How to Become a Submissive Wife? Why Should You Become One?

What Is the Meaning of Submissive Wife? Can It Save Your Marriage? We will learn all these details here. If you are a feminist, then the title of this blog may annoy you a bit at first. But trust me, when you are done reading it, you will understand what I am trying to say here.

The submissive wife may sound a bit alarming to many, but first, we need to take a minute and understand what submissive means. 

What Does Submissive Wife Mean?

It basically means being willing to be under another person’s authority.

When you think about it from a different angle, you will see that most of us are under someone at some point. Like all of us have bosses at work, and even when we were in school and college, we had to follow certain rules and always had to obey our teachers.

how become submissive wife what does meaning
How become submissive wife what does meaning

But if we didn’t do that, like if we had gone against the hierarchy of authority, we would inevitably find ourselves in a lot of mess. All the authorities that we have, are there for a reason and the plain and simple goal is to organize and consolidate. Otherwise, everything would fall into the hands of chaos. We all should work towards some kind of goal, and we all are independent to follow our own goals without really consulting the others. 

Now, I know what you are thinking about. 

We know that sometimes authorities can be abusive as well. Sometimes they just command you to do something without really asking how you might feel about doing it. But when it comes to submissive wives, they can very well leave the relationship if they find themselves in an abusive relationship.

Here, in this post, we will attempt to understand the biblical meaning of what a submissive wife is.

But why should I become one anyway? This is also something that this post will try to explore as well. 

So, let’s get started.

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What Is the Concept of a Submissive Wife?

According to Biblical concepts, a submissive woman is not really a dormant one. This is something that one has to understand very clearly. But she can actually be a submissive partner to her husband, in the biblical sense. To an extent, it means that she will follow his plans, even when she does not wholly agree with the matter. 

But this is not the only thing, and a submissive wife can be more than that. As far as the Bible is concerned, God does not have rules only for the wife to follow, he has some rules for the husband as well, and he needs to follow them as well. 

A good husband must always respect and cherish his wife, very much like how God does to all mankind. This is why the submissive wife doesn’t have to simply blindly obey everything he says. Rather, she will have the trust that she is in safe hands and he is worthy enough to take his lead.

Like, we need to be clear about a few things like, a submissive wife is not someone; 

  • Who will never have any kind of say? Rather, they can, and they will have all the right to voice out her opinions because a reasonable man would surely want to understand her feelings.
  • Who is controlled forcefully by a dominant husband! But instead, she is a partner and a willing one.

Rather a submissive wife is:

  • Someone who would do everything she does out of love for her husband.
  • She is someone who would always help her husband and work together to achieve their common goals.
  • She is a godly woman who will be upholding the laws of the church and the Holy Bible.
  • She is a strong woman who would always choose to be her husband’s helper.
  • She is someone who would always thrive in mutual respect.

The concept of Biblical submission is never about inequality. Rather it is about the mutual respect you have for each other. The only submissiveness here is related to obeying God’s word and living a life of true love. No one is saying that in this kind of marriage, the husband is always greater or superior to the wife. But, a true Christian husband will always value his wife and only follows godly counsel and never the concept of male domination.

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How Can You Be Submissive in Your Marriage?

When you become a submissive wife to your husband, the married life you will experience will be nothing less than a blessing in your life. This kind of happiness can be experienced by every single couple following the Biblical concept of submissiveness. 

When you would think of your husband as the leader of your heart and your home, married life will be much simpler. But how can you become the best submissive wife? Well, this is what we are going to tell you about in this post. 

When you are a submissive wife, please don’t think that you will always be a second person in the marriage. No, rather, it is about serving your husband in the best way possible, which will, in turn, benefit you and the entire marital relationship.

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Why Are Women Complaining More Often These Days?

If you compare some statistics of the bygone days to our current days, you will see that with each passing day, women around the world are complaining about not being very happy anymore. 

Some experts do relate this phenomenon to the rise of the feminist movement. Due to this, women were taught to prioritize their careers before their marriage. This has caused the marriage rates to drop significantly, and this concept of winning and competing with men has made them more unhappy and stressed rather than happy and content. Due to this, they are losing touch with their soft and tender side and thus creating an adverse effect directly on their marriage. 

