Funny Questions to Ask a Guy to Make Him Laugh!

In this article, we will explore Funny Questions to Ask a Guy to Make Him Laugh! We don’t want to waste our time with boring small talk, therefore it will be fun for both of you to keep a conversation going with lots of interesting twists so that you can find out what the other person is thinking. There’s no doubt that asking endless questions is one of the best ways to keep a conversation lively and interactive. Adding some humor to the questions, or at least reminiscent of funny answers, will make the conversation interesting!

This list can help you break the ice or just start a casual conversation with a guy whenever you find yourself in a situation like that. You may or may not find this list of questions humorous, but the potential for fun and continued conversation lies in the answers.

Here are lists of questions that can make your conversation with a guy funny

Funny Questions to Ask a Guy to Make Him Laugh in Conversation

It is good to make men laugh to make them open up to you more easily. You will notice that he relaxes and becomes more friendly toward you. Designed to make you calm, these questions are meant to bring out your best self.

funny questions to ask a guy to make him laugh
Funny questions to ask a guy to make him laugh

Despite the fact that he will probably be surprised that you ask some of these questions, he will appreciate the gesture, as it will likely improve his mood and make him feel good about you. Your experience will be unforgettable if you ask fun and exciting questions.

Can you tell us about the fun adventures you want to have in your life?

This question can be a big step towards uplifting the conversation with any guy, as most people are somewhat fond of having adventurous trips in their life. Maybe they have shortlisted a few adventurous places to visit.

Maybe they will feel comfortable talking about those, or probably they have experienced some adventures in their life and may speak about them. That way you can have a great start and be comfortable in continuing the conversation with a guy. 

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Which smell according to you is your favorite?

Beautiful Fragrance is a favorite of all, and everyone has their own preference when it comes to fragrances. If you ask me, fresh smells are my favorite, whether it’s fresh mint from the garden or the street after heavy rains.

My mornings are more productive with it than with strong coffee. It also makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. The smell of the air can really melt away all my stress sometimes after it rains in my neighborhood, so I take a walk around there afterward. Mostly asked funny questions to ask a guy!

Best funny Wifi name you have experienced recently?

So, everyone nowadays is searching for a free wifi spot to do their job or just take advantage and surf the internet for free. So, asking this question can be a bit adventurous and funny, as many have come across some strange and funny names of wifi to share with you.

I have once experienced such funny names of wifi near me. Once I was searching for my own wifi when my radar came across a funny wifi signal called “Stop stealing my wifi, it’s lagging as hell!”, it is quite unique and funny as well. It just provides me with a glimpse of happiness in between our busy life.

When you were riding your bike, did you ever fall off in front of a huge crowd?

Nowadays, every guy is fond of bikes and most guys have one time or the other ridden a bike and some may have gone through minor harmless and funny incidents while riding the bike. So, there may be a funny incident to share with you and also a funny question to ask and share with a guy. 

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Did you ever go without underwear for a day?

Hahaha! Let’s see another mostly asked funny questions to ask a guy! This kind of question is quite funny and lead a way to break your ice while talking to a guy. This kind of incident mostly leads to a funny and comfortable conversation with a guy.

If it was me you are asking the above question, my answer is Yes! I have gone through this embarrassing and funny incident once. I once had an important meeting at my office and I was running late and after almost running to catch the transport for my office I suddenly realized that I forgot to wear my underwear. It was quite embarrassing for me, luckily this secret is not yet revealed, until now! 

This kind of question can be a great way to be comfortable and also to judge their characters, I mean whether they could handle be a free-minded person or some fool to avoid embarrassment.

How would you describe your funniest childhood memories if you could remember them?

When you are on a date with a guy who seems like a guy you always wanted to be with, then a list of funny questions can always be an appropriate solution to revert any embarrassing circumstances. Being a guy I can assure you that, as girls, we boys also are fond of girls who appreciate the fun and can take jokes. And what can be a better way to enlighten the conversation than to ask about funny memories of them in their childhood.

