you. He would tell you that something reminded him of you, or he just remembered something, or maybe just wants to know how you’ve been doing. All of these are clear signs that your ex is just waiting for you to come back, and you will notice that both of you are talking even more than you used to when you were together.

His ultimate goal is to find a way back into your life, and he intends to do that by constantly reaching out. However, you will always have the option of not picking up the phone when he calls if you don’t want him back.

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He Dials Your Number When He Is Drunk

Maybe your ex doesn’t call you that much, but every time he gets drunk, you see him calling you. What does that mean? Well, it is another strong sign that your ex is waiting for you to come back. Like, maybe he is constantly missing you, but when he is sober, he has managed to hold it together and keep quiet, but the moment he drinks a little, everything changes. 

There can be no doubt that alcohol makes people brave, and it also helps your ex find the courage to tell you what he really feels. That’s why it is common that he would drunk dial your number and pour his heart out and also tell you how much he misses you. Some men will never call or text, even when they are drunk. But still, they will find some way or the other to get the message across in some way.

Like, some have the habit of posting something on one of their social media profiles that will prove that he’s thinking about you, or maybe he’ll go ahead and write you an email instead.

Tries and Frequents Places Where He Might Bump Into You

When your ex has no interest whatsoever to get you back in his life, he would simply avoid the places where he might accidentally bump into you. But if you see that you are running into him quite often, then you have to understand that it is not a mere coincidence. I mean, once or twice is fine, but beyond that, seeing him regularly is not a coincidence. This is not something very much random.

It is like he would purposely go to places where he knows he’ll see you, and maybe he is in touch with one of your friends who is giving him information about your whereabouts.

Also, notice if he talks to you when both of you ‘accidentally’ run into each other. Just by talking to him, you can understand that it wasn’t an accident and that he had all of this prepared beforehand. All of these can be considered clear signs that your ex is waiting for you to come back.

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He Becomes a Stalker of Your Social Media Profiles

It often happens that the two of you have broken up but still remain friends on social media, and it’s not that uncommon. However, what is not common is that him being really active on your profiles.

All your posts will suddenly receive more comments and likes from him compared to when you were in a relationship. It is them you would feel that he is stalking your social media profiles. He would frequently like your photos, checks your Instagram stories, and even retweets the things you Tweet quite quickly. The goal here is to constantly appear in your notifications, and by that, he wants to make an impression.

He Would Always Talk About Something New

Like, I know how many times you had sworn not to talk with him again. But it is not always possible, isn’t it, and here you are, talking to him again. And the best part is that your ex, too, will have some reason or the other to communicate with you. Plus, he would always have something new to tell you or something he thinks is very urgent to ask you.

But the truth is that all he ever wants is to keep the communication going and get you to like him again. His goal is to make you get used to the habit of constantly talking to him again. When you are regularly talking, it will help you keep him informed about all your feelings, wants, and needs. All this information will be very much helpful for him since he really wants to get you back.

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He Would Just Take All the Blame

Maybe when you were in a relationship, you used to notice that your ex would never in a million years admit his fault, and it proves that he didn’t want you back! Like, no matter whatever issue it was, he would never take the blame, not even a part of it.

As long as your relationship was in full swing, he would never admit his fault. However, now that you’re broken up, he suddenly starts admitting his guilt. He would suddenly admit that the way he had treated you was not right, you deserved better and how he acted like an insensible person. 

Moreover, he would also encourage you to blame him for all the bad things. The main reason behind him doing all this is that he wants to show how much he understands you and how he is ready to change. Now that you think about it, you may realize that his unwillingness to take the blame was the actual main issue in your relationship. But he would let you know that it won’t be the second time around.

 Now that you are gone, he is now very aware of his mistakes and feels really sorry for letting them happen. The moment he had lost you, it made him reflect and understand how he should have behaved with you. From now on, he will love you deeply, and because he still cares about you, he will never make the same mistakes again. If he gets a second chance, he will not let himself lose you again.

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Does He Get Jealous?

When you are flirting with another man, your ex will get a bit jealous if he is still into you. So, try and create one such situation and see if he is getting angry or annoyed; he still cares about you a lot.

If your ex is someone who doesn’t want you back, then he would simply wish you all the best in your dating life. Instead of feeling jealous about it, he would also do the same. Also, he would always encourage you to find happiness with someone else. But if you see that your ex is jealous, then it proves he wants you back.

Shares Gloomy Posts About Relationship

Have you seen a lot of gloomy posts posted by your ex lately? Well, you may have seen some sad status saying that his life feels like nothing but empty land. Sometimes, he is posting all the choicest sad songs or even one you used to listen to together. The reason behind all this is that he wants to send you a message through the things he posts.

He is aware that you will see his posts, and he would post something that only you can really understand. All this is to tell you that he wants you back in his life, and he is eagerly waiting for that. 

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He Reaches Out to Your Friends About You

Maybe he doesn’t talk to you, but he is always ready to talk to your friends, and he is only talking about you, of course. Sometimes, he would be scared to directly tell you that he wants you back, but he would message the same to your friends. 

Ask your mutual friends if they have heard from him and see if he has mentioned you or not. You might just get to know things like him saying how amazing you are and how fool he was to let you go. He is smart enough to know that your friends will spill all this to you, and that’s why he had told them. 

His Friends Tell You the Same

Even if he is not talking to your friends, he is definitely talking to his own friends. So, every time you talk to his friends, you get to know the same kind of thing. Maybe the words you get from them are not the exact words he had used, but still, it is somewhere near to all that. 

And besides, you will see that some of his friends will reach out to you and tell you all about it. Of course, they too want to see their friend feel good again, and they know only you can make that happen.

He Is Not Dating Anyone and Trying to Make You Jealous

Is he still single? Like, maybe he just wants to enjoy the single life again and get some rest. But if you see some other signs, then you can conclude that he isn’t over you, and that’s why he’s single.

On the other hand, you might see him showing up at places you visit frequently with a different woman. Don’t think that he loves her; maybe he is just trying to make you feel jealous. 

Maybe he wants to see if you still love him enough to get jealous, and it can happen if he really still loves you. 

His New Girlfriend Hates You

When your ex is in a relationship with someone else, don’t think that it is one of the signs that you will never get back together with him. It is not necessary. Rather if you see that his new girlfriend hates you, then be sure that he’s been talking to her about you a lot.

Maybe the other girl could also feel that he still has feelings for you, and that’s the reason why she hates you so much.

What Remains?

So, these are the signs that prove your ex is still waiting for you. I hope these points mentioned above can help you understand him better each day. If you have any such personal experience, then do feel free to share that with us in the comments section.

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