Many of them also take this win-at-all-costs approach even with their relationship and marriage as well. This kind of aggression and combativeness will not work in your marriage with another man. Because it will automatically create a feud between you two, making the marriage turn into nothing but a failed attempt to be together. 

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Why Should You Become a Submissive Wife?

Now, why should you even try and become a submissive wife? Well, there is more than one benefit to becoming a submissive wife. Here, I am mentioning a few of them, and you can understand the importance of these benefits yourself.

Lower the Chance of Divorce

Like, As I have mentioned earlier, marriage rates have gone down, and divorce rates have gone up. But with this method in place, you can bring back the spiciness in your marriage again. Plus, you can get the overwhelming boredom of your marriage as well. 

Rather, you will feel an increased feeling of love, grace, and companionship with your husband. Even if you are just a housewife, you will still get all the financial protection you can have and avoid the gruesome hostilities of the professional world. On top of that, your husband might just spoil you with all the special treatment, gifts, and favors. 

You will have complete peace in the house and a much-decreased amount of fighting.

It Will Also Lower the Risk of Infidelity

You will not have to worry about your husband cheating on you. One can easily embrace the feminine self and enjoy the role of a submissive wife to the fullest. Being submissive is not like being a slave. It is just one of the smartest ways to ensure that your marriage is ideal for both of you. 

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How to Become a Submissive Wife?

Allow Him to Be Your Hero

It is a feeling that’s already inside them. They wish, and they love to feel heroic. This is exactly why they like to throw themselves in danger to save us. You need to allow him exactly that and let him protect, care, provide for you and become your pillar of support when you are down.

To become the ideal submissive wife, you need to accept your husband’s heroism happily. He will always love you and will be ready to do anything to please you. You should always allow him a chance to just impress you and lend you a shoulder every time you need it.

Always Listens to Him But Don’t Always Answer Back to Him

Men complain! Yeah, they will complain about everything like their work, the current political and the current state of the world, and so and so forth. They will always talk about how the world should run. After hearing all these, sometimes you might just disagree with what he says or the way he handles a particular matter at work. But that doesn’t mean you always need to tell him your thoughts.

You just have to acknowledge his feelings and say the very least. This way, he can feel relaxed and, at the same time, will be happy that he doesn’t have to debate with you as well. If you try and change him in everything he does, it will only make the situation worse. You just need to support him and be there for him.

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Try to Look Beautiful for Him, Even at Home

Who doesn’t want to have an attractive and beautiful woman for a wife! The same can be said for your husband as well. So, you need to try and keep yourself in the best possible shape and wear nice clothes even around the house as well. 

No one is asking you to wear makeup, but keeping your skin fresh and maintaining small things like your eyebrows can leave a very good impression. It will help him connect with the feminine side of you very easily. Plus, when he sees that you are making time to look good for him, he will feel happier.

Give Him Your Opinion but Never Force His Decision

Making the right decisions is never too easy for many people. This is where most people falter. So, it is better to never push his decisions but gently tell him your thoughts. Whether you both should relocate or which restaurant has the best Chinese, all of this can create problems in making decisions. 

You just need to make him feel your sentiments but never disrespect his decisions. Even if you don’t completely agree with him, just follow him till the end. If he fails or falters, don’t just give him lines like “I told you so”. But you should support him and then repeat the process.

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Become a Housewife, If Possible

This can be a good idea if your financial state allows you to. This way, you don’t have to compete to earn bread and also avoid all the workplace complexities. If it is possible, based on your financial state, then you can devote all your time to making your home a beautiful abode of love and togetherness. Believe it or not but if you become a traditional housewife, it will be a joy unto itself.

Maybe together, you will have less amount of money, but still, you will have a lovely home and a happy marriage. Being a homemaker is a kind of job on its own. But it comes with a number of benefits in the long run. 

Care about His Wishes

Just like he will be careful about your wishes, you need to offer some efforts for him as well. If he is not feeling like doing his part of the chores today or if he is craving a special dish, just let him have that. Don’t deny him these simple pleasures. 

This way, he will believe that his wishes are also very much important to you as well and how much you love seeing him happy. He will surely make sure that you feel the same too.