For example, if you as a guy about their funny moments in childhood, he may answer any of the mischievous acts he enjoys doing in their childhood. Maybe teasing their friends, breaking windows of neighbors while playing cricket, teasing their parents and getting grounded for weeks, etc.

Asking this question can be funny and also can help you in knowing about their parents or other important kinds of stuff, which might help you out in continuing the conversation confidently.

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When the zombie apocalypse hits, how long will you survive?

Being a boy I can tell you we are looking for this kind of question from someone just like you. This particular question is sure to make your guy fall for you. If the boy is more or less like me, I can tell you he will surely have a very unique, funny, and heart-touching way of surviving. What do you think it’s one of the funny questions or not to ask a guy!

Boys had come across imagining and playing various video games related to the zombie apocalypse and had always imagined going through it once. So if it was me you are asking, then my answer will be very much similar to any films related to the above topic. The answer may be funny and childish because as far as I know, a boy’s imagination related to this zombie can always be full of stupidity, and being a hero and save the world or survive somehow.

This question can be a hilarious one for both of you, if you both are in a loving relationship, possibly you can also play the lead role of a heroine in his imaginative world full of zombies.  

Are you familiar with the feeling of stealing something minor from a corner store?

Everyone who is not boring will have to experience something which will support their funny and mischievous side. Mischievous people are always looking for someone equally as fun-loving, and I can guess if you are searching for these funny questions lists to ask a guy, then a serious and fun-loving guy is not for you.

For example, if you ask this question to a guy he may share something if they have done something like that, and that way you can maintain the conversation. In my experience, I do have done something like this, but in a carnival when I just mischievously stole a pen. I know this is bad, but this small funny act is what makes a beautiful memory to share in a situation like this.

If I were to drink that many beers, how many would you estimate I could consume?

This is a question with many answers, like if your guy is not a fun-loving guy he could just answer in a simple and basic answer, but if the guy is somewhat like me, I would rather say; “I don’t know about you, but it will be fun to see you try though!”. With this kind of answer, your night will very likely transform into a beer-drinking match. Worry not, boys never mind in engaging in a friendly competition.

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What kind of students were you in school?

If you were on your first date with a guy, whom you really like, then it is better to know about that guy before jumping into something awkward. So, what can be a better way to start over the conversation after introducing and greeting each other, than to just talk about your funny school incidents. I am sure you will agree that it’s one of the funny questions to ask a guy!

Maybe he was the class clown, he was a jock, he was a nerd, or he was just a normal guy. This is your opportunity to discover a side of him you never knew existed. If you could know about their school life, you are sure to receive an abundant amount of information about him both funny and serious.

For example, when you ask a guy about their school life, he will briefly speak about their school life and various mischievous incidents he is involved in. Asking this question will explain their past and their characters in brief and then you can frame yourself accordingly.

Asking or discussing school life is sure to make you both fall into a very comfortable stage and you will have no problem continuing the conversation. 

If you won $1 million, what would be the things you would do?

Imaging and dreaming do not need charges so everyone can dream, so anyone could dream of suddenly winning a lottery and doing something expensive. So, it can be a great question to ask a guy, as he may have something in plan, something exciting to talk about. Most asked funny questions to ask a guy!

This kind of question can also be asked to test your personality, so by his answer, you can somewhat get an idea about his true personality unless he is hiding.

If someone asks me what can I do if I won a million dollars, I would answer, gather the cash and fly somewhere expensive and celebrate it with the finest bottle of wine, and vomiting on the very next day. Then I would rather invest some and donate the rest to the orphanage.

What is the reason behind the square boxes that come with round pizzas?

How about taking random baseless puzzling questions and trying to irritate us to the fullest. Don’t underestimate these actions it can be a great way to relax your stress or divert yourself for a while. Obviously, this kind of question is baseless, we all are aware of that but it’s funny as well as irritating to solve which comes first the egg or the chicken, or why the violets are blue if the roses are red!

How much you try there is no valid answer to it, so it’s baseless and funny to solve the questions. If you would ask me who comes first the egg or the chicken I would rather say that ask the ancient government officials.

