How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy? The Best Advice Are Here!

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy? Know All About It Here! Being in love is perhaps the most beautiful feeling ever. This is what gives birth to the greatest of poetry; this is what leads to the greatest of philosophical understandings. Nothing else in this world is as powerful as the feeling of love. No matter how far hatred can be seen dominating; it is love that truly makes a difference. So, when you are in love, how to make your girlfriend happy? 

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy?

Just being in the relationship is not enough; one has to know how to deal with the impending ups and downs of the relationship. You never know what’s coming for you in the future. Hence, one needs to be prepared at all costs. 

how to make your girlfriend happy tips ways
How to make your girlfriend happy tips ways

This is where this post comes to your aid. Here, we will be talking about how you can go about making your girlfriend happy. 

Let’s get started.

Golden Rule to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

The golden rule about making your girlfriend happy is that you need to know one simple fact about women. And what is that?

Every single woman is different, and you cannot apply the same thing to each of them. Don’t think that making your mother happy is similar to making your girlfriend happy. Don’t go ahead and use the same kind of gifting ideas for her, or you will only increase the chances of a breakup. 

Second Golden Rule to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

The second golden rule about women is that they are almost impossible to understand. You cannot fully figure them out in one lifetime, and this is what makes it challenging for men to think about ways to make them happy. You will always have to be very cautious and observant about the things they like and how you can incorporate them into your life. 

But Having Said All That…

But having said all that, these traits are what make women so much adorable. It is true that you cannot figure them out completely, and that’s why you will be amazed to feel their unfailing kindness. The way they can touch your heart and the way they can melt your heart can be unimaginable. 

So, without any further ado, let’s look at how you can make your girlfriend happy.

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Become Very Observant

This is the base of everything, and this will lead you to other things one by one. When you are observant, then you will have a better idea about the liking and disliking of your girlfriend. Every time you meet, you go out somewhere, be observant about what she is wearing, what kind of food she is ordering, and even what kind of music she is nodding her head to when played in the restaurant. 

All these things will reveal a lot about her and about the person that she is. You cannot just ask everything as it will make the dates seem less romantic and more like an interview. As a matter of fact, women love when you notice everything about them. What was she wearing on your first date? If you can tell these things to her, she is bound to fall head over heels in love with you. 

Be Romantic to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Yes, it is essential. Most men tend to be very romantic before they manage to swoon the girl. But once it is done, what then? Never treat your love life like some competition or race where once you reach the finish line, you are done, and you don’t have to put effort anymore! No, it’s just the opposite. Once the girl also reciprocates and agrees to become your girlfriend, you need to make her feel that you are still the same person.

Remember all the special dates you had before, all the romantic texts and playlists you used to send? Well, now it’s time to make some more of them and show the true romantic side of your nature. Prove to her why you are the best choice and that you are just getting started on this journey. She will surely be happy to see you putting your consistent efforts into this relationship ever since you have met her.

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Plan Some Special Dates Whenever Possible

As the famous writer Milan Kundera puts it,

“Happiness is the longing for repetition.”

We all just wish to relive our happy memories. We want them to repeat over and over; that is the true sense and definition of happiness. 

Keeping that in mind, you should always try to come up with some surprises, like some special dates. They don’t need to be something too grand, but they must make her feel special. Some personal touch and thoughtful approach can surely make her feel what kind of sentiments you have for her. Maybe that special table in that restaurant where you had first met, a film projection surprise on your date with her all-time favorite movie playing.

These are some of the things that will never fail to leave the impression that you do care about her and you are ready to make her feel special in whatever way possible. This commitment to her will surely make her happy.

Pay Attention to All the Little Details

As mentioned before as well, it’s the little details that make all the difference in your life. It’s the little details that most people just miss out on. But you need to pay close attention to them as they will reveal a lot about the woman you love. 

The way she reacts when you talk about her parents, the way she takes care of her hair, and the way she looks at dogs or other animals, all of that can reveal a lot of things. What is her favorite color? Don’t just ask her; observe the little details about her and surprise her by telling them how much you already know. 