Make an Effort to Make Yourself Better

Every husband wants to see the best version of their wife. So, why don’t you make some effort to take care of yourself, not just physically but also spiritually and emotionally? 

We all know that life is quite stressful, and taking care of yourself can take a lot of time. But it is not absolutely impossible. You just need to start with the basics and slowly work your way forward. How to take care of yourself physically is something I believe you already know. But apart from that, you need to do something to make your spirit happy as well. When you are the best version of yourself, there is no way your husband won’t find you attractive.

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Cry If You Need But Don’t Yell

Yelling at your partner is very much different than crying about something that happened. So, if you are upset with your husband, then you can surely cry, but don’t let out that anger you have inside. Maybe there’s something about your husband which is getting on your nerves, then at least try and express the sadness you have for the entire matter instead of anger. If you frown or make deep sighs, then they are still much better than arguing.

Your tears can actually soften his mood and make him quiet. Every couple will go through bad moods and even quite destructive ones. Even if he grumbles a bit after you cry, you have still achieved your goal. 

Always Serve Him First

This is very easy but very effective. While you are serving dinner, why don’t you serve him first? This will demonstrate to him and your children that you know who the head of household is. You should give your husband the respect that he deserves.

Ask All the Favors When He Is Relaxed

There is a right time to do everything. So, if you are asking for favors, you need to pick the right time. Usually, it will be better if you save them for Friday nights. Forget about favors; even if you need to give him some bad news, then also you should only do it when he is actually relaxing or at least not going through some stress.

All I am saying is that you need to consider his mindset first before you actually tell him or ask him some kind of favor. After the stressful work at the office, not every time he might be in the mood to discuss something. Till that time, you should just wait.

Put Him before Your Children and Family

This is to say that he needs to have the most important before anyone else in the family. We all know that the love between a child and a mother is kind of sacred, and you must adore your children just like anyone else does. But this love often replaces the love you have for your husband. And to be the ideal submissive wife, you cannot displace your role as a wife from your husband.

I know how this might sound to you, but actually, it is not as harsh as you think. The idea here is to make you realize that no matter how much you love your child, to make your marriage work, you have to put your husband before everything else. For the future of your child, the sustenance of your marriage is very important. 

Organize Your Home and Make It Heaven for You Both

If your house is not well-organized, then it can create an absolute mess in your life as well. And it will impact your marriage too. Like no husband would want to see toys strewn about the living room, all the kids fussing for his attention, and around him, there is nothing but chaos. If you wish to change this, then you need to organize your house accordingly. 

This will make him cool and calm and truly feel like home sweet home. After having a tiring day at the office, ideally, he should feel nothing but refuge and refreshment, not more stress. When you have an organized home, it will make your marriage life better. 

First Listen and then Respond Lovingly

There are a lot of men who actually find communication very much difficult. So, when they are talking to you about the weather or his favorite sports team, then just try and listen to him. It is better not to interrupt him in between. There is no need for you to give your advice all the time. It is better if you just listen to him and then reply to something lovingly.

If you just have a very sympathetic ear to all his problems, he will actually feel like communicating with you more often. If he asks for your opinion, then surely you can let him know his thoughts. 

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Allow Him to Be Protective

Your husband will have the tendency to protect you no matter what. Regardless of the matter, he will be protective of you. But you need to allow him that as well. 

Even If you look at history, you will see that they have been the hunters, providers, generators/producers, and fighters/warriors for their clan. It is on them to fight and win. So, they have it in their natural instinct. So, you need to let him fight for you and provide for you. 

Now, if you are a strong-minded woman, then this can be a bit difficult for you. But if you wish to be the perfect submissive woman, then you need to allow him to protect you instead of you taking charge yourself. 

Never Be in an Abusive Relationship

Just because you strive to be a submissive woman doesn’t put you in an abusive relationship. If you see that your relationship is becoming abusive, the only way for you is to get out of it. Someone who is naturally abusive will abuse your submissive role, but a man who is naturally dominant will not do that.

What Remains?

So, these are the things you need to know for becoming a submissive wife. This post can give you an idea of where to start. If you have any such personal experience, then do feel free to share that with us in the comments section.

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