These kinds of crazy things and questions are what enlighten the conversation. What is the point of ruining the night with a serious answer rather than answering it stupidly?

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When was the last time you farted in public and how embarrassing was it?

Farting is a common issue, I rather say it’s the main cause of global warming…Just kidding! But you cannot deny the fact that farting in a random public place is a matter of degrading self-esteem. And it’s hard to believe that someone has never done it in their entire life.  

Most people have done it intentionally or unintentionally, but have done it. Farting is a natural human phenomenon and it’s embarrassing for sure to have it in public. And embarrassing is what makes the matter funny.

If you are funny enough to take this kind of joke then you can go for it and ask about it a guy, but if not you must stay away from it. Someone who is insecure about themselves or pretends to be serious-minded hides and avoids this kind of discussion. If someone asks me, I have no problem confessing it.

Have you ever embarrassed yourself while singing in the bathroom?

What do you think it’s one of the funny questions or not to ask a guy! Unless you are a professional singer, whenever we hear a song we like, it is sure to store in our mind and we usually caught ourselves singing in the shower. It may at a time sound nice to us but for others is just like torture in the prison.

I experienced such embarrassment when I was away from my hometown for a meeting. Staying in a hotel with my colleague can be my first mistake and allowing him to record it while I was singing in the bathroom like a goat and broadcast it through may be the second one.

This kind of little embarrassment is nowhere to destroy your reputation if you have not created it artificially for showoffs. This moment is what gives your hard day a little glimpse of happiness and a lot of happy memory to share in situations like this.

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Can you imagine what life would be like if you lived forever?

Some questions may not be funny but rather be something which can explain yourself without actually going through the stereo-type interviews. This question can help you guess the person’s real attitude and personality.

My wish would be immortality if someone granted me a wish so that I can get on with my life and if I ever get bored of what I do, I can change it, live in a new city, meet new people, or find another job. My life will never be the same because as soon as I was able to overcome any obstacle, more new parts appeared that I could never imagine. Being immortal means experiencing a never-ending life with more and more advanced technologies. 

We live in a world where everything is constantly changing at an accelerating pace. In the same way that music, fashion, and entertainment are constantly evolving, science and technology are also advancing rapidly. I remember how surprised we were when we first encountered an installation based on touchscreens.

Back then, there weren’t many touch screens, but today they’re everywhere and have changed our lives for the better. There will always be situations like this. New things will always keep us speechless, and there will always be something new to discover. 

I would like to confirm my immortality before exploring so much, so I will first jump off a skyscraper to check my strength and if I die I will appear as a ghost and disturb you.

When it comes to pizza, do you like pineapple on it?

Pizza lovers sorry for what she just asked! Because that is what your guy will do right after you ask this question. But though I would say you can ask this question unless you are having your dinner date in an Italian restaurant and you are in Italy. So, a lot of funny questions we have discussed which you need to ask a guy! Let’s see more!

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What is the worst feeling you have ever had when you are caught cheating on an exam?

By your search references, I am guessing you most probably had done some cheating in your childhood days, and by your preference, I can also guess the boy you choose will not be a studious dork. So there is a high level of chance that he had also been involved in some mischievous cheating experiences in their school life.

So what can be a better option to maintain the comfort and heat of both of your conversations than to share and listen to their ways to cheat in exams. The event occurred during my board exams, if you would like me to share my worst cheating experience.

Before the test, I wasn’t doing well when it came to math exams. My movement was restricted for a few days because of my broken ankle, and I suffered from massive pain as well. As I was getting ready for my test, I wrote everything I thought I didn’t know down on paper. Having never done something like this before, it was a new experience for me and no doubt a scary one. Only the MCQ questions on my science exams were the only questions I cheated on in my life.

My first thing in the morning was to put the paper in my shoe. I was surprised to find out that the exam was easy! In the exam room, I could not concentrate because my ankle starts to gain pain again. So I requested the invigilator to escort me to the nurse, but unfortunately, I forgot that I had that cheat paper in my shoe the supervisor noticed the cheat in my shoe, and they caught me!