Trust me, it will just catch her off guard, and she will surely love this fact about you. When a man truly knows a woman, she is bound to fall for him.

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Write Poetry to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Yeah, I know what you are thinking; it’s absurd, right? But trust me when I say this. It is not at all absurd when you are in love. 

There is nothing called good poetry or bad poetry when you are writing it for someone with all your heartfelt emotion. You don’t need to be Wordsworth or Eliot or Robert Burns to sway her off her feet with your romantic verses. As a matter of fact, you are free to take inspiration from these great poets as well. I mean, read a few poems written by them, and you will get a fair amount of ideas about how to express your thoughts. 

But even if you cannot manage that, you can still prove your feelings just by writing a few lines for her coming straight out of your heart. As I said, you are no poet, but you are writing for her, and it will surely touch her heart. This sincerity of efforts will surely make her realize how much you actually care about her. 

Just make sure you are not writing anything vulgar, and you are good to go. 

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Write Beautiful Letters or Leave Cute Notes For Her

Yeah, I know that it might sound a bit old-fashioned, but you know, many women like it that way. Since these things have become so rare these days, they come with a certain kind of charm as well. This charm is what you need to use here.

Certainly, it would be much easier than writing some poetry. All you need to do is take a pen and a piece of paper and just pour your heart down on the sheet. Tell her everything that you wish to say, yet you fail to when speaking to her in person. Letters already carry this romantic vein that cannot be found in texting or anything else.

If you feel that you don’t have enough time to write her letters, then you can leave small and cute notes for her as well. This will work great if you are already living together. Just tell her little things through these notes when you are not there. They can be anything like, “Eat your lunch on time”, “I have a surprise for your belly in the fridge”, and “You would look super cute in that red dress this evening.” 

You can use these notes to give her some hint about the impending surprise. This is something very heartfelt as well, and it will make her feel super special. After all, what else do you want!

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Always Keep the Humor Alive

Girls love guys with a real good sense of humor. This is something that worked for you when you were just dating, and it will work for you throughout your love relationship.

This is something that will always keep the flame alive between you two. I mean, we all have a stressful life, right, but if she can always find comfort in you and share a moment of a laugh with you, then what can be better than that!

This will keep the relationship safe from becoming too boring and monotonous and also help you leave a great impression that no matter how hard it becomes, she can always laugh with you just like she would have a shoulder to cry.

Just one thing you need to keep in mind here. Never use jokes that would make her feel cringe, or it will give you an adverse effect. If you don’t have any good jokes in your stock, then you can just make funny faces to make her laugh as well.

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Keep the Intimacy Alive to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Physical intimacy is a very important part of any relationship. It is a biological phenomenon, and the concept of platonic love is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, you need to give equal importance to that, too but always give equal respect to the boundaries she’s set.

Under no circumstance, you should push that limit, or the consequences can be ghastly, and it may end your relationship as well. Always remember that physical intimacy is very much related to the trust she is placing on you. The idea here is to understand her needs and act accordingly. 

When the physical intimacy is in a healthy state, it will bring the two of you much closer to each other and install the love like never before. Respect the boundaries, and everything will be perfect in the relationship.

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Always Be a Very Good Listener

This habit of yours can solve a number of problems very easily. As we all know, your relationship will never go very smoothly all the time. There could or will be times when you might fight, scold, and have arguments or misunderstandings. But no matter what happens, it is the communication between you two that will save the relationship easily.

But for that, one has to be a good listener first and listen to what the other person has to say. If both of you become busy sharing your views and justifying yourself, then you are not going to go anywhere. So, why don’t you take a step back and listen to her first? Even when you are arguing, you can still benefit from this practice. When you are a good listener, you will get to know a lot about her, and women love a man who listens to them. It is one of those virtues that they truly find irresistible.

How About You Cook for Her?

Yeah, I know it may turn out to be too much of a bargain for you at times, especially if you have never been to the kitchen. But it will surely be very beneficial for your relationship, especially making your girlfriend happy. 