This was my experience of the worst cheating experience, it surely is something worth and interesting to share with our loved ones but the moment was pretty scary. 

When was the first time you had a crush on someone?

This can be a tricky thing to answer, as this question can lead to something funny, and also you can also find out what kind of woman he is looking to date. This question can be a great way to interrogate without actually approaching directly. What do you think it can be added in your bucket list of funny questions to ask a guy or not!

Is it more comfortable to sleep with lights on or off for you?

What do you think it’s one of the funny questions to ask a guy! This question is quite interesting, as at a glance if asked someone he or she may get nervous and uncomfortable. But this question has a sense of humor of its own. If you would ask me about it, I would say that; I like to sleep with the lights off but a sweet ghost sleeping aside gets scared so I had to compromise.

This is how you could add a sense of spookiness and a little bit of humor to your conversation.

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What do you typically do when you’re bored?

This can be a common question to ask anyone, if you would ask me, I would prefer instead of sitting and making myself more bored by watching the news and reading books I rather prefer to do some fun activities like arranging my backyard gardens and planting new orchids or playing soccer with my brother. 

How do you choose to survive your boredom is what characterizes your potential and personality, so it’s better to make yourself active in front of people.

Introduce your imaginary friend if any?  

This can be both an intellectual as well as a good question to know more about their childhood. Imaginary friends are normal as long as one can distinguish between the reality and the imaginary world. Imaginary friends are mostly formed when one does not get that much attention from their companions and their parents, or someone who feels lonely most of the time. Sometimes this imaginative companionship helps a child to lead their ideal childhood.

Asking about their imaginary friends can also ease both of you a little bit, and can pave the path to your smooth conversations.

Have you ever called a stranger on the phone as a prank?

If I am guessing it right then you, yourself are a prankster and appreciate harmless pranks like calling strangers and pronouncing nonsense to them, right? Yes! that can be a classic prank and if the guy opposite to you is somewhat fond of pranks then he will appreciate the ideas. Maybe they will try something instantly, you never know. Pranks like this make the bond stronger and also increase the trust between you both.

If I were that guy sitting opposite to you, then I surely will nod my head, say yes and share my story with you and share a laugh with you. Maybe that’s how you also want your conversations to go right? Don’t worry if the guy is fun-loving then that’s exactly how it is going to happen. 

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Imagine you are on your deathbed, what can be your ending statement before you die?

This question can be answered in numerous funny ways, though death is a pretty serious issue, sometimes it’s better not to care about that too much. If I were that guy and you ask this question, it’s sure going to be hilarious.

My answer would be, imagine I am on my deathbed and my family members, my wife (If somehow I got married!), my children (also depends on my marriage!), and my friends (No they are not based on my marriage!) gathered all around me and I could see the angles calling. And they all are waiting for some last words from my mouth. I gradually start speaking “I once won a lottery and it’s yet to be claimed and the lottery is hidden under……” and I die, and this will be my last few words to my dear family.

How long do you feel my hair can grow up to?

What do you think it’s one of the funny questions to ask a guy! This can be a pretty intellectual yet funny question to ask a guy, to continue the conversation without making it boring. Intellectual because, by asking this question, there is a possibility that he could reveal what kind of girl he likes.

Is there any person whom you did love truly?

Let’s draw him again to their past memories, I know it sometimes may go sentimental but, the positive side is that it’s the past and most of them had overcome them. If you are already comfortable with this guy and feel that he can be open to you, then asking this question can be a better option.

It will help you both ways; it will help you continue the smooth conversation and also will help you in knowing more about their past and other valuable things about them. It will help you guess what kind of person he is actually and what issues he had to overcome for loving someone. Also, you can determine whether he is perfect for you or worth your time. 

Is there sometimes a voice in your head that you hear as well?

Hearing a strange voice in your head can be spooky as well as an interesting question to converse on a lovely date night, right? Having a voice in your head can sometimes be helpful in judging the items you often get confused at.

When I was a child I too had a voice guiding me through life’s hurdles, very often I remain confused about various life decisions and that’s when the voice in my head helps me out. Maybe the voice in my head is my own guts guiding me through my life decisions. 

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What are the things you like to do to get rid of your boredom?

We’re all ultimately affected by the melancholy feeling of boredom. You will know that the feared boredom monster has arrived when you’ve watched all the top Streaming movies, find yourself pacing back and forth between the sofa and the refrigerator, and the walls start to feel a little closer together than they’ve ever been.  We all experience boredom at some point, and once you’ve hit that wall, it might seem difficult to come up with new methods to amuse yourself.

But instead of sitting ideally around the couch and watching stupid shows with no sense at all, I would rather want to spend my time doing something productive, like when I got bored I usually plan an outing with my close friends and plan a casual outing or do some gardening or spend time with my family members. According to me, boredom hits you most when you have ample time and when you do not give value to your time. 

What do you prefer eating a soup or drinking it right away?

This can be a  hilarious question and also a confusing one to answer. According to me, eating a soup and drinking it right away can both be done, but no matter what you do, as soon as you take the first sip of the soup it’s sure to burn your mouth. So, if you two are sitting in a fancy restaurant why not order a soup and burn both of your mouths and share a laugh.

Have you ever spent a night in jail?

Oh my God! These are funny questions to ask a guy at all, what do you think? This can be a pretty tough question to ask a guy, before asking the question you must verify their personality. As asking this question to a guy who does not appreciate jokes can take it in a wrong way, and as a result, can ruin your date. Hopefully, everyone will say no to it, but there may be some exceptions, and listening to their incidence can be a nice way to continue the conversation.

What can be the most humiliating incident that happened to you in your childhood?

Asking this kind of question will help you justify their funny sides, and there are very few people who have not experienced a single funny moment and humiliating moment in their childhood. So, your guy is sure to have a bunch of such embarrassing experiences in their childhood. And what can be a better way to continue the conversation than talking about childhood embarrassments and sharing a mouth full of laughter together.

How would you spend your final 24 hours if you knew you would only live for a day?

This is kind of a serious and sentimental question you can ask a guy. Death is something no one can prevail but how to spend our lives before death is what matters the most. If I know that this 24-hour is what is left for me to live, then it sure will be something horrifying for an instance. But once you get the idea that nothing can be done to save you then you start thinking about the last few activities before you pass away forever.

If someone told me that I have only a day to survive, then I would rather strive to spend every second of it memorably. Like, I would do everything rather than just sitting lonely and sobbing and waiting for death to come. I would spend maximum time with my loved ones because my family is always in my heart and I am happy to see them whenever I get the opportunity to see them, I am sure that at any time, my heart will beat somewhat magically knowing that they reside within me.

Suppose you were on death row, what would you like to eat for your last meal?

That is what an interesting question sounds like, right? This is a question with the capacity to make a boring date night into something much more fun and interesting for sure.

If I were given the option to choose my one last favorite dinner, then why not order something worth my taste and preference. If someone asks me to order the last food before I die, then I would go for a full-meal course, which includes starters with varieties of kebabs and then the main course with Biriyani and some delicious side dishes and at last some deserts.

Being a foodie myself, my last meal would be something grand and delicious. I will enjoy my fullest so that I don’t die out of regret.

Imagining each animal being able to talk, which would be the rudest of all?

That will surely be a hilarious question to ask a guy. If you would ask me then my answer will be the pig. Maybe if these fantasies would be real then the pig will be the rudest animal to human beings. It is because of the fact that humans treat pigs in an extremely inhumane way and if pigs were able to talk and get feelings, they would behave in a very unkind manner taking revenge on humans.

After drinking a lot, what has been your craziest act?

Again funny questions which you should ask to a guy! This can again be a perfect question to ask a guy while having a casual conversation. Every guy if not some serious one has gone crazy after drinking too much. And also has many extraordinary incidences to share with you and have fun going. Asking about this kind of crazy incident not only let your conversation go, but also you could get to know him on another level.