Girls love to feel pampered, and if you can cook for her, then nothing can make them happier. They would be absolutely head over heels for you. And if you somehow manage to cook something really delicious then trust me, you will surely stand a chance to get lucky that night!

If you are not sure about what to cook well, and then just head over to the internet, and you will get a ton of ideas lying there. I mean, how hard can it be to find a suitable recipe on Youtube? Go ahead and try it out once. What can be the worst-case scenario? I mean, if the food turns out to be terrible, you can always fix things by just ordering her pizza!

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Show Your Happiness and Enthusiasm

We all love acknowledgment! The same can be said for your girlfriend as well. She would love to know what you feel about her every time you two meet and also what you feel like doing with her. 

Then why not tell her about that feeling when you meet her? The best part about this is that confessing about your happiness and enthusiasm is kind of contagious. Like, you would see that she is happy to tell you about her feelings as well. This will promote togetherness unlike anything else. Look out for the moments when she is energetic, excited, and full of enthusiasm, and make sure to join her and reciprocate equally. 

Tell her how happy you feel seeing her by hugging her tightly or gently kissing her on her cheeks or forehead. These little gestures can mean a lot to her. Even when you are having a bad day, just tell them how seeing her has made you feel a lot better on this otherwise lousy day.

Compliment Her on Her Achievements

We all love to feel valued by someone and especially by the one person who feels is our closest. So, no matter what she is achieving in her life, you should tell her how happy you are feeling about her efforts.

This way, she would feel valued, and girls love to feel valued by their partners. Maybe it is a new increment or a change of job role due to her performance; regardless of the impact, you should tell how proud you are of her. 

These sweet words will not just motivate her in the long run but will make her realize how supportive you are in all situations. Your verbal praise and compliment about the kind of person she is can go a long way. Tell her how she deserves all the success she is getting and how you are always there through thick and thin. 

Bring Icecream to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Yes, this is a winner right there. It can instantly bring a smile to her face unless she is kind of allergic to ice cream or lactose intolerant. But that is super rare, and you should know about it beforehand. 

If you are just clueless about how to make her happy right after a fight, then this can be your go-to technique. It has a validity of a thousand times, meaning you can use it over and over again, and it can still be very useful. Make sure you know her favorite flavor of ice cream or her favorite chocolate in case she is not that much into ice cream.

You can also bring both of them and ensure that things will cool down instantly. Sometimes, you can couple all of that with a nice bunch of freshly cut flowers. These are things that just never fail to make her happy. Consider them as SOS options in case things go south with her. But make sure you pick the right flower, the right chocolate, and the right flavor of ice cream or everything you have planned will be just the opposite.

Give Her Space to Make Her Happy

Yes, we all need space, some time alone to ourselves, where we can be us and not feel the burden of being in accord with our partner. Some time to ourselves where we can do things in our way. 

This is something you need to give your girlfriend as well. It will not create any kind of difference between you two; rather, it will make the foundation of the relationship much stronger. She will have much more respect and love for you when she sees you giving her space to be herself. 

Giving space also means that you accept the way she is, and you would never impose your thoughts on her ever. You would respect the way she deals with her life and the way she carries herself. You can always suggest to her what can the best for her, but you should always let her take their own decisions and make her own choices. This is what an ideal partner sounds like, and she would love you, even more when this happens. It is one of the best ways to make your girlfriend happy, and the best part is that she will allow you to have the same as well.

Always Be Loyal to Her

Last but the most important step about how to make your girlfriend happy. The one thing a woman values the most about her man is his loyalty and commitment to him. She would expect you to be hers only and care about her the most other than anyone else.

You need to be physically and mentally loyal to her at all times, and she would feel blessed to have you as her life partner. This is the foundation of her which will be shaken by some trivial arguments or miscommunications. As long as she is certain that you belong to her, she will be happy to be with you always and forever. So, make her aware of your loyalty and prove that you are worth putting her trust in. Once this is done, you will never have to think about the foundation of your relationship.

What Remains?

So, these are the best ways how to make your girlfriend happy. I hope these points will help you treat her better and have a wonderful relationship ahead. If you have any such personal experiences, then please feel free to share that with us in the comments section.

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