It may also turn into an opportunity to get closer to him if you want to. Not just listening you may also share your own incidence if you ever faced something like this.

Have you ever got involved in a secret relationship?

Through this question, you can guess whether the guy sitting in front of you is interested in any kind of second-secret relationship or not. Most of the guys in my opinion will deny the fact most of them may be true but I am sure some will give a false answer. But we all are in a learning stage in our childhood, we all learned from our mistakes and incidents, so before judging him right away, it’s better to take it as something in the past.

If I had to answer this question, I have no problem saying that I have not cheated on someone, but when I was in 8th grade I used to have a major crush on a girl. We go to school on the same school transport, and that’s how I got to know her. But I was a stupid kid who was scared to confess at that time, and eventually, I had to swallow all my feelings when after one year she left the city and school.

Staying alone at home scares you?

You have to ask these funny questions to a guy! In my opinion, being alone at home is never scary until you watch a scary movie and your mind got extra conscious about small things which in normal circumstances feel ok, but at that very moment feel scary.

Being alone at home is kind of fun, although I am afraid too, it is important to keep in mind that all those sounds you hear or think you have seen something are actually nothing more than mere illusions. That means we are scared of nothing and nothing is nothing, so don’t be afraid to go out to your house, as the only thing lurking there is whatever lurks inside of you.  

What can be the meanest practical jokes you have ever done to some?

Like I already guessed that you are a fun-loving person and sitting in front of you on a date or something like that is also probably a person who appreciated fun and practical jokes. So what can be a better option than to giggle at some funny incidents you both have faced in recent years. Being mean to someone can be hurtful, but sometimes having a little fun with our close ones not only is fun and enlightening but also helps in re-establish the relationship with that person.

As said earlier, I myself was a mischievous child at my age, if I need to short-list the meanest practical jokes on someone then that will be when a horrible batch of brownies was put in front of my cousin in an attempt to trick her into eating them. The only problem was that I added milk instead of water, which resulted in them being rock hard. For about half an hour, I denied my little cousin a bite of those cookies because I was telling him how bad sweets are after covering them in chocolate frosting. After all this time, I finally caved in and let him take the mouthwatering bite he had been waiting for, only to find out that they were as hard as charcoal, which hasn’t happened in a very long time. Even though he didn’t lose any teeth, he still won’t eat my brownies to this day, even though he didn’t lose any teeth.  

How many times have you secretly taken money from your parents’ pockets or purses?

This is something most of us had done during our childhood, not only because of our less amount of allowance but sometimes because of some additional risk in our life. I know that stealing money from parents is not good, but sometimes, our allowance money falls short in front of our needs, for some obvious reasons. But somehow we need to have some small amount of money, which we will never get if we asked our parents, so that’s when a little stealing money helps. But it must not become a habit as it may affect you in various ways.

Sharing and recalling those happy childhood memories of stealing some money from your dad’s wallet or your mom’s purse can be an effective topic to laugh over and lead to a great conversation.

Would you want to use a cheat code in real life like a video game? And what cheat code would be for?

Believe me, this is one of the most common fantasies of a guy, as a boy have grown up playing numerous video games and yet are fond of it, so we all have that one single fantasy cheat code. As a boy whenever we play some video games we always use that cheat code the time to secure our victories in the unreal world. So, if you are planning to ask this question to a guy, he is surely going to open up to you even more, and you will surely get a smooth conversation ahead.

A few enthusiastic funny questions to ask a guy in a relationship

Is there one possession you consider to be the most valuable?

Every individual owns their favorite possession which is most valuable to them. So, if you are on a date with a guy and want to spice up the conversation then this question will surely uplift the spark between you two. Also, by asking the question you can also guess the characteristics of the guy sitting infront of you.

Usually, the most common and yet valuable possessions anyone could have is to have a companion to share our lifelong journey with them. Like most of you, I too have a companion who is of much valuable possession to me. With whom I can be who I am really, with whom I can share my darkest secret without getting fear of anything. An unusual relationship, in which there are no rules to follow, no requirements to meet, and no particularities to set. It is somewhat of a magical bond filled with happiness.

Would it be possible to make a list of your best qualities when it comes to relationships?

The relationship is a two-way thing, two people who love each other need to work on establishing and continuing that healthy bond. So, it’s better to ask this question as this question will help you determine whether the guy setting infront of you is a perfect match for you or not. It’s your relationship qualities that will help both of you in framing a healthy and everlasting connection.

If you ask me the question, the answer will be something simple, and that is patience, not bragging about myself but I think I have enough patience to handle any hurdles a relationship could have. Everyone who has gone through a relationship in their life is well aware that patience is one of the most crucial traits one could have to prevail the relationship from getting ruined, along with honesty and trust.

What is your possibly biggest fear about the relationship?

Even though love is the most beautiful feeling one can get, but love sometimes can lead you to various complications. Loving someone can both be satisfactory and yet full of complications, so every individual who has experienced love has sure to have experienced the worst fear. So asking this question can help you to get to know him at a deeper level and also help you to resolve or prevent those fearful complications he faced in the past relationship.

In my opinion, the most fearful factors in a relationship can be nothing but misunderstanding, and no effort to resolve it. Minor misunderstanding is common in any relationship that is what makes loving someone satisfying and yet complicated. But having misunderstandings and doing nothing to resolve them is frightening because the situation is going to get worse as the days pass by and maybe we could lose some special.

Is there something that your past date or an ex could say about you that would be the worst?

We all have been through our past relationships which got ruined for somewhat silly reasons, or maybe sometimes it’s our immaturity that leads to destroying that relationship. So, asking this question could help you again dive into their past relationships, and also help you to sort out what are the possible problems they had to face, and also you can get the opportunity to evaluate his contribution to their past relationship.

A few common yet important funny questions to ask a guy in a relationship

Describe yourself in a few words?

The above question may seem somewhat common to you, but this question is one of the finest ways to determine whether the guy sitting in front of you is perfect for you or not. Asking to describe themselves in a few words will help you describe them in a more accurate manner. Everyone is aware of their weakness and strength and so when you ask them to describe themselves, evaluating based on your preferences will be much easier for you, and also you have no problem continuing the conversation.

Is there anything that makes you really angry?

If you have just met the guy and are on a first date then it’s possible that you are unaware of the possible things that enrage them. But if you two are dating for months maybe you are already aware of that and possibly you try to ignore those grounds.

Before getting into something serious and special with someone it’s important to know some basic fundamental facts about them like their favorite foods, favorite places, and also the possible grouds that make them angry.

If my opinion mattered then, I would say that repeatedly suspecting me of anything I have not done, makes me furious and lose control. Because if I say I have not done it, then asking repeatedly asking the same question means a lack of trust, which I am not going to tolerate. 

In your opinion, what is more, important to you – to be dominant or to be submissive?

Funny questions which is very important and you should ask to a guy! Many fellow individuals don’t want either to be dominant or submissive. So be aware when you ask a question make sure you give the guy a hint that you are not submissive or dominant. No guys want to be dominant or submissive to the one they love, then ultimately it is not love it’s compromise. Love is a two-way process, there must not be any kind of submissiveness or dominant behavior.

Some Serious yet vital funny questions that need to ask to a guy

What is your attitude toward the past of your partner? Do you allow yourself to overlook it?

According to me, the ideal answer should be; absolutely! I like to think that my partner had a life before I came into his life, and you cannot hold things against him for things that happened before you came into his life, since those moments happened before you. There is no way that you would ever be able to guarantee an individual has not committed a bad crime or cheated on a previous partner, although that was before you became involved.

Maybe there is a possibility that he had changed or maybe he had his own explanation to do so, and maybe that is valid. All I am saying is that we all do things that feel right to us, but of course, there are restrictions or circumstances, but when life gives them another chance maybe it’s time that you too get him a chance.

Which is the one thing about yourself you would not want to compromise for the relationship?

Compromise up to a certain in a relationship is a crucial thing, but when you have to change everything just to satisfy your partner, is not what a healthy relationship describes. Changing your whole personality just to satisfy your partner, is not right. But if I have to shortlist one thing that I don’t want to change is my personality. As personality is what distinguishes us from others, changing my personality will change my whole existence, and that’s the risk I cannot change.

What are the benefits of being in a relationship?

The benefits of being in a relationship is sounding like a negative approach, as benefits somewhat sound like a self- beneficial approach. In my opinion, there is no benefit in love all you can get is the satisfaction of staying together and sharing a healthy bond. But if you insist on answering the question then I would say that sharing true love or bond is all that I find beneficial in the relationship.

A few love-related funny questions to ask a guy in a relationship

If you could go back in time, can you remember where you went on your first date?

A first date or outing with someone you love is obviously a special moment for everyone. No matter how past it is everyone remembers those embarrassing yet special moments of going on their first date.

If asking me, I had a golden opportunity to go on my first date when I was in class Nine. I clearly remembered we were from the same class but different schools. I first saw her in a mutual tuition class. She was so beautiful that I cannot find any words to describe her, even though I gathered some confidence and ask for a first date, I was much surprised when she replied positively.

We both had an amazing date together, I planned everything, and we bunked the tuition, and then spend our first date going to the picture and having our dinner at a restaurant, we both liked each other. Even though we had a good run but our relationship come to a mutual halt when she left the country for further studies.

Tell me the moment when you realize that you loved me?

This can be the best question you can ask the guy infront of you, this question has the power to strengthen the bond between you two. We boys like to answer this kind of question as this also helps us to feel comfortable talking to you. There is something that the guy feels for which he approaches you for a date with him right? So by asking the question you make him feel at ease with you and also lead to a healthy and spicy conversation.

Is there anything about me that you like the most?

If you want to drag the conversation to the romantic side then asking this question will surely do the job for you. Most boys usually do not go asking random girls on a date, if he has approached you that means he has been planning this for quite a time and surely you are much special to him. By asking this question you helping the tensed guy to ease a bit, I am sure he will appreciate the moment by happily giving you the answer and thus leading to a smooth conversation.

Is the idea of a made-for-each-other concept true?

I don’t know about others but according to my beliefs; the moment you find someone you really enjoy spending time with and trust entirely, both ways, you have found someone you really like and enjoy spending time with. Even though at first you may face hurdles but that is what love defines, in spite of this, you must make the relationship work. The way you express your feelings to your significant other, and all that jazz is what keeps your relationship happy and spiteful. You should make up with them if you’ve messed up, instead of thinking that you’ll probably reunite at some point because “you are meant for eachother.”

Even if two people are utterly compatible, they may not always find a way to stay together, however, if their chemistry is extremely high, they will definitely try to stay together through thick and thin. It’s not because it wasn’t meant to be, but because of some silly misunderstandings that have arisen over time. The time has come to recognize that man/woman has the power to choose their own destiny.

What is your view on love at first sight?

That’s right! In the same way that making imaginary friends exists, love, at first sight, is also real. It is your thoughts that determine whether you will fall in love at first sight. The more it is out of your thoughts, the more likely it is to turn into infatuation.

My elder sister had love at first sight, she told me that her thoughts made her go for love at first sight. She is obsessed with a beautiful heart and she was generous. Her thoughts were that if she found someone with a beautiful heart, she would fall in love with him. Now, the question was if this was the case, then she would have fallen for many people, as there are many beautiful hearts.

She used to see me as a guiding angel so she used to tell me everything, and I also try to guide her in the best possible ways. One day she told me that she had met a guy of her preference and that she might have experienced “love at first sight”. As the time passes she dated him and as expected they got into a relationship, now after almost 10 years she is marrying that guy. That is how I can say that “love at first sight” really exists, you need to be attentive.

So, we have learned a lot of funny questions which need to ask a guy along with important remarks. I hope, you have enjoyed it. Refer to our a few articles